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Ivanka Trump Diet Plan and Workout Routine

5 ft 11 in, blonde lustrous haired, Ivanka Trump is an American businesswoman, former model, writer, and heiress. Illustrious daughter of American business tycoon, Donald Trump, Ivanka indeed owns perfectly enviable and curvaceous figure. The sultry star got blessed with her second child, son Joseph in Oct 2013. However, within seven months past his birth, she was seen adorning the cover page of Shape magazine. The stunner inevitably startled her fans with her zero cellulite figure, flat stomach abs, and toned legs.

Ivanka Trump fit body

It’s hard to believe that Ivanka so easily defied post-baby weight, which being the toughest fat is difficult to purge in seven months. Credited with incredible body and poise, the ravishing beauty shed forty post-baby pounds in first pregnancy, and thirty post-baby pounds in the second one. Ivanka attributes both her discreet diet and regular exercises for her slender and toned figure.

However, she admits the fact that she was seldom prudent about her eating habits before the birth of her first child, daughter, Arabella Rose. Her eating habits being similar to teenagers had plenty of high carb foods such as pizza, pasta, burger etc. included in them. It was only her first experience of motherhood which actually instilled wholesome eating habits in her.

Ivanka Trump Diet Plan

Having gotten the importance of nutrient dense foods, the flawless beauty embraced low carb diet. She cut back the consumption of processed, junk, and unhealthy foods and incorporated lean protein, complex carbs in her diet. Protein dense foods such as salmon, chicken, eggs etc. which are the consistent source of energy for people doing intense physical activities became her best buddies. Ivanka shares, it was tough in the beginning to swear by wholesome foods while beating her cravings. However, little control over her cravings helped her win the edge. After having cultivated health friendly taste, the bombshell now loves soup of pea, vegetables, broccoli etc. Not only are they low in calories, but they also have a mouth-watering taste.

She also gave one crash diet program a try. Since the program was based on total starvation, she consumed green smoothies for the entire day. However, it didn’t take her more than eight hours to get pissed from the plan. From that time onwards, she never turned back to such diet plans.

Ivanka Trump Workout Routine

The founder of a popular fashion company is a self-proclaimed fitness enthusiast. She mainly banks on yoga to enhance her suppleness and strip off unsolicited pounds. Ivanka shares that it really enthralls her when she watches her little angel performing various postures of yoga. The sexy mommy doesn’t wish to miss a single moment of seeing her kids growing up. She shares, at twenty, she felt culpable for not doing workouts. However, now she feels guilty of devoting the time on workouts which she could have devoted on her kids.

Apart from yoga, the magnificent woman spares no chances of practicing workouts with her hubby, Jared Kushner. Instead of hitting restaurant, the couple prefers playing tennis together. To make sure that her workouts are correct and effective, Ivanka performs them while being guided by her personal trainer, Rhonda Malkin, a former Rockettes dancer. She adores doing the exclusive workout namely “fusion workout” devised by Rhonda. The workout being an amalgamation of yoga, Pilates, dance, and meditation nurture both the body and mind. However, her primary inclination being on varied fitness apps has her rely more on them than anything else.

Besides diet and workouts, the kickass beauty is also sentient about the hostile impacts of fast and tech-oriented life. Extremely busy in personal and professional life, Ivanka keeps herself totally immune from mobile, internet, TV etc. on weekends. The smokin’ hot celeb refers to the weekend activity as digital detox which in fact is a superb way to relax your mind.

Healthy Recommendation For Ivanka Trump Fans

Here comes one recommendation for Ivanka Trump fans who wish to acquire statuesque figure like her. Since the availability of unhealthy foods is one of the factors determining your eating habits, make sure that you purchase wholesome foods mostly. Majority of grocery stores have fresh and organic foods stored over the outer vicinity, while processed, junk packaged foods stored in the inner vicinity of the stores.

Unless you have to purchase some very necessary food items such as spices, oatmeal etc., restrain going to the inner area. When you won’t witness unhealthy but tasty foods in front of you, you are unlikely to feel tempted to purchase them. Apart from that, stock your refrigerator with fresh fruits and veggies. Don’t forget to utilize the freezer, load it with frozen berries and veggies. When you have wholesome ingredients for preparing meals handy with you, you are unlikely to go to a restaurant to have your dinner. And more is the consumption of homemade foods; more are your chances of securing healthy and cellulite free body.

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