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Jennifer Nicole Lee Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Are you a busy and overweight mom? Do you feel miserable thinking that lean and sexy days of yours are just good memories of gone days, which will never come back? Well then, what would you say about Jennifer Nicole Lee, who despite being the mom of two kids is a famous fitness trainer and fitness model. And the most applauding and inspirational part about her fitness is that she acquired the iconic figure only after becoming a mom of two kids. She actually shed away seventy pounds before she became the fitness diva. Not only that, within two years of dropping weight, she conquered the most celebrated Miss Bikini America 2004 title. And afterward, her popularity grew so much so that prestigious fitness magazines loved to adorn their cover page with her sexy images. Let’s sneak peek in to the fitness secrets of Jennifer and analyze if we too can incorporate them in our lives.

Jennifer Nicole Lee working out

Four Day Workouts

Perky and taut butts, streamlined legs, and arms of Jennifer are the testimony of smart and high-intensity exercises Jennifer does in routine. The brunette contends it’s not the quantity of workouts you do which influence your body. Instead, it is the quality, intensity, and technique of workouts which creates the difference. She herself executes workouts four times in a week. She dedicates three days to strength training, which renders definition to her muscles.

Apart from that, she performs cardio exercises such as swimming, running, rope skipping, etc. to keep up good health of her heart. Jennifer particularly points up rope jumping and refers to it as an incredible workout which tones her legs and butts. Moreover, ten minutes of rope skipping provides benefits equivalent to the ones provided by thirty minutes of running. That said, variation in workouts is the key. So, keep varying your workouts to avoid boredom and ennui. At times, when she feels stressed out, she turns to yoga to shake off stress. Jennifer acknowledges weighted lunges to provide a quick lift to her butt and lower body. Powerful weighted lunges offer complete workout as they tone your glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, and even your lower back and abs.

Jennifer Nicole Lee workout

Change in Lifestyle

Jennifer contends that enviable curves are not just the outcome of a good diet and regular exercises. It rather needs you to make radical changes in your lifestyle. You need to understand your physiology and accordingly bring healthy alterations to your lifestyle. If you embrace a healthy lifestyle, without eliminating numerous foods from your diet, you can still enjoy a lean and svelte body.

Several Small Meals

Like most of the fit and sultry celebs, Jennifer too acknowledges consumption of five small meals in a day. She contends, even if you are not hungry, you shall eat something dense in nutrients after two to three hours. However, make sure that the snacks you eat hail from the category of proteins and healthy fats. Aside from speeding up your metabolism, regular meals also cut back your chances of binge eating. Among her healthy choices of breakfast, she adores having half cup of oatmeal with a bit of ground flaxseed, two tablespoons of virgin oil, egg white omelet with spinach and mixed bell pepper, and green tea.

As for snack choices, Jennifer accentuates the incorporation and consumption of the following foods.

Protein Bars – To fulfill daily protein needs

Flax Seeds – Opulent source of omega 3 fatty acids

Tuna – Low-calorie food item, loaded with protein

Virgin Coconut Oil – Electrolytes in them replenishes the water lost through workouts

Wheat Germ – Packed with nutrients such as fiber, proteins, vitamins, and minerals

Organic Honey – Superb antioxidant to replace sugar

Grain Energy – Being rich in fiber and energy, they keep a check on insulin spikes

Almond, Walnuts, and Cashews – Loaded with myriad nutrients and minerals

Jennifer Nicole Lee hydrating her body after workout session
Jennifer Nicole Lee hydrating her body after a workout session.

Fitness DVDs

Being a certified personal trainer, Jennifer has also released fitness DVDs namely 60-Day Fitness Model DVD workout series for women seeking after bikini figure. The DVD is apt for women of all age groups and body sizes. In the DVD, there are plentiful workouts which you can perform at home without hitting the gym. These high-intensity workouts will readily melt away unsolicited pounds from your body and will get you lean and svelte body. Besides that, there are myriad exclusive ways in the DVD which shall keep you motivated.

Jennifer accentuates strength training and calls them the best buddy of women. They render shape to your muscles and enhance the number of lean muscles in your body. She contends that usually, women continue doing time taking and low-intensity cardio workouts without being aware of the fact that those exercises actually burn their muscles more than fat. Along with workouts, you will also find diet directions in the eBook. Fusion of balanced diet and influential workouts will set your body in fat burning mode and will have you see quick results.

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