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Kiana Tom Diet Plan Workout Routine

Kiana Tom workoutFitness model, Kiana Tom possess one of the most slender, curvy, and enviable figures. Let’s have a sneak peek in the workout and diet secrets of Kiana Tom which uphold her in superb shape.

Affection for Workouts

The brunette bombshell being obsessed with fitness has been practicing workouts since childhood. The hottie being keen to boost her endurance and stamina turned to lifting weights in her school days. Strength training is one of her most beloved workouts. Her love for exercises is so much so that she almost has become a fitness expert now. She doesn’t forget mixing fun factor in her workouts as it doesn’t let her feel bored and keep her in high spirits all the time. She bestows the entire credit for her being conscious towards fitness to her parents. Apart from inculcating right values in her, they encouraged her to play sports and give paramount importance to her health. It’s the influence of her parents that the kickass beauty began playing tennis from the very tender age of five.

Persistence in Workouts

Kiana Tom biceps workout

The sensational star accentuates maintaining persistence in workouts. She works out six days in a week. She contends, to keep your body in slender and svelte shape, you cannot just opt to do workouts only when you need to look awesome. Instead, it shall be consistent effort from you. Without going crazy, Kiana devotes thirty minutes in a day to exercises. She seldom allows her busy work schedule come in between her vow to perform workouts. She acknowledges swimming as a superb workout for women because it elongates and tones lean muscles and renders them definition.

Workouts While Traveling

Just like slothful people have tons of reasons to not workout, fitness freaks like Kiana have explored ways to perform workouts even when situations are not very amicable. For instance, her profession seeks her to travel a lot but instead of sitting idle with no exercises, she carries fitness bands with her and perform workouts such as lunges, kickbacks, curls, for triceps, etc. She also makes sure that she performs her workouts in quick succession without making long time lag in between different sets of an exercise. Aside from that, she keeps introducing variety in her workouts for she knows that our body is likely to hit fitness plateau in the dearth of variety.

Workouts With Right Attitude

Kiana contends that when you do workouts with right attitude, you are likely to withdraw amazing benefits from it. Instead of being inclined to do workouts to please someone, exercises shall be a means to render you optimum health. She points up setting daily goals because they shall guide you and direct your steps.

Kiana Tom fitness ball

Reliance on Balanced Diet

Kiana relies on the consumption of balanced diet having carbs, proteins, and fats in the ratio of 40:30:30. She states that if you stay watchful about the consumption of protein and carbs in your diet, you can save your body from piling up unsolicited pounds. Clean and fresh foods such as fruits, veggies, chicken breast, fish etc. are in her list of most preferred foods. While abiding by good diet most of the time, Kiana also releases her cravings by eating her beloved junk foods once in a while. She refers to their consumption as normal unless you indulge in them very often.

Healthy Habit of Snacking

Kiana is big time fan of snacks. She loves carrying healthy snacks such as almonds, vitamin supplements, balanced bars, other dry fruits, etc. with her. Snacking fuels your body and thus keeps check on spike in your blood sugar level.

Healthy Tips for Fans

Here are some workouts for you, which will tone your lower body.

Single Leg, Single Arm Reach

Single Leg, Single Arm Reach

The workout which requires you to apply great balance will strengthen your glutes and hamstrings.

Process – Stand straight while putting your entire weight on your left foot. Now, raise your right arm at shoulder length. Bend your torso and take your right leg in backward direction, so it becomes parallel to the ground. Squeeze in your glutes and hamstrings while coming back to the starting position.

Overhead Squat (With Towel)

Overhead Squat with towel squat position

Overhead squat with towel will tone your arms and glutes. You can really elevate your heart rate if you do it with prompt reps.

Process – Stand up tall with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Hold one rolled towel with both your hands, which again shall be bit more than shoulder width apart. Make squat position while keeping toes and knees in perfect alignment.

Single Leg Isometric Wall Squat

Single leg Isometric Wall Squat

This incredible workout is best for toning your glutes, quads, core, hamstrings etc.

Process – Lean against the wall with your back touching the wall. Now, bend your knees so your thighs get parallel to the ground. Now, raise your right leg in forward direction. Stay in the position for two to three seconds and then repeat the workout with switching of legs.

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