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Lydia Bright Diet Plan and Workout Routine

The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) star, Lydia Bright has ridiculously flat stomach and curvaceous figure. The hot chick keeps rolling back and forth between size-6 and size-8 figure. Lydia being highly impressed with sculpted figure of her TOWIE co-star, Lucy Mecklenburgh believes that Lucy owns an iconic figure and she probably shall never be able to have an assassin figure like her. The youthful beauty attributes both regular workouts and diet for her slender and toned figure. However, she gives far more importance to balanced diet over workouts. Let’s scoop the diet and workout secrets of Lydia Bright which makes her look stunning in all kinds of outfits.

Workouts with Personal Trainer

Lydia Bright Scissor Kicking
Lydia Bright Scissor Kicking

Bright being disgruntled with her flabby legs aspired to hone them. Her fitness instructor tailored exclusive workouts for her arms, glutes, and abs. While hitting the gym five times in a week, she works out under the supervision of her personal trainer three times in a week. She performs exercises such as squats, walks on cross trainer etc. The sexy babe shares, she being naturally lean didn’t require performing myriad cardio workouts. Her primary focus was rather on strength training because she wished to sculpt her body from right areas. She also loves doing exercises on stability ball to shape up her muscles. With the incorporation of regular workouts, not only did Bright experienced lightness in her weight and grace in her posture, she also grew more willowy and resilient than she ever was.

Low Carb Diet

The TOWIE star banks on low carb foods to strip off fats from her tummy and to make it look taut. She reckons, shall you sweep out sugar, fried, fatty foods etc. from your diet, your waistline shall shrink, and you shall get toned stomach. The prudent star steers clear from fizzy beverages, sugary beverages, alcohol etc. and drinks Lipton ice tea and gallons of water in a day. She also has saved one cheat day to relish her beloved foods such as red bull, spaghetti bolognese, and chocolate bar. Bright eats all the carbs of day in her lunch and keeps her dinner very light.

Healthy Tips for Fans

Here are some healthy tips for girls seeking after sylphlike figure like Lydia Bright.

Hit Major Muscle Groups

We all have some pesky body parts which we always are keen to change. And when it comes to workouts, most of us feel so intrigued to hone those particular areas with exercises that we overlook major muscle groups of our body. However, that’s not the right pattern of doing workouts. In addition to working out on specific body parts, don’t forget to do workouts inclined to condition your major muscle groups such as your arms, abs, shoulders, and back.

Master the Art of Controlling your Mind

Getting figure like Bright is not just a matter of great genes; you have to religiously abide by regular workouts and diet to attain captivating figure. Mostly it’s said that indulgence in sinful foods such as junk or fast foods once or twice in a week is fine. But do you really see any goodness in the statement? You cannot keep check on your cravings by splurging on fatty, sugary, and other foods on weekends. If you cannot sit comfortably in the presence of your beloved foods, it implies that you still have not mastered the skill to control your mind. Best means to handle the tough times when your adored foods are in front of you is – begin doing quick workouts such as squats, lunges etc. And if you are surrounded with people, keep your hands busy on computer or mobile phone. Forget cheat days, find permanent and wholesome swap for your unhealthy cravings.

Incorporate Healthy Lifestyle

Lydia Bright workout

You must have noticed yourself feeling tempted to eat bountiful calorific foods and beverages while partying. If you are a gala person, it might be hard for you to shake hands with fitness because your body has to heavily pay the toll of your party time. Moreover, mostly parties begin late at night which totally drains your sleeping hours. Resultantly, you are left with no other option but to sleep very late at night, which is not healthy. Preferably, avoid late night parties, if you are really serious for your body.

Make Fitness Your Motivation

If you are in good shape, you certainly shall win accolades from your friends and colleagues. And it’s human tendency that one endeavor to maintain and grow the source of appreciation. Your curvy figure will undoubtedly prompt people make inquiries about the secrets of your incredible body. They would love spending time with you so they can get some fitness hints from you. Will you allow you to bulk up when the influence of tiny figure is so flattering? I am sure you won’t. So, perk up your efforts to acquire hale and sleek body. At times when you feel disappointed, memorize the gratifying outcomes of your arduous diet and workouts.

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