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Louise Parker Fitness Tips – Renowned Body Sculptor, Weight Loss Expert and Celebrity Trainer Spills Useful Tips

Louise Parker close up

Louise Parker is one of those celebrity fitness experts who can charge any amount of money they wish from the clients. Reason? Her weight loss and body sculpting programs actually work. She has spent over 20 years on crafting and readjusting her fitness programs which have contributed in making her a celebrity. Most of the fitness fanatics only wish to meet her once and listen to her fitness ideas, and the lady has granted their wish. She has shared some amazing fitness tips recently, which are quite easy to implement and will make you a fit person.

Let Go of Bad Habits

The star trainer has advised the fitness fanatics to be committed towards their fitness agendas. You should be ready to completely change your lifestyle. The first part of the commitment includes letting go of unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking and taking stress.

Louise Parker stair climbing
Louise Parker stair climbing

Stick to Your Commitments

After you have changed your lifestyle and diet habits, you should vow to workout at least four times a week (90 minutes per day). Making the commitment and sticking to it will ensure that you get rid of loads of additional fat without harming your metabolism. You must follow the initial steps for at least 6 weeks.

Use Simple Recipes

The mother of three urges the fitness fans to lose weight by using simple and easy to make recipes. The recipes, she and her team shares can be made within 8 minutes and with 8 ingredients only. This ensures that people have no problem in making the recipe every day. So, if you want to make sure that you stick to your fitness goals, keep them uncomplicated and select easy to make healthy recipes.

An ongoing fitness class: She is not Louise Parker
An ongoing fitness class – Please Note – She is not Louise Parker

Use More Exercises but Lessen the Weights

The “Figure Magician” also insists that people should focus on doing more exercises per muscle group. You can compensate for the variety by using light weights for the exercises. 6 lbs for women and 13 lbs for men is enough. The benefit of using this method is that you will develop solid muscles and your metabolism will keep going for 24 hours after each session.

Eat Clean

The next step is to make sure you put only those foods in your mouth that are clean and good for your body. Your fitness level mostly depends on what you eat because if you are not eating in a right manner, your exercise attempts would be futile. If you are on a diet program like the ones Parker suggests, you should make no mistakes in your diet, at least for the first few weeks. This means you won’t have any cheat days or will not be allowed even a little indulgence like a few bites of chocolate.

Eat Right

London’s most exclusive body sculpting and weight loss expert also advises you to eat five meals a day. The meals should have the right balance of carbs, proteins, and fat which will allow you to have a healthy body. You should also try to have someone’s help who would keep you motivated and stay away from making a mistake. We think following a fitness plan with your best pal or your life partner could be a great idea as you’ll both keep motivating on each other. Won’t you agree?

Louise Parker fit physique
Louise Parker fit physique

Enjoy Your Life

After you have achieved the desired results from your fitness expedition, you should start living your life again. It does not mean that you should not follow the rules or not exercise or quit taking care of your diet. It only means that you should start indulging a little. Following the rules, at least 70% of the time is preferred by Louise. It allows you to enjoy life 30% of the time. When you are on the 30% time, you can enjoy some wine, a dessert or even have a pizza with your family. Cool, isn’t it?

We must say we are pleased to see that Louise understands that people can’t follow the rules all the time and live their lives on salads. Her fitness tips are truly exceptional and we urge you to follow as many of them as you can. After all, it’s not every day that you get free tips from a super expensive fitness expert. Do you?

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