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Kit Harington Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Kit Harington Pompeii workout

With his ripped body and killer looks, Kit Harington can impress any beautiful girl in the world. While attributing both prudent diet and grueling workouts for his lean and muscular physique, Kit gives seventy percent importance to diet and thirty percent to exercises. Let’s have a quick look at some of his diet and workout secrets.

Calorie Controlled Diet

To get ready for his role in the movie, Pompeii, Kit had to go through bizarre diet programs. He was first supposed to gain weight by eating tremendous foods and then shed the weight by practicing weight training and other intense workouts. He bulked up around 10-11 kg by splurging on foods in the initial five weeks. Afterwards he melt away weight in the next three weeks as was the demand of his role. Although Kit switched between two extreme diet plans to do justice to his performance in the movie, but you shall not be inspired to do because he did it under the guidance of his nutrition expert.

Balanced and Wholesome Diet

His nutrition expert devised his diet very discreetly while bearing the intense workouts practiced by him in mind. To make sure that his body gets adequate nutrition; his diet had 45% of carbs, 33% of proteins, and 20% of fats. In addition to that, he was asked to consume casein protein, magnesium glycinate, fish oils etc. on daily basis.

Cheat Days

Kit points up the importance of cheat days. He contends, cheat days bestow you courage to abide by any kind of strict and restrictive diet regime. You don’t feel the burden to eat wholesome and watched diet when you know you have one cheat day waiting for you which renders you freedom to indulge in your beloved foods. Aside from astutely managing your cravings, cheat days also fire up your metabolism. Since regular consumption of low calorie diet might slow down your metabolism perennially, provision of cheat days challenges your metabolism and has it restore the function to work efficiently to digest fatty and processed foods.

Weapon and Stunt Training

The dashing actor had to put his heart and soul into workouts to acquire chiseled physique and six pack abs. He executed workouts six days in a week to rip his body. After giving rocking performance in TV series, Game of Thrones, the heartthrob actor already had got the flavor of weapons because the role in the TV series required him to go through intense weapon training. However, he had no prior experience of sword fighting, which he had to execute for his role in the movie, Pompeii. To hone his sword fighting skills, he hired one personal trainer who trained him thrice in a week. With perpetual efforts, he finally articulated the skill.

His personal trainer kept changing the workouts meant to teach him stunt training to make sure that his body didn’t develop fitness plateau with the kind of training regime. Apart from that, he also kept revving up the intensity of his workouts and proficiently managed rest periods in the meanwhile. His workouts which were allocated on the basis of his body parts are as follows.

Day One – Chest

Day Two – Biceps and Back

Day Three – Legs

Day Four – Shoulders and Triceps

Day Five – Abs and Core

Day Six – Arms (Biceps and Triceps)

Healthy Tips for Fans

Most of us hit gym with great zeal and enthusiasm but as time passes, we seem to keep forgetting our purpose to hit gym. Staying fit and in shape is a constant process which requires perpetual efforts from you. Here are some tips which shall energize you and keep you inspired to execute regular workouts

Brew up in the Morning

Research shows that when you begin your day with caffeinated drink such as black tea etc., you are very likely to stay energized. With perked up energy, you won’t feel like missing your workouts in the gym.

Have Nutritious Breakfast

When you eat nutrient dense breakfast such as hard boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, protein shake, cereals etc., not only does your metabolism get a boost, but fat burning process too gets kindled in your body.

Set Small Goals

Set small goals for yourself to keep you inspired. For example, make a goal to shed one or two pounds by the end of the week. When you have short term goals to be accomplished, you shall dedicatedly work towards accomplishment of those goals.

Get a Friend Stronger Than You

Endeavor performing workouts with a friend more ripped and stronger than you. When you will execute workouts with such a friend, you will be in competition with him and your keenness to excel him will have you walk extra miles. Moreover, research too braces the fact that people working out in company of stronger friends execute workouts with 200 percent more intensity than they normally do.

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