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Katrina Kaif Workout and Diet Plan

Katrina Kaif, an Indian British actress and model is considered Bollywood Queen. She entered Bollywood through movie “Boom”.

Katrina Kaif is currently shooting for “Dhoom 3” of Yash Raj Films and guess who is the trainer of Kat???……none other than her ex boyfriend – Salman Khan and yes it’s confirmed.

Katrina Kaif Workout

  1. Yoga – Katrina is a big fan of Yoga. She does yoga for her mental peace and of course for her lean and sexy figure.
  2. Swimming & Cycling – Salman Khan has told Katrina to do a lot of cycling and swimming so that she could look sexy in bikini in “Dhoom 3”. Cycling is considered the best ab exercise also.
  3. Jogging – Katrina daily runs for sometime for warming – up.
  4. Gym – Katrina Kaif doesn’t get much time to go to gym due to her busy schedule. But when she was shooting for “Ajab Prem ki Ghazab Kahani”, her personal trainer Pradeep Bhatia made her go 3 times a week to gym.

Katrina Kaif Diet

According to Pinkvilla, Katrina says

“I tries to eat right food at right time and in right quantities.”

She takes fresh fruits the whole day, as and when, she gets time.

  • Early Morning

Katrina Kaif drinks daily 4 glasses of water in the morning.

  • Breakfast
  1. Cerelas
  2. Oatmeal
  3. Pomegranate juice
  4. Albumin i.e. egg white

  • Lunch
  1. Legumes
  2. Green salad
  3. Boiled rice

She doesn’t eat fried food and avoids it. But prefers boiled food as it is fat free

Also, She tries to intake less carbohydrates (means less calories) as her workout is not so complex.

  • Dinner

She eats dinner atleast 2 hours before bedtime.

  1. Vegetable Soup
  2. Dal/Boiled Veggies Chapati (without oil)
  3. Green salad

Did we miss anyone?


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  2. hi cat i will not say that im ur big fan bcz a lot of ur fans in the world but im more then fan im special in all of them i wish one day i meet u.my all frnds says that u r same like kat if life want may b we meet nd really i will be unforgetable for me luv u my frnd

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  4. Hi… katrina i like u very much, u look so pretty & charming.. some day i want to work wid u in some movie.. i want to b like u.. awesome figur & looks.

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  6. katrina i am big big big fan i love you i miss you i like you you R very beautyefull i loviit for you you film i like it dhoom 3

  7. Hi katrina many friends tell me that I’m a lot like you. Have first thought may not be No but when I compare my photos I am also love become aware greetings

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  10. Such a foolish and completely baseless informations are given in this article that are quite misleading. Katrina ( or any other slim and sexy Bollywood actress) is not a person who does not have time to go to gym. Also who told you Salman is her trainer? And I don’t know why people are commenting here like this is a blog written by Katrina Kaif and she’s reading all the shit written by them in the comments. WTF!


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