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Italian Diet – Follow Healthy Italian Eating Traits

Italian Diet - Pasta

You might often wonder how come Italians are so slim despite consuming all kinds of foods such as pasta, pizza etc. in enormous quantity. Well, that actually is the peculiarity of Italian diet program.

If you too seek sculpted body without removing delicious foods from your diet regime, Italian diet is the one you should stick to. Italians have amazingly good eating habits, which are capable to bring dramatic changes in your lives as well.

Major Traits of Italian Diet

Italian diet program follows healthy diet regime. Let’s have a look at some of the major traits of Italian diet.

Savor Foods

Italians are in habit of savoring their foods. They consume foods socially in large groups and in complete relaxation. Their breakfast, lunch, and dinner are means for them to interact with their family members and friends. They relax during this time and despite spending long hours on dining table, they consume very little amount of foods.

Mindful Eating

Italians show their reverence towards foods by consuming them while paying full attention to their foods. Consumption of foods with diverted attention enhances your chances of consuming more and unhealthy foods. Italians don’t like any kind of diversions made by T.V, computer and others. Just like other tasks such as reading books, working on computers etc., eating too is a vital task for them which needs to be done with full concentration.

Small Portion Size

Instead of having large portion size, Italians prefer taking small portion size of meals. They start their day with cereals, and small cup of coffee having skimmed milk used in it. In their lunch, they prefer consuming fish, mixed salad, sandwich, and little pieces of chicken, fish, and vegetables. In their snacks, instead of going for unhealthy snacks such as, chips, pizza etc., they prefer consuming yogurt, fresh fruits, mixed salad etc. Their dinner is often comprised of vegetables, meat, fish, and pasta with vegetable or tomato sauce.

Timing of Meals

Despite having very carefree attitude towards foods, Italians are quite disciplined in their eating habits. They eat their breakfast within one hour of waking up and their dinner timing too is not very late. Though they consume comparatively bigger meals in their dinner, but proper gap maintained between dinner and bed time justifies the portion size consumed by them in their dinner.

Active Lifestyle

Italians live a very agile life. They keep themselves engaged in varied kinds of physical activities such as bike riding, walking, swimming etc. They still have not become victims of sedentary lifestyle which has immensely helped them in keeping up in enviable shapes.

Appropriate Blending

Though Italians do eat pasta, pizza etc. in their meals, but they always remain aware of their portion size, and often blend their foods with either fruits, vegetables or healthy foods such as garlic, olive oil, diced tomatoes etc. Fresh and organic foods are given paramount importance by them.

Walk After Nutritious Meals

Italians generally consume food items rich in fiber such as fruits, vegetables, poultry, fish, beans, tomatoes, olive oil etc. They also take occasional servings of red meats. Italians take walk after having their meals. Walking after meals is imperative because it strengthens your metabolism and assists your body in digesting foods.

Healthy Desserts

Italians also make healthy selection of desserts. They don’t prefer having pastries, cakes etc. in their desserts. These desserts being rich in refined sugars not only enhance your blood sugar level but also make your body host of several kinds of diseases. Instead, they prefer consuming healthy desserts like sweet fruits. Pears, figs, peaches, apricots, cherries, plums etc. are some of the healthy desserts consumed by them.

No Faith in Dieting

Italians believe in healthy diet regime. They don’t appreciate the idea of keeping their bodies deprived of foods for long hours. Their logic is long starvation hours make you feel frustrated and kindle your desire to eat unhealthy foods.

Healthy Choice of Beverages

Italians are not inclined towards consumption of sugary beverages including energy drinks. They consume alcoholic drinks also in controlled way. For example, instead of finishing one complete bottle of alcohol, they drink just one glass of alcoholic drink in a day. In addition to that, they consume very less amount of fruit juices, diet sodas, iced tea, and lemonade etc., all these beverages elevate your blood sugar level and pave your way to obesity.

Plenty of Water

Italians give great importance to pure and fresh mineral water. They consume plenty of water in a day. One glass full of cold water, one hour before meals is what makes them become full and mitigates their appetite. One glass of water prior to meals keeps check on your consumption of large portions of meals.

Moderation in Eating Habits

Italians swear by moderation in their eating habits. They don’t consume foods in very large amounts. They consume fish twice or thrice in a week, never consume more than four eggs in a week, eat at least one fruit in a day, eat processed foods not more than once in a week, eat one serving of veggies in a day, and mostly refrain from alcohol. In addition to that, they don’t forget to sprinkle olive oil over pasta, rice, and mixed salad.

Benefits of Italian Diet

Italian diet has myriad health benefits, let’s have a look at some of them.

  • You shall witness great relief in your blood sugar level, blood pressure, and several other health problems.
  • Italian diet is a healthy diet program which will nourish your body and will provide you longer and healthier life.
  • The program will suffice oxygen to the cells of your body and therefore will dissuade the formation of cancer cells in your body.
  • You will get healthy and youthful glow on your face while sticking to Italian diet solution.
  • You will be able to conquer your cravings for unhealthy foods because many small and nutrient dense meals will keep you contended.
  • Italian diet program provides you numerous new and different ways to consume your favorite foods without increasing your body weight.

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