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Karlie Kloss’s Nutritionist Molly Rieger Shares Amazing Food Tips

Molly Rieger is a celebrity nutritionist who has worked to improve the lives and eating habits of scores of people. Her client list includes renowned names like Karlie Kloss, Romee Strijd, and Taylor Hill. So, when she shares some advice on improving your diet and lifestyle, it’s worth the time required to read and jot down the essentials. Here you go.

Karlie Kloss in an Instagram selfie promoting Planned Parenthood in August 2017
Karlie Kloss in an Instagram selfie promoting Planned Parenthood in August 2017 (Karlie Kloss / Instagram)

Meal Essentials

The registered dietitian says that when you have any meal, you should ensure that it has specific ingredients that will help you to feel full and assist you to refrain from bingeing on junk food too much.

Each of your meals should have some fiber that can be in the form of vegetables and fruits. It should also have some protein that can be in the form of beans, nuts and Greek Yogurt. The meal also needs to have some healthy fats that are found in sources like nuts, seeds, salmon or Greek Yogurt.

Make it a rule to have a serving of vegetables in each meal. To make it delicious, you can add hemp or chia seeds to it (or any food) as it will enhance the nutrient profile too.

Breakfast Option

When you start a day on the right note and with right breakfast, you will have more productive days. A healthy breakfast option could be to have a green smoothie made with frozen banana, almond butter, chia seeds, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, spinach, and spirulina.


Snacking is a good idea, and many models also eat in between meals. Karlie particularly likes to keep a few snacks in her bag as she is constantly on the go. Some of the options she prefers are green smoothies with vegan protein powder, raw mixed nuts, veggie soup, salad, apples with almond butter, etc. You can also try energy bites recipe of Molly.

How to Stay Motivated towards a Healthy Lifestyle

If you want to stay motivated towards following a healthy lifestyle, you should get some “me time” wherein you can have a bath, catch up on work, cook a healthy meal or just laze around. It would recharge you and help you stay motivated to face the rest of the week.

Indulge Smartly

The nutritionist says that there is nothing wrong with indulging 20 percent of the time if you are eating healthy, the remaining 80 percent of the time. You should try not to gorge on whatever is handy during the indulging spree and stick to the foods you can enjoy. You can prolong the experience by taking small bites.

Karlie Kloss wearing Anna Sui dress
Karlie Kloss wearing Anna Sui dress (Christopher Macsurak / Flickr / CC BY 2.0)

Drink Wisely

If you like to drink occasionally, you should learn to milk them and sip them for a long time. You can also dilute them in club soda and try to have at least one glass of water in between each drink. You should avoid drinking as much as possible as it has too many extra calories and disrupts your sleep cycle which might leave you unmotivated to stay healthy the next day.

Eat Before Events

In case you are planning to attend an event or a party where you know you might overindulge, you should eat something before leaving home to decrease your hunger as it will ensure that you don’t have loads of appetizers.

Post Indulgence Habits

If you have overindulged a day before, you should start the next day by having some detox tea. The tea should contain warm water, a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, fresh chopped ginger, some fresh lemon juice and a few drops of turmeric oil. It will detox and reset your body. You can also meditate for 10 minutes as soon as you wake up. It will ensure that you don’t make impulsive but thoroughly thought out decisions.

Be Kind to Yourself

Finally, you should learn to be kind to yourself as well as your body by staying away from a self-hating or negative place that never offers lasting results.

Featured Image by Kou Art / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

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