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Jamie Chung Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Jamie Chung during 10th Annual Nike Women's Marathon.
Jamie Chung during 10th Annual Nike Women’s Marathon.

5 ft 6 in, Korean-American look, seducing style; Jamie Chung is an American actress. Having appeared in myriad reality TV shows, the stunner is best known for her roles in Premium Rush in 2012, The Hangover Part 2 in 2011, and Grown Ups in 2010. The former reality TV star is one of the celebs who can always be noticed in perfectly sculpted shape.

Although Jamie belongs to the category of overly skinny actresses, but unlike those skinny stars, her lean body is the testament of her affection to workouts. She not only looks fascinating, but also possesses immense inner strength. Her lifestyle and workout regime is not just worth appreciating, it’s also worth following.

Jamie Chung Workout Routine

The brunette, in particular, appeared in sleeker and sexier bod in the movie, The Hangover part 3 in 2013. Well, the entire credit for the slimmer Jamie goes to her conscious workouts. And lately the actress participated in half marathon with Nike, which indeed is not everyone’s cup of tea. But defiant Jamie who had been longing to be a part of half marathon since long, accepted the offer and participated in it with superb zeal.

She shares, being a participant of half marathon in itself was a matter of honor, which was both challenging as well as motivating. Being an avid runner, she was thrilled to participate in the popular running contest. She arduously allocated her days to practice running. While reserving four days for running, she executed Pilates, vinyasa flow power yoga, cross training, boxing etc. for rest of the days. Her honed arms, legs, and upper body undoubtedly are the testimonies of intense workouts practiced by her.

While sharing her experience about preparation for running, she shares, since body stamina and endurance play big roles in having you grow resilient, she patiently enhanced her running time step by step. The sultry actress could make it to perform in the half marathon without being bruised by adding five to ten minutes in her running routine in sequential order.

The beautiful actress cultivates a very explicit and affable picture of workouts in her mind. When she falls through dearth of time, she performs quick and high intensity workouts. However, availability of ample time has her practice cycling, and boxing, which are her most adored cardio workouts. She is simply in love with ‘one to one’ sessions of boxing, which has her body get exercise along-with audacious fun.

Jamie Chung boxing
Jamie Chung boxing

Jamie Chung Diet Plan

Cardio being superb fat burning workout scorched tremendous calories from her body. To cover up the loss of calories, Jamie consumed surplus calories. However, she made sure that she placated her appetite with wholesome and filling foods such as lean protein, green and leafy veggies, nuts, seeds etc. Since she was involved in grueling workouts, she paid special attention on the consumption of lean protein.

She inculcated opulent sources of lean protein such as yogurt, egg whites, grilled chicken, fish, meat etc. in her diet. Jamie admits of being bugged by strong cravings to consume high carb foods, however, she adeptly dealt with her cravings by saving one cheat day in a week. She allowed herself to consume foods such as burger, pizza, pasta, and other high carb processed foods on cheat days.

Healthy Recommendation For Jamie Chung Fans

Exercises are vital not only from transmuting your body from flab to fab but also for ensuring your optimum well-being. By sticking to regular exercise regime for thirty minutes in a day and for five times in a week, you can startle your pals with astounding results. Exercises augment the release of a hormone named irisin, which aid your body in transforming white fats into brown ones.

Brown fat being amicable to fat burning process renders you slimmer body. And since apart from exercises, there is no other way of boosting the amount of brown fats in your body, exercises will pave your way to leaner body. For covering bigger muscle groups, you can inculcate copious cardio workouts in your exercise regime. Belly fat, which is also the most stubborn fat, is very hard to purge, but that too can be removed with the aid of cardio workouts. Apart from scorching belly fat, they also build up your core strength and improve your posture.

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  1. I wish jamie Chung was muscular and ripped with all the fitness that she does! She should at least have bulging biceps and six pack abs don’t you think!!!!

  2. Jamie Chung should look muscular and ripped with all the fitness that she does but she looks skinny instead!(This comment has no swearing or any other bad things so why remove it?!)


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