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Jimi Hendrix Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Jimi Hendrix Quick Info
Height 5 ft 10 in
Weight 70 kg
Date of Birth November 27, 1942
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Date of Death
September 18, 1970

Jimi Hendrix was an American musician, singer, and songwriter who has been described as “arguably the greatest instrumentalist in the history of rock music” by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Despite his career spanning only 4 years due to his untimely death, he successfully established himself as one of the most influential electric guitarists in the history of popular music and as one of the most celebrated musicians of the 20th century. Jimi Hendrix received many accolades during his lifetime and posthumously and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1992 and the UK Music Hall of Fame in 2005.

Born Name

Johnny Allen Hendrix

Nick Name

James Marshall Hendrix, Jimi, Noize

Jimi Hendrix in Sweden in 1967
Jimi Hendrix in Sweden in 1967


Jim Hendrix was born on November 27, 1942.


Hendrix died on September 18, 1970, at the age of 27. His death was a result of asphyxiation caused by choking on his own vomit while being intoxicated with barbiturates in London, England.

Sun Sign


Born Place

Seattle, Washington, United States





Jimi Hendrix went to Horace Mann Elementary School in Seattle and later got enrolled at the Washington Junior High School. After completing his studies there, he got admission to Garfield High School. However, he didn’t graduate from high school.


Musician, songwriter, producer


  • Father – James Allen Ross Hendrix (Served in US Army during World War II)
  • Mother – Lucille Hendrix
  • Siblings – Leon Hendrix (Younger Brother) (Artist, songwriter, and guitarist), Joseph Hendrix (Younger Brother), Kathy Hendrix (Younger Sister), Pamela Hendrix (Younger Sister)
  • Others – Bertran Philander “Ross” Hendrix (Paternal Grandfather), Zenora “Nora” Rose Moore (Paternal Grandmother), Preston Murice Jeter (Maternal Grandfather), Clarice Jeter (Maternal Grandmother)


Rock, psychedelic rock, hard rock, blues, R&B


Vocals, guitar


Track, Barclay, Polydor, Reprise, Capitol Records, Sue, PPX, RSVP

Net Worth

According to, his net worth was $150 Thousand at the time of his death.




5 ft 10 in or 178 cm


70 kg or 154.5 lbs

Girlfriend / Spouse

Jimi Hendrix had dated –

  1. Winona Williams
  2. Agneta Marianne Frieberg – He was involved with Swedish fashion model and activist Agneta Marianne Frieberg for around 2 years.
  3. Kathleen Paulson
  4. Miss Harlow
  5. Roselyn Morris
  6. P. P. Arnold – Jimi was romantically involved with soul singer P. P. Arnold.
  7. Betty Jean Morgan – When he was enlisted in the US army, Jimi Hendrix was reportedly in a relationship with Betty Jean Morgan. He had even left his guitar with Betty and had mentioned it in the letter to his father, who eventually sent him his red Silvertone Danelectro at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.
  8. Heather Daltrey – Hendrix had an eventful relationship with Heather Daltrey in the past. It has been alleged that his single Foxy Lady was inspired by Heather.
  9. Carmen Borrero – Carmen Borrero gained nationwide fame as Hendrix’s girlfriend in 1969 after it was revealed that he had hit her eye with a vodka bottle in a drunken and jealous rage. She had to take medical treatment and get stitches done to take care of her wound.
  10. Uschi Obermaier – Jimi Hendrix had hooked up with the German model and actor Uschi Obermaier in the sixties. He had reportedly taken her to his room at West Berlin’s Kempinski Hotel after having performed in the city. She would later call making love to him a very profound experience.
  11. Iggy – In the latter half of the sixties, Hendrix had an affair with an enigmatic model named Iggy, who was quite well known for having flings with the leading men of the rock and roll era.
  12. Linda McCartney (1966) – Hendrix reportedly had a fling with American musician and photographer Linda McCartney, who would later go on to marry Beatles star, Paul McCartney.
  13. Kathy Etchingham (1966-1969) – Hendrix first met English writer Kathy Etchingham in September 1966, on the very first day of his arrival in London. They started going out soon after and were together till 1969 after which they slowly drifted apart.
  14. Cynthia Plaster Caster (1967) – Hendrix had a fleeting affair with American artist Cynthia Plaster Caster in 1967. She is another artist who made a plaster mold of his manhood.
  15. Pamela Des Barres (1967) – Jimi had a fling with former rock and roll groupie Pamela Des Barres in 1967. She reportedly created a plaster mold of his manhood and even claimed that he loved getting captured on camera while making love.
  16. Cookie Mueller (1967) – It was RUMORed that he had an affair with actor and writer Cookie Mueller in the year 1967.
  17. Nico (1967) – Jimi met German singer and songwriter Nico in June 1967. She had first seen him play at the Monterrey Pop Festival and would later go on to say that he was the most s*xual man she had ever seen on stage.
  18. Eva Sundquist (1968) – Hendrix’s affair with a Swedish woman named Eva Sundquist came to light in the nineties after James Henrik Sundquist came forward and claimed that Hendrix was his father. He even went on to prove his claims.
  19. Joy Bang (1968) – He dated actor Joy Bang in 1968.
  20. Linda Lewis (1968) – Jimi first met English singer and songwriter Linda Lewis in 1968 while she was performing at the Bag O’Nails club in Soho. He met her backstage after her performance and they went to smoke a joint on the same night.
  21. Jeanette Jacobs-Wood (1968) – Hendrix first met singer and musician Jeanette Jacobs-Wood in 1968 while he was performing with Dr. John on his tour that year.
  22. Jo Jo Laine (1969) – Jimi went out with singer and model Jo Jo Laine in 1969. It was even claimed that she lost her virginity to Jimi.
  23. Cassandra Peterson (1969) – The American actor Cassandra Peterson claimed in her interviews that she made out with Hendrix in 1969.
  24. Leslie Aday (1969) – He had a fling with Leslie Aday in 1969.
  25. Devon Wilson (1965-1970) – According to reports, Hendrix began going out with Devon Wilson in 1965 and they were together until his death in 1970. However, their relationship was on and off in nature and he had cheated on her repeatedly. Some reports even claim that she had a fight with him over his wandering habits a couple of days before his unfortunate death. It has also been alleged that Wilson introduced Hendrix to Alan Douglas, the American record producer who handled the production work of some of Hendrix’s posthumous releases.
  26. Kirsten Nefer (1970) – Hendrix was known to be going out with Danish model Kirsten Nefer when he passed away in September 1970.
  27. Linda Keith – According to RUMORs, Jimi had an affair with model Linda Keith, who also happened to be a huge blues fan. She is reported to have gifted him his iconic white Fender Stratocaster before he became a huge rock star. That guitar belonged to her boyfriend Keith Richards, who is a well-known singer and songwriter.
  28. Faye Pridgon – Jimi started dating Faye Pridgon in 1964. It was Faye who provided him support during his early days in New York City. She also gave him shelter and used her networks to connect him with the local music scene.
  29. Anna Groupie – In her 1969 interview with Rolling Stones, Anna Groupie revealed that she realized she was going to sleep with Hendrix when she first saw him. She was taken aback by the animal attraction that permeated from him.
  30. Janis Joplin – Jimi reportedly went out with singer and songwriter Janis Joplin in 1968. They were even spotted getting cozy in the background at the Winterland music concert.
  31. Mary Hudson – Jimi reportedly dated Mary Hudson, who is pop star Katy Perry’s mother, in the past. However, it was merely one date and nothing happened.
  32. Brigitte Bardot – According to reports, Jimi had a steamy fling with French actor Brigitte Bardot. It has been claimed that they had s*x at the Heathrow Airport after just having met each other.
  33. Joyce Lucas – Hendrix was in a relationship with Joyce Lucas in his early days as a music artist. They were pictured together on a number of occasions and in public places.
  34. Monika Dannemann – When Hendrix passed away in September 1970, he was in a relationship with Monika Dannemann and they were, in fact, living together. They had been talking till 7 in the morning and when she woke up at 11 am, she found him unresponsive and unconscious. However, he was still breathing at the time.

Race / Ethnicity

Mixed (Black and White)

He had African American, Native American (Cherokee), and Irish ancestry.

Hair Color


Eye Color

Dark Brown

Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • His slight body frame
  • Curly hair
  • He used to smash a guitar or set it on fire at the end of his performances

Brand Endorsements

Jimi Hendrix’s guitar cover of Bob Dylan’s All Along the Watchtower was used in a fragrance commercial by the popular fashion brand, Chanel. His old footage has been used in TV adverts for eBay and TAG Heuer.

Best Known For

  • Being one of the finest and most influential electric guitarists of the 20th century. In fact, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has called him the greatest instrumentalist in rock music history.
  • The popularity of his cult hits such as Hey Joe, Purple Haze, and The Wind Cries Mary

First Album

In August 1967, Jimi Hendrix released his debut studio album, Are You Experienced, which went on to grab the 2nd spot on the UK album charts and 5th position on the US charts. Also, it was gold-certified in the UK and had multiple platinum certifications in the US.

First Film

Jimi made his theatrical film debut in the documentary Monterey Pop in 1968 as himself. It chronicled the Monterey Pop Festival of 1967.

First TV Show

In 1964, Jimi made his first TV show appearance in the music TV series, Night Train.

Jimi Hendrix Facts

  1. By the time he died, he had lost about 60 percent of his hearing. He was the only person who could withstand the high playback volumes he used to set on the studio speakers.
  2. His father wasn’t a fan of him playing the guitar left-handed as he believed it to be a sign of the devil. So, when his father was around he would play music with his right hand and as soon as he would leave the room, Jimi used to switch to his famous left hand.
  3. He had an impoverished childhood and his parents, who were both alcoholics, often used to fight after getting drunk. Upon witnessing domestic violence, he would hide in closets.
  4. He found his first musical instrument, a ukulele, in 1957 while assisting his father with his side job. They had found it in the garbage that was cleaned from an old woman’s house.
  5. While studying at Horace Mann Elementary School, he had the habit of carrying a broom with him, which he would pretend was a guitar. It was noticed by a social worker but neither could she collect enough funds nor did his father agree to buy him one.
  6. When his mother passed away in February 1958, he refused to take his younger brothers Leon and James to her funeral and instead gave them whiskey and taught them how to deal with a loss like a man.
  7. At the age of 15, he bought his first acoustic guitar for $5. However, soon after, he realized that his guitar could be barely heard over the sound of his first band, Velvetones.
  8. In 1959, his father eventually got him his first electric guitar, a white Supro Ozark. However, he was fired from his band between the sets while performing in the basement of the synagogue, Seattle’s Temple De Hirsch because of showing off during the performance.
  9. By the age of 19, Jimi was arrested twice by the police for stealing cars. He was given an option between going to prison and joining the army. He opted for the latter.
  10. His time in the army wasn’t good as he spent most of his time playing the guitar and neglecting his duties. His superiors eventually agreed to give him an honorable discharge citing his unsuitability for the army.
  11. In his interviews, Jimi falsely claimed that he had managed to receive a medical discharge after having broken his ankle during a parachute jump. He was also pretty vocal about his dislike for the army.
  12. He became the first musician to use stereophonic phasing effects in recordings and Holly George-Warren of Rolling Stone stated: “Hendrix pioneered the use of the instrument as an electronic sound source. Players before him had experimented with feedback and distortion, but Hendrix turned those effects and others into a controlled, fluid vocabulary every bit as personal as the blues with which he began.”
  13. All his life, Jimi Hendrix battled with alcohol abuse, which often made him aggressive and violent which, according to his close associates, was very atypical of Jimi when he was not intoxicated.
  14. While touring Sweden in 1968 with his music band, he got entangled in a drunken brawl at the Hotel Opalen, in Gothenburg. He was eventually arrested and released upon the payment of a hefty fine.
  15. In May 1969, he was arrested at the Toronto International Airport after authorities found a small amount of suspected heroin and hashish in his baggage. He was eventually acquitted of drug possession charges.
  16. He holds the distinction of being the first musician to find a place in the Native American Music Hall of Fame.
  17. The popular TV channel VH1 placed Hendrix in the 51st spot in the list featuring 100 Sexiest Artists in 2002.
  18. He is a member of the 27 Club, which is comprised of leading music artists to have passed away at the age of 27 years. The other members of the group include Nirvana founder Kurt Cobain, The Doors frontman Jim Morrison, Amy Winehouse, and The Rolling Stones co-founder Brian Jones.
  19. In November 1991, he was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6627 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood.
  20. In 2014, the United States Postal Service honored him by issuing a commemorative postage stamp.
  21. The English Heritage placed a blue plaque outside his former home in London. It was the first instance that the iconic heritage trust had decided to commemorate a pop star.

Featured Image by Unknown Photographer / Wikimedia / Public Domain

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  1. On Jimi`s ancestry, it is African American, Native American, and Irish. On Jimi`s religion; he was secular, but I wouldn`t call him an atheist, per se. I came here looking for Jimi`s shoe size; Too bad nobody seems to know. I am guessing at least a size 12 EEEE. Thanks!

    • Lol no, he’s shoe size was 9 1/2. He was 5’10 and the Afro and small heels on his shoes gave him height. Weight was 134 lbs. It says 154 but that was his military weight and his waist was around 26 inches. That’s all I know!


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