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The Jungle Effect – Healthiest Diet Plan

Jungle Effect Diet Plan

Composed by Daphne Miller, MD, certified physician, The Jungle Effect is an absolutely different and exclusive diet plan. With the aid of traditional ways of eating, Miller has made a great effort to make people happier and healthier.

Miller visited several places all over the world and uncovered the fact that there are myriad places where influence of diseases is very meager. She noticed that people in those regions are far more immune to specific diseases than people residing in other regions.

She has named those places cold spots. Some of the prominent diseases from which you can save you by visiting these places are depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, breast or prostate cancer, colon cancer etc.

Miller spent a fair amount of time at those places just to know the kinds of foods and recipes followed by people there, which saved them from becoming victim of chronic diseases.

What The Jungle Effect Comprises of?

The Jungle Effect being an amazing book written by Daphne Miller will tell you how balanced diet and healthy lifestyle can get you slender and fit body. For instance, dieters seeking to rid their bodies from heart problems can follow the foods and meals of cold spot targeted to treat heart problem.

In the same way, should dieters want to cure diabetes, they can focus on the recipes of cold spot meant for treating diabetes. Likewise, you can go ahead with the diet schedule and can build your way to healthy life. Should you want to customize the plan based on your particular requirements, you have liberty to blend foods and recipes of two or three cold spots.

Workouts in The Jungle Effect

The Jungle Effect puts stress on workouts. Dieters are recommended to practice aerobics for minimum thirty minutes in a day. You shall practice workouts for at least four days in a week. Cardio workouts are the best way to keep your heart healthy. Right from brisk walking to swimming, you can embrace any cardio workout. No matter what dieters do to be fit, Miller just wants her dieters to stay active in their routine life.

Logic of Cold Spots

Miller contends, our ancestor used to follow incredible diet regime which was responsible for their healthy body and longevity. However, with the passage of time, most of the countries in the world cultivated wrong eating habits which made these countries or regions hub of diseases.

Cold spots are the result of arduous work done by Miller. In cold spots, you will find healthy diet regime and healthy lifestyle followed by people. Should you abide by their food habits and lifestyle, you can ensure a disease free life for you and your family.

One of the incidences of wrong eating habits is, several people migrated to Canada in late 1800 and they didn’t know how to provide omega-3 fatty acids to their bodies, which actually is not naturally produced by your body. In the dearth of omega-3 fatty acids, more and more people there grew victims of stress and depression.

Impacts of Foods

Miller considers that different foods have different remedial properties. Without consuming medicines and medicated drugs, which have loads of side effects, you can heal your body with the consumption of right and nutritious foods.

People in cold spots know the secret. Food items they consume safeguard their bodies and don’t let them suffer from various diseases. Since diverse foods are eaten in various cultures, Miller garnered common and healthy foods of varied cultures and formed the amazing diet plan namely The jungle effect.

Three Basic Instincts

Miller came up with three basic instincts which helped our ancestors in recognizing the foods meant for their good. Our ancestors didn’t know what foods were good or bad for them, they just believed on three basic instincts, which never ditched them. These three instincts are –

  • Sensory
  • Imitative
  • Post ingestive

Five Cold Spots 

Let’s have a look at the five cold spots figured out by Miller.

Cold spot for colon cancer – Cameron, West Africa

People in Cameron consume collard greens, millet, banana mustard greens, yogurt, teff, spinach, wild poultry, fish, plantains, beans, kefir, nuts, game, onions, okra, tomato, fermented vegetables etc.

Cold spot for prostate and breast cancer – Okinawa, Japan

People in Okinawa consume tofu, cabbage, miso, green tea, bok choy, fish, mushrooms, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, tempeh, brown rice, watermelon, sea vegetables, sweet potato, grapefruit, tomato etc.

Cold spot for depression – Iceland

People in Iceland consume omega 3 enriched eggs, potatoes, fish, walnuts, split peas, barley, rye, beans, , bilberries, organic dairy products, flax-seed oil, wild game, black tea, cabbage etc.

Cold spot for heart disease – Crete, Greece

People in Crete consume olive oil, whole grain walnuts, pasta, chickpeas, lentils, arugula, potatoes, kale, red wine, fish, Swiss chard, figs etc.

Cold spot for diabetes – Copper Canyon, Mexico

People in Mexico consume peppers, corn, tomato, beans, squash, nopal cactus, onions, cilantro, avocado, jicama, nuts etc.

Some Common Tips Of The Jungle Effect

In The Jungle Effect, Miller has given some common tips to all the dieters. These are –

  • Refrain from unhealthy or saturated fats and consume more of healthy fats. Make sure that consumption of saturated fat is not more than 2 per cent of your total calorie consumption in a day.
  • Inculcate copious herbs, spices and condiments in your daily meals. All these have great benefits on your bodies.
  • Refrain from junk, processed, refined, and manufactured foods because they adversely affect the normal functioning of your body.
  • Instead of consuming refined sugar, prefer consuming sugar obtained from natural sources such as fruits.
  • Eat slowly and spend time in eating foods. It will help you in keeping check on your portion size and will make you feel fuller with smaller amounts of foods. Prune your calorie consumption to 2200 calories in day.
  • Your cholesterol intake in a day should not be more than 150 grams while your sodium intake should not go beyond two grams.
  • Get engaged in various kinds of physical activities and don’t let your body stay idle for long.

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