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Keri Russell Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Keri Russell at 2014 Writers Guild East Coast Ceremony
Keri Russell at 2014 Writers Guild East Coast Ceremony

Former Felicity star, Keri Russell graced the cover page of Women’s Health magazine in May 2013 issue. Not to mention, the stunner who started her acting career in early twenties still looks as ravishing and hot as she looked back then. Her ridiculously flat abs, and streamlined arms and legs still make it hard for us to take our eyes off her sculpted figure. Keri dishes out her diet and workout secrets which are accountable for her captivating and toned body.

Eat Everything in Moderation

Unlike most of the celebs who resort to crash diet plans to render themselves trimmed look, the brunette doesn’t feel tempted to abide by any fad diet plan. She admits of being a big foodie. Without depriving her body from her beloved sweet foods, she relishes them very often. She contends, how can people be so ruthless towards their love for foods and can vow to eliminate them from their diet only to look tiny. She eats all kinds of foods in moderation which indeed keeps check on her tendency to splurge on foods at times.

Keri Russell eating food

Green and Leafy Veggies

Keri didn’t realise the importance of fiber-laden green and leafy veggies until she turned thirty. She confesses, her upbringing not being done by a health conscious mother kept her devoid of the incredible benefits of organic and clean foods. She refers these foods amazing. Not only are they low in calories, they are also equipped with vital nutrients which are capable to keep your hunger pangs at bay. Dearth of hunger pangs implies control on the habit of eating unwholesome snacks.

Intense Workouts

Thanks to noble genes Keri is credited with, which don’t let her grow overweight despite eating fast foods. However, the bombshell not being victim of sedentary lifestyle burns all the surplus calories consumed, by executing grueling workouts. Instead of counting on low or moderate intensity exercises, the babe favors high intensity workouts. She follows workout videos to perform her exercises. In addition to that, she adores dancing and spends numerous hours on the activity. Yoga and Pilates are her most favored workouts which inevitably strengthens her body and impart her honed look. To groom her body for required roles in the movies, she also practices boxing and other intense activities.

Health Friendly Lifestyle

Aside from the regular workouts, Keri shares, her dual responsibilities of being an actress and mom of two kids really keep her on toes all the while. Instead of cribbing about the lack of time, she utilizes the challenges to keep her body active and in excellent shape. She doesn’t step away from engaging her in playful activities with her kids, or biking to grocery store, farmer’s market, or friend’s home.

Keri Russell cycling
Keri Russell with her son River.

Healthy Tips for Fans

Research shows that more than ninety percent women above twenty are troubled with unflattering cellulite. There are myriad factors which foster the accumulation of cellulite. Here are some easy to follow tips which shall purge you from stubborn cellulite and get you toned look.

Seaweed Bath

The prominent French skin-care treatment shrinks cellulite and renders you taut skin. All you have to do is wrap the mask of seaweed and hot water over your skin, or take bath with seaweed mixed in water. Seaweed being dense in iodine shall rev up the functioning of thyroid glands and enhance your blood circulation.


If you wish to get rid of shabby dimpled skin, make cucumbers your best buddy. Apart from being opulent in myriad nutrients, they also have rich water content. When you put cucumber slices directly over your skin, phytochemicals in cucumbers make your skin look tight and toned. Its swift action on cellulite is really overwhelming.

Coffee Scrub

Caffeine expands your blood vessels, enhances blood circulation in your body, and tones the tissues of your outer skin. When you apply it on your skin, it cleanses your skin by weeding out toxins. In addition to that, it also kindles fat burning process. You can easily prepare coffee scrub at home by mixing ground coffee with almond or olive oil.


Since deficiency of collagen is one of the most prevalent factors promoting cellulite, consumption of sugar-free gelatin is one of the greatest remedies to beat cellulite. You can easily purchase gelatin from health food stores and consume it while mixing it in your beverages.

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