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Kimberly Hebert Gregory Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Kimberly Hebert Gregory believes in eating everything she likes but stays fit because she has been following the golden rule of having everything in moderation. She also works out regularly and follows a good diet plan.

Here you can have a look at her exact diet plan, her workout routine, and her diet philosophy. You can also know who inspires her daily and how she is proud of who she is.

Diet Philosophy

The actress says that her diet philosophy is to eat everything in moderation. She is also one of the few people who enjoy a low sugar and low carb diet.

Workout Routine

The Vice Principals (2016-Present) star believes in working out at least 5 days a week and for 30 minutes.

Healthy is Beautiful

She sticks to a healthy workout and diet combo because in her opinion, being healthy is beautiful.

Diet Plan

The exact diet plan of the diva is mentioned right here.

Hydration Details

She has at least one and a half bottles of water every day to hydrate herself.


Mornings start with a smoothie that has water, banana, spinach, pineapple, frozen strawberries and ground flaxseeds. Having a cup of detox tea is also a part of her routine.

Mid-Morning Snack

Her mid-morning snack usually includes two boiled eggs that are seasoned with some salt and pepper.


Lunch usually includes a healthy tuna salad with loads of organic mixed greens.

Afternoon Snack

In the afternoon, she munches on Barbeque Pop chips.


It usually includes something like a southwest salad with guacamole, chicken, crushed tortilla chips and chopped apple with a mix of chipotle mayo and barbecue sauce dressing.


Her dessert usually includes some enlightened cold brew ice cream bar.

Source of Inspiration

Apart from being healthy, what keeps her going by being an inspiration is her son. She calls him to be her master teacher because he teaches her kindness, how to see the best in others and how to see the best in herself.

She feels fantastic when her teenage son compliments her. The proud mother says that he is at a stage where he is discovering himself and she likes seeing him shape as a human being. Her love for her son is pure and as real as it gets and that love also inspires her!

Being Proud of Who She Is

Kevin (Probably) Saves the World (2017-Present) actress says that there were times when people made her feel not so worthy.

Sharing an incident, she says that about 4 years ago, she was told by someone that she was too big for the camera, not because of her size but due to her theatrical presence. But Hollywood thought differently, and she got her first role on Private Practice (2007-2013) soon after.

This incident proves that people’s opinion doesn’t matter and you will get what you deserve one day.

Empowering Black Women

Gregory likes the fact that she is among the black women who have made a mark for themselves in front of the camera and behind the lens too. She also likes the fact that women like Shonda Rhimes and Ava DuVernay are creating and producing TV. Kimberly also made reference to Empire (2015-Present) star Jussie Smollett who recently referred to black women as ‘the origin.’

The TV personality further added that being a black woman at the current time is a great way to remind everyone about not just black femininity but black womanhood as well. She also reiterates that black women are the origin and if a person can’t respect it or get into it, then that person is the problem. She also wants black women to take up more space.

Featured Image by Kimberly Hebert Gregory / Instagram

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