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Laila Ali 2017 Workout and Diet Secrets

Laila Ali is more than an undefeated boxing champ. She is a very busy woman who likes helping people grow. She has partnered with T.J. Maxx recently to help women accept their individuality. Unlike many other celebrities, she follows what she preaches and celebrates her individuality at all times. She also shows some self-love by taking care of her body and remaining fit. How does she do that? Look at her current workout and diet secrets to know!

Workout Secrets

The diva likes to mix up her workout routine depending on her latest fitness goals. Currently, she is hooked on HIIT. She starts each workout session with cycling and then, makes good use of elliptical stairs. After that, she sprints on the treadmill and ends each session with the heavy bag. She also tries to do a bit of light weight training before cooling down.

Workouts are an essential part of her life, and when she can’t hit the gym regularly due to filming, she ends up gaining unwanted weight. To get rid of it, she hits the road and runs for 4-5 miles for five days a week. This strenuous running routine helps her to get rid of excess weight quickly.

Diet Secrets

The daughter of boxing icon Muhammad Ali says that eating is a huge passion for her. She is also a great cook who likes to try different recipes. Her mornings usually start with a protein shake made with kale or spinach, coconut oil or nut butter, berries, vanilla protein powder, almond milk and a bit of ice. When seeking a superfood boost, she adds Chlorella and Maca powder to it.

The Balancing Act

The mother of two has a busy career and often has to juggle mom duties with her professional life. So, her advice for all moms is that you should be a good mother but shouldn’t compromise your individuality for that. Never feel guilty for having a bit of “Me Time” because you need that too. A tip for busy moms she shared recently is that you should write everything down and set some personal priorities that make you feel special.

For instance, she gets a manicure and pedicure done every two weeks.

How to Stay Motivated?

You need to push yourself out of your comfort zone if you want to achieve all the goals in life. Do not get used to your comfort zone too much as it can be counterproductive.

Being You is Important

Ali admits that her father taught her to be confident and fearless in everything she does. He also inspired her to break the stereotypes such as the perception that women can’t box and let her personality shine.

Now, by collaborating with T.J. Maxx, she is helping women to identify what makes them unique and focus on that for self-development.

What to Do When You Don’t Feel Confident?

When the wife of Curtis Conway doesn’t feel confident enough, she reminds herself of all those days that were not perfect. If she is having a bad day, she lets herself know that it’s okay. She also reminds herself that this too shall pass.

Some of the things that help her go through such days are exercising, writing a journal, etc. She doesn’t get bitter. Instead, she uses these days to get better.

How to Feel Your Best for a Big Day?

If you want to feel your best at any point in time, all you need to do is to prepare for the next step. Whether you are participating in a beauty contest or a sports event, you just need to work hard and prepare in advance. It will ensure that you are brimming with confidence on that crucial day.

Want more? Check out Laila Ali Lifestyle, a podcast where Laila continually talks about wellness, fitness, health, and parenting.

Featured Image by Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia / CC BY-SA 3.0

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