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Katharine McPhee Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Having made her debut as American Idol contestant in 2006, Katharine McPhee could be seen on the cover page of the famous magazine, The Self in March 2012 issue. Having slender and svelte body, Goddess of beauty allured numerous fans with her performance in NBC’s musical drama Smash.

Katharine shares that she had been a victim of an eating disorder right from the age of seventeen, and suffered from it for five years. The self-proclaimed truth revealed by the star had been sufficient enough to baffle her fans, who were continuously looking up to her to know her secret formula of trimmed waist and flat belly.

It was only prior to her appearance on the stage of American Idol when she realized her disorder needs to be cured. She took medical help and finally got rid of the disease, which had been bugging the star from such a long time. Her doctor suggested her to use intuitive eating to step away from occasional attacks of the disorder. Now, Katharine bestows the whole credit of her sleek figure to the workouts and fitness regime followed by her.

Katharine McPhee workout and diet
Katharine McPhee during Golden Globe Awards 2013

Katharine McPhee Workout Routine

Having earned name and fame due to her sculpted figure, Katharine obviously wishes to maintain it at any cost. She spends long hours in gyms while practicing grueling sessions of workouts. She has hired personal trainer, Oscar Smith to guide and direct her. She practices five days in a week and if it gets hard for her to manage five days workouts, she somehow manages to make them three times in a week.

Rather than sticking to one specific workout, the stylish star practices diverse workouts such as stretching, running, jumping jacks, push-ups, crunches, resistance, interval training etc. She has all the words of accolades for her personal trainer who actually introduced variety of workouts in her workout regime and made them fascinating to her.

She also hits gym once or twice in a week and practices high intensity cardio workouts. Besides that, the fitness freak also knows myriad typical yoga postures. Not only does she know them, she has also tried them at times to torch several pounds from her body.

Being ardent to dancing, both for fun as well as fitness sake, Katharine dances like insane. She keeps dancing unless her legs and thighs give up completely. The intoxication and urge to look outstanding makes the stunning star mad enough to practice all sorts of exhausting things required to acquire slim shape. You might feel astonished to know the fact that the dazzling star has incredible stamina to dance persistently for five hours.

Katharine McPhee Diet Plan

Katharine has been sticking to healthy diet regime since she got cured. Instead of starving her body, she consumes healthy and nutritious foods. The sensational star admits having lost thirty pounds after being recovered from her disorder.

One thing is evident from the track record of diet regime followed by Katharine; you cannot expect to melt pounds from your body while being on depriving diets. Deprivation stimulates fat accumulation process in your body, as a result of which, despite eliminating so many foods from your diet, you doom to remain in the same obese body frame.

Having learnt healthy eating habits, Katharine now keeps her refrigerator full with antioxidant foods such as broccoli, spinach, lemon, grapefruit etc. and eats them whenever she feels hungry. Here comes one of the typical day diet regimes of Katharine McPhee diet.

Breakfast – Katharine prefers having scrambled egg, whole grain toast etc. in her breakfast.   

Snacks – She likes having granola, apple, banana, handful of almonds, peanut butter etc. in her snacks.

Lunch – Her lunch usually is composed of steamed broccoli, spinach, sautéed fish etc.

Dinner – She prefers having lean chicken, turkey etc. in her dinner.

Recommendations For Katharine McPhee Fans

The instigating desire to appear in enviable shape in front of large audience inspires the star to be in great shape. Katharine recommends her fans to be generous to their bodies and develop right eating acumen. Besides that, seldom eliminate abundant foods from your diet regime to attain slim figure. It took her so long in understanding the worth of balanced diet.

And if you too are a victim of some eating disorder, get the treatment without much ado. Restrain the consumption of sinister foods such as sugary, processed and junk foods. Apart from causing spike in your blood sugar level, these foods also trigger various inflammatory reactions in your body. These reactions debilitate your immune system and make you become sick and miserable being.

Limit the consumption of high carb foods and switch to organic and low carb foods. These foods are loaded with vital nutrients, which are crucial for proper functioning of your body organs and brain. You won’t gain weight by feeding healthy foods to your body. The impact rather would be contrary, because proper nourishment will speed up your metabolism and will prompt your body to kindle fat burning process.

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