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Jessica Lowndes Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Jessica Lowndes workout

Young and sexy, Jessica Lowndes never fails to look sensational on red carpet. Endowed with lean and curvy figure, Jessica looks totally stunning in all kinds of outfits. Jessica spills her diet and workout secrets, let’s have a look.

Workouts with Trainers

Jessica Lowndes at gym working out.
Jessica Lowndes at gym working out.

Jessica refers to workouts as oxygen to fit body. She is passionate about exercises and loves working out in the company of trainers. Jessica loves hitting gym but since her job keeps her on trips mostly, she prefers doing workouts such as push-ups, jumping jacks, sit ups, squats, lunges etc. Since these workouts don’t require the availability of equipment, you can easily perform them. To tone and condition her muscles, Jessica relies on circuit training consisting of six workouts in spree. She performs all the six exercises without giving any rest to her body in the meanwhile. And in weight training, she keeps escalating the intensity of weights as soon as she realizes that her body is getting comfortable with current weights. Not only does this habit of her keep her from weight loss plateau, it also hones her muscles without letting them bulk up.

Affection for Morning Workouts

In the beginning, when the bombshell switched over to morning workouts, she did that with the thought that she would feel slothful, lazy, and sleepy for the rest of the day because sacrificing early morning sleep will take its toll. However, when she actually tried morning workouts, she was totally astonished with the incredible influences of it. Not only did she save enormous time for rest of the day, but morning workouts also enhanced adrenaline flow in her body making her feel breezy throughout the day. She runs for four miles in a day and she does that three times in a week. Besides running, the sultry star also adores performing hot bikram yoga which is performed in enclosed room with temperature around forty degree celsius.

Craving for Healthy Foods

Jessica Lowndes eats lunch at LA Conversation Cafe in West Hollywood.
Jessica Lowndes eats lunch at LA Conversation Cafe in West Hollywood.

Thanks to healthy cravings of Jessica which makes her consume wholesome and nutrient dense foods most of the time. Craving for porridge is one of the healthiest cravings; the stunner gets every now and then. She adores having porridge with bananas and brown sugar. Besides that, she is so much fond of cinnamon that she doesn’t step away from making it a part of every food item. She also prefers swapping cinnamon with sugar. That said, like most of us, she too has bunch of sinister cravings and her craving for sweet foods is the one which bug her every now and then. She relinquishes her cravings by eating apple or blackberry pie, and non-fat lattes. However, Jessica being discreet about her diet swears by moderation in her eating habits. She doesn’t restrain herself too hard which surely keep her cravings from getting jumbo in intensity. Almond butter, clif bars, raw veggies, ranch, vegan protein drink mix, quinoa, blended drinks etc. are some of the nutrient loaded food items which the green-eyed brunette generally inculcates in her meals. Let’s have a look at the sample of her typical day diet regime.

Breakfast – Roasted potatoes, wheat toast, egg white omelet with spinach, tomatoes, chicken, fontina cheese etc.

Lunch – Grilled veggies salad with chicken

Snacks – Crackers, cupcakes etc.

Dinner – Baked light fishes such as salmon, sea bass with steamed vegetables

Healthy Tips for Fans

If you are looking up to acquire bikini figure like Jessica, pay attention to the workouts meant to build up your hips and shoulders because they are the most metabolically active fat-busting areas in our body. Moreover, if your upper and lower portions are strong, you can perform better in other workouts such as push-ups, lunges, squats etc. and that too without getting hurt.

Eccentric Single-Leg Box Squat

Eccentric Single Leg


Stand straight with your arms extended in the forward direction at the height equal to shoulders. Now sit on the bench while taking your upper body in the forward direction and raising your right leg bit high in the air. Revert to the initial position and repeat the workout with another leg.

Eccentric Chin up

Eccentric Chin-up

Hold a bar with both of your hands making underneath grip. The bar should be holded with both the hands; with palms facing your chest (not to confused with pull-ups where palms are facing away from the chest). Now raise your body in the upward direction unless your upper chest touches the bar. Carefully come back to the starting position and repeat the workout.

Eccentric Push-ups

Eccentric Push-ups

Perform the push-up while keeping your back straight. Make sure that your toes and head are in alignment. When going towards the ground, properly support your core and carefully lower down your body. Make sure you touch your chest with the ground and not your lower body. This is the biggest mistake, many newbies make.

All the three workouts shall be done in quick succession. Make as many reps of each workout as you can in forty-five seconds and then rest for fifteen seconds. Perform the workout in set of three and within days, you will see boost in your metabolism and fall in weight.

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