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Lola Berry Diet Plan and Fitness Journey

Apart from creating the iconic 20-20 diet plan, the yoga teacher also has strong views on diet, yoga, and fitness. She also has an interesting fitness journey of her own that might inspire you to live better.

Lola Berry wearing Thurley's dress at a runway show in May 2018
Lola Berry wearing Thurley’s dress at a runway show in May 2018 (Lola Berry / Instagram)


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Lola Berry Diet Plan and Fitness Journey 2018

Food Philosophy

The fitness expert believes that fitness is not about having a food philosophy, it’s about loving yourself and being confident in your skin. If you don’t love yourself enough, you won’t stick to a healthy diet plan and veer off in the wrong direction often. So, your food philosophy should be to eat healthy for yourself.

Lola Berry in an Instagram selfie in June 2018 at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Lola Berry in an Instagram selfie in June 2018 at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (Lola Berry / Instagram)

Diet Plan

Though the diet plan of the fitness enthusiast keeps on changing, her diet plan in 2018 was something like this.


She starts her day with yoga and follows it with an activated charcoal drink known as black detox that has everything from avocado to coconut water and pineapple to ginger in it.

Mid-Morning Snack

When in a mood to snack, she munches on activated nuts or raw snickers slice or a cookie dough ball.


For lunch, she enjoys buckwheat bread with loads of avocado and likes making kale and hemp oil pesto.


During dinner, she likes to have salmon and avocado and follows it up with a dessert of berries and healthy chocolate (Pumpy Jackson’s).

Lola Berry at Bondi beach, Sydney in June 2018
Lola Berry at Bondi beach, Sydney in June 2018 (Lola Berry / Instagram)

Food Obsession

Lola likes to have Brussel sprouts often by boiling them for 10 minutes. Then, she puts them in a baking tray and uses the back of a container of olive oil to smash them. After that, she sprinkles some salt, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, pepper, and some olive oil to it and roasts them for a few minutes until they turn crispy. She likes to have the ready to eat sprouts with a few boiled eggs and avocado.

Mindful Eating

In her opinion, mindful eating is all about enjoying your food to a great extent and enjoying it with the right people. It prevents you from overeating and is more nutritious as you do not have food for the sake of it, you are absorbing nutrients present in the food.

Love for Yoga

The diva has been doing yoga for over 10 years. She started with Bikram yoga and had tried different forms of yoga. She loves doing yoga because it keeps her physically healthy (giving her yoga abs) but also clears her mind and helps her spiritually.

Lola Berry at Alila Seminyak in Bali in May 2018
Lola Berry at Alila Seminyak in Bali in May 2018 (Lola Berry / Instagram)

Her Fitness Story

Berry admits that around 2009, she was working as a DJ and partying a lot. Her preferred food options were lamingtons with jam and large Caramello Koalas. She wasn’t focused on health but wanted to enjoy life as much as possible.

At that time, her trainer suggested her to try yoga and she tried it as a pastime. Once she tried it, she was hooked on it as it helped her to manage her weight. Her weight loss motivation was the fact that she was known as a frumpy girl who was perceived as a disgrace to the nutritionists.

New Diet

Around the same time, she also dramatically changed her eating habits by cutting back on grain and refined sugar. She increased her intake of really clean whole foods. This approach worked for her as she lost 20 kilograms in just 20 weeks.

A Changed Person

Lola, the qualified nutritionist, is a changed person now because she has realized what being healthy means and she is not missing out on the benefits of staying healthy. Before overhauling her lifestyle in favor of fitness, she didn’t even realize that she was feeling bloated all the time or feeling fluidy (her term). It was when her lifestyle changed, and she started feeling good that she realized how awful she would have felt before.

This fitness journey also made her realize that yoga is not just about physical fitness, it’s also about uplifting a person physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Apart from overhauling her diet and sticking to yoga, some other changes that helped her to be a healthier person were drinking more water and going to bed earlier. She also realized that she was reactive to gluten and hence reduced her intake of gluten-rich foods.

Loving Herself

One of the biggest benefits of her changed lifestyle was that she started to love herself and realized her self-worth. She likes the feeling of walking into a space and owning it. Yoga also taught her to value herself, value her heart, and not bother with what people would think of her.

Featured Image by Lola Berry / Instagram

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