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Low Glycemic Index Diet Plan – Strip off Fats From Your Body

Low Glycemic Diet plan

Mainly discovered to control diabetes, Low Glycemic Diet Plan is a healthy diet plan, which will not only get hold of your blood sugar level but will also strip off fats from your body. Unlike other diet plans prevalent in today’s time, Glycemic Index diet is not at all a fad diet.

International celebrities such as actress Sharon Stone, singer Kylie Minogue, and many others are big fans of the diet plan. It’s not just a weight loss plan; it’s actually a healthy lifestyle plan, which will bring gradual and healthy changes in your body and life.

What is Glycemic Index Ranking?

Glycemic index ranks carbs containing foods and beverages on the basis of their impact on blood sugar level in your body. Different foods have different glycemic index, which varies from zero to hundred. Lets’ have a look at some of the food items categorized on the basis of glycemic index ranking.

Low Glycemic Index – 55 or Below

Apple, carrot, peas, peanuts, skim milk, lentils, corn tortilla, wheat tortilla, kidney beans grapefruit etc. are low GI foods.

Medium Glycemic Index – 55 to 69

Bananas, Pineapple, sweet corn, raisins hamburger bun, etc. are medium GI foods.

High Glycemic Index – 70 or Above

Boiled red potatoes, white skin, brown rice, white rice, white bread, Kaiser Roll, watermelon etc. are high GI foods.

These measurements shall give you an idea of how to select low GI foods for your diet. However, not all the foods having low GI can be called wholesome foods. For instance, chocolates also have low GI but they cannot be called healthy foods. Reason being, despite being low in GI, chocolates are high in saturated fat. Moreover, they barely contain healthy nutrients. So, you have to be very judicious and look at various other factors while selecting your foods. Also, should you can combine proteins with high GI foods; you can make these foods nutritious and use them as weapons to mitigate elevated sugar level.

Comparison Between High GI and Low GI foods

Food items with high glycemic index easily get assimilated in the body and get converted into glucose, which raises your blood sugar level. Your body releases insulin to store glucose in cells and tissues, this causes reduction in your blood sugar level.

In this way, high GI foods cause continuous fluctuation in your blood sugar level. Low sugar level being directly proportional to appetite makes you feel hungry very often. You will obviously eat foods to satisfy your hunger which further will crop up your chances of growing obese.

Contrary to that, foods with low glycemic index not being easy for your body to assimilate keep your metabolism busy. Since your blood sugar level remains controlled with their consumption, you don’t feel hungry and remain contented for long. Thus, low GI foods prune your tendency of consuming unhealthy snacks and other foods.

For instance, one glass of apple juice or orange juice being easily metabolized by your body will raise your blood sugar level. However, digestion of bran or oats being time taking process will keep your blood sugar in control.

Why Low GI Foods are Good for You?

When you finish your meal containing high carb food items, there is sudden rise in level of glucose in your body, which puts immense pressure on your arteries and blood vessels. This undue pressure disrupts their functioning and fosters cardiac and health diseases. Contrarily, low GI foods keep check on your blood sugar level and make sure that there are no wide fluctuations in that. This process ensures proper health of your heart and cardiac system.

By following low GI diet plan, you can not just save your body from becoming a victim of these diseases, but can also rid your body from these diseases, if you are already suffering from them. In addition to that, since glucose is the energy centre of your body and fuels your body to do various activities, balanced glucose level in your body means continuous flow of energy. You shall feel more energized and confident while going along with the diet plan.

Tips to Follow GI Diet Plan

Here are some tips which will make it easy for you to go along with Glycemic Index Diet Plan.

  • You should have a healthy beginning and for that, you can start your day with toasted sugar free muesli, oats, oats brans etc. Oats being opulent in fiber and proteins provides you great option to start your day. You can also blend oats in various other food items. Avoid having corn flakes in breakfast, for they come under high GI foods.
  • Instead of having white bread, include multigrain bread in your diet. Apart from being nutritious, it’s also easily available.
  • Have grilled fish or meat in your dinner along-with various veggies. They both being low GI foods will nourish your body with essential nutrients.
  • Make sure that you consume at least one GI food item in your daily routine.
  • In snacks, you can have nuts and seeds such as walnuts, peanuts, cashews, almonds etc. Apart from being low in GI, they are rich in numerous nutrients. In desserts, you can have frozen fruits.
  • For making the diet plan simpler and effortless, instead of directly switching to low GI foods, you can opt to inculcate small portions of GI foods in your diet. For instance, you can fill half of your plate with high GI foods such as white rice and half with low GI, brown rice. Doing so will make the process flawless for you. Without compromising with your flavor, you will find healthy food habits being inculcated in you.
  • Fruits and vegetables are recommended foods of almost every diet plan. Make it a habit to include at least one fruit or vegetable in your daily routine. Cherries, apples, peaches, plums, strawberries, grapes, prunes, kiwi etc. are some of the delicious fruits having low GI. And among vegetables, you can make a choice from tomatoes, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, lettuce, onions, chilies, cabbage etc.

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  1. Hi, thanks for this information about low GI diet plan. I’m glad you mention muesli and oats as good foods for breakfast because I love to have them. And I also like your tip about eating half a portion of high GI foods. I think that will come in handy when I am bored eating low GI foods.


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