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Lorna Jane Clarkson Diet Plan and Fitness Advice

When you think of fitness clothing in Australia, one name that flashes in mind is Lorna Jane Clarkson. She is among the ones who have played a key role in establishing the fitness clothing empire in Australia. Though she has been in the public eye since the 1990s, no one has ever seen her unfit or inactive. She practices what she preaches and is focused on fitness. Here, you can know her diet plan and her Christmas indulgence ideas and benefit from some useful advice she has shared on staying healthy in winters.

Lorna Jane Clarkson having her coffee in May 2018
Lorna Jane Clarkson having her coffee in May 2018 (Lorna Jane Clarkson / Instagram)

Diet Plan

The First Meal

She starts her days at 5.30 a.m. or 6 a.m. in the morning and has a big glass of water with lemon juice and a bit of cayenne pepper. It hydrates her body and kick starts her metabolism.

Two Breakfasts

Sometime later, she has a green smoothie loaded with hemp, chia seeds, spirulina, collagen powder, and a bit of maca powder. It helps her hair, skin, and gut health. Then, she does a cardio or yoga-based workout. After the workout, she has another breakfast at 10.30 a.m. in which she has oats or avocado on toast or a homemade muffin or frittata. She also drinks black coffee.


During lunch, she usually has a salad with salmon or the leftovers from the previous night.


She likes to have a mid-afternoon snack at 4 p.m. that consists of some fresh fruit, some nuts or homemade bliss balls or vegetable sticks and hummus. She also has a ginger kombucha because she loves it.


On weekdays, she has quick dinner options like roasted vegetables with turkey, salmon or chicken. She uses coconut oil for it. On weekends, she makes elaborate meals.


As Lorna has a sweet tooth, she likes to have a few squares of dark chocolate, yogurt with granola and berries or healthy apple crumble sundaes. The last thing she has before hitting the bed is some lavender water as it helps her to sleep better.

Healthy Indulgence

The diva doesn’t like to deprive herself of foods she is craving, so she makes a healthier version of the foods she loves. For instance, when in a mood to have a sandwich, she opts for a tempeh BLT sandwich.

Lorna Jane Clarkson posing in a desert
Lorna Jane Clarkson posing in a desert (Lorna Jane Clarkson / Instagram)

Christmas Indulgence

Before Christmas, she likes to keep her fridge packed with fruits and vegetables and not with chocolates, Christmas cake or fruit mince pies. She does it to ensure that she stays on track, feels healthy, and has the energy to do whatever she likes. This doesn’t mean that she avoids Christmas indulgence because she indulges in a bit of everything from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day.

Staying Healthy in Winters

Many people make the mistake of ditching healthy habits in winters because they just can’t stay committed or feel too lazy. If you are among such people, then the following tips shared by Clarkson are perfect for you. All these simple seasonal changes will ensure that you stay healthy while enjoying the specialties of the winter season like giant cups or tea, snug hoodies or day-long hikes.

  • Focus on Hydration

People often don’t remember that staying hydrated is equally important in winters as it is in summers. So, you should make sure that you keep your water bottle with you because it will motivate you to sip more water every day. If you find drinking plain water to be too boring, you should drink it with lemon and cayenne pepper, especially in the mornings. It is also smart to add more water to smoothies, add essential oils to warm water, and drink more herbal teas. Some essential oils you can opt for are cinnamon and peppermint. The former stabilizes blood sugar and the latter aids digestion.

  • Smart Food Swaps

You should learn some smart food swaps that enable you to indulge in winter comfort foods without feeling bloated or having to deal with tummy aches. Avoid foods that have too many refined carbohydrates and you will do fine.

  • Move a Lot

One of the best things about winters is that you don’t need to wake up too early in the morning to get a workout done to avoid the heat (like you do during summers). You can sleep a bit more and get an exercise session a bit later in the day. Some of the exercises you can do in winters are hot yoga, strength training or F45 sessions as they keep your blood pumping and can be done indoors if it’s too cold outside. Make sure that you exercise consistently during winters if you want to look great during the bikini season and you don’t want to undo all the efforts you previously put in to stay healthy.

  • Skin Health

Taking care of your skin and hair is essential during cold season because they need extra hydration. You should do it by staying hydrated from the inside and using beauty products that have hydrating properties. Using coconut oil and rose water is highly recommended. Take care of your lips and hands as well because they tend to get dry easily.

Lorna Jane Clarkson doing a Plank
Lorna Jane Clarkson doing a Plank (Lorna Jane Clarkson / Instagram)
  • Mental Health

Apart from physical health, you also need to focus on mental health and well being during winters. Do things you like and celebrate little happiness. For instance, you can make a healthy version of hot chocolate, go hiking in the cool air, make comfort foods, and meet friends for a cup of coffee. When you make these small changes, you will not only be happier but you will also laugh more often which is a great thing because laughter is excellent for lifting your mood, offering you a wellness boost, and for enhancing your immune system.

Featured Image by Lorna Jane Clarkson / Instagram

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