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Laura Michelle Prestin Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Laura Michelle Prestin model

Renowned international model, Laura Michelle Prestin never fails to stun us with her curvy and amazingly sculpted figure. Having graced the cover page of countless prestigious magazines, Laura has become the style and fitness icon. Laura dishes out her diet and workout secrets which actually uphold her in flawless shape, let’s have a look.

Passion for Workouts

Unlike most celebs, who resort to workouts in their late twenties, the hot babe is sporty since the age of five. However, she being overly lean was often bullied by her mates. By the age of nineteen, her curiosity to have thorough knowledge of workouts grew so much so that she totally submitted her to exercises. Apart from getting professional degrees in biology and sociology, the bombshell also acquired a professional degree to work as personal trainer. She shares, since she herself had to suffer from the lack of knowledge about proper nutrition and workouts, she thought to help her fans so they don’t have to face any such situation. So, to address and solve the weight related needs of people, she came up with exclusive Prestin Fit: a universal training regimen. The workout being excellent fusion of fitness and athletic training is apt for people of all the age groups and body sizes. So far, Laura has helped millions of people acquire their weight loss and fitness objectives.

Laura Michelle Prestin working out

Intense Workout Schedule

You might be addicted to shopping or unhealthy snacks or something of that sort but the gorgeous babe is addicted to workouts. She feels clumsy when she does not do them. In fact, she refers to her days without workouts as disorganized and total failure. Planning her workouts for the next day or for the week is her favorite pastime which she does with immense joy and pleasure. Without overlooking any part of her body, Laura pays attention to all her body parts equally. Let’s have a look at the intense exercise routine of Laura Michelle.

Monday & Thursday – Legs, butt

Workouts – Martial art skill training

Tuesday & Friday – Arms, back, abs

Wednesday – Rest


Sunday – Rest

Interval Training – Her favorite Workout

Laura Michelle Prestin, fitness model
Laura Michelle Prestin fit body.

Laura contends that women usually refrain from weight training because they believe weights will render them muscular and macho look. They perform myriad cardio workouts in their routine. However, by doing so, they make themselves remain devoid of the astounding benefits of weight training. Laura states that since women don’t have enormous amount of testosterone hormone, they are unlikely to grow bigger and muscular like men. Women of all the age groups shall make interval training an integral part of their lives because no other workout can be as rewarding as interval training is. Interval training is an amalgam of strength and cardio training coupled with adequate rest periods. However, since interval training falls in the zone of high intensity training, it shall not be practiced for more than forty-five minutes.

Seven Meals in a Day

Laura states, she definitely keeps an eye on what she eats but she does that without freaking out. Instead of eating three big and hefty meals, she is in favor to fueling her body with protein and fiber laden foods after every two to three hours. She incorporates bountiful nutrient packed foods such as oatmeal, banana, egg whites, tuna, salad, almonds, fruits, yogurt, protein shakes, fish, chicken, brown rice, cereals etc. in her diet. And as far as cravings are concerned, just like most of us, Laura too is not immune from them. She admits having sweet tooth and she relinquishes her cravings for sweet foods by eating small portion size of chocolate or any other sweet food item. The sultry model being pragmatic in her approach towards foods hates the idea to follow fad diet plans. Very prevalent fad diet plans like gluten-free diet, maple syrup diet, egg diet, cabbage soup diet etc. are off of her idea to stay healthy. She reckons, unless you abide by sensible eating, you don’t have to stick with any bizarre diet plan.

Healthy Tips for Fans

Here are some healthy tips for fans aspiring to acquire svelte and bikini embracing figure.

Maintain Diary to Avoid Overeating

Overeating or binge eating is one of the common phenomenon which makes a lot of people overweight. However, since the cause of obesity is evident, you can take measures to control it. One of the greatest ways to keep a check on overeating is maintain diary wherein you can pen down all the foods you consumed. Doing so will dramatically improve your eating habits.

Lift Heavy Weights

To make your weight loss process more influential, don’t forget to lift heavy weights. You can perform deadlift (primarily for lower back) while doing three sets with six reps, and 90 seconds of rest in the meanwhile. Heavy weights provide definition to your muscles and enhance the number of lean muscles in shortest period of time. Aside from them, focus on full body workouts such as loaded carries, sled pushing, and bodyweight workouts such as squats, lunges, burpees, pull ups etc.

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