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Kate Middleton Weight Loss Secret Revealed: It’s a Secret Trainer

Kate Middleton, Prince William and their kids
Kate Middleton, Prince William and their kids

Well, it’s only been few weeks since the Princess Kate Middleton gave birth to the new royal jewel, Princess Charlotte and we wrote an article on how the weight loss challenges would be bigger for the new mother.

But the Duchess surprised us all by stepping out, when she made an appearance at the Gloucestershire Festival of Polo at the Beaufort Polo Club in Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England to watch Prince William play polo. The beautiful lady not only looked gorgeous in skinny jeans and a striped navy top but she also had the duty of managing her toddler, Prince George, who we might add looked adorable too in a blue Olivier Baby cardigan.

So, how did she manage to squeeze herself in skinny jeans after just 6 weeks of pregnancy? What’s her secret this time around? Well, all these questions were answered by People in an exclusive report that includes statements of an undisclosed but reliable source. What are the secrets? Read on to know.

Kate Middleton and George at Gloucestershire Festival of Polo
Kate Middleton and George at Gloucestershire Festival of Polo

An Experienced Trainer

As per the report, Kate was under constant vigilance of an experienced trainer who helped her through her fitness related issues even when the lady was pregnant. The trainer’s name is not yet revealed and even his or her presence was also kept discreet until now.

A Costly Affair

It is also believed that the trainer’s fee is huge as the trainer takes on only the A-class clients who are willing to pay more money to get desirable results. It seems that the money spent on the Princess’s trainer is a worthy investment as the results are quite unbelievable.

Kate Middleton kids - Prince George and Princess Charlotte
Kate Middleton kids – Prince George and Princess Charlotte

What’s the Package?

The source revealed that the trainer crafted unique and one of its kind fitness plan for the royal lady and handled the task of regularly monitoring her progress in lieu of the hefty fee charged.

How often did the Trainer checked in?

Daily. Yes, it’s true. Though, the trainer supposedly has a busy schedule but the progress of the beautiful Princess was monitored on a daily basis via phone. The trainer also carves some time once every week to map the fitness progress of Kate personally by paying her a visit. After all, what’s more important than the royal Princess’s health and well being?

Diet Secrets

It is being assumed that the mother of two royal kids is sticking to her usual diet which leans heavily on organic fruits, veggies and lean meats. To know about the regular workout and diet plan of Kate, check out this link.

Enjoying the Delicacies

The source also divulged that the trainer has made eating meals a pleasant experience for the Princess by guiding her towards eating elegant food that’s very delicious and is a replica of foods that can only be found at the classiest restaurants.

Kate Middleton's baby bump: Pregnant with Princess Charlotte
Kate Middleton’s baby bump: Pregnant with Princess Charlotte

Focusing on Overall Health

The source concluded the report by stating that Catherine is following a very sensible program devised by the veteran trainer as the program aims to focus on her overall health and well being rather than just focusing on her current weight loss agenda.

Utilizing Breastfeeding

Joining in the guesswork on the remarkable weight loss achieved by the Duchess of Cambridge, Yahoo also reported that Middleton is probably breastfeeding Charlotte in order to keep the baby healthy and to lose some extra pounds.

Not Following Doctor’s Orders

Celebrity Laundry also joined the club on making speculations with regard to the weight loss journey of the Princess by claiming that an inside source has revealed that Kate was advised to go for the weight loss slowly by the doctors but she neglected their advice in order to look slimmer within a few weeks.

Well, no matter what the reality is, we can only say that the fitness results shown by the Princess are remarkable and should be a source of inspiration for all the new mothers to get back in shape. After all, miracles do happen. Don’t you think?

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