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Lynda Carter Workout and Diet Secrets

Lynda Carter with her daughter (Right) in February 2017
Lynda Carter with her daughter (Right) in February 2017 (Lynda Carter / Instagram)

Some people know Lynda Carter as the star of 1970s TV show Wonder Woman (1975-1979) while some remember her as an alcoholic. No matter how you might think of her, it’s a fact that she is a living legend who looks like a timeless beauty at the age of 66 (in 2018) and is now focused on health, not perfection. Read about her exercise and diet secrets right here.


Lynda Carter 2018 Workout and Diet

Exercise Everyday

The beauty likes to do a yoga program on a daily basis. She also tries to move every day by doing different exercises like swimming, skiing, walking and lifting weights on different days.

Diet Secrets

The diet secrets of the gorgeous woman revolve around portion control. She eats whatever she wants but tries to keep the portion size limited. She often struggled with her weight, but she has a good relationship with the food now. At most times, she tries to control her intake of dairy and gluten and eats more of chicken and grass-fed meat.

The Struggle

One of the biggest threats to her life and overall health was her addiction to alcoholism. She says “alcoholism is an abyss” and it’s addiction scared her because she couldn’t stop. The disease took over her life, and it didn’t matter whether she had the required willpower or not. Though addiction made her feel shameful, she couldn’t stop getting addicted over and over again.

The Gradual Process

Lynda was not an alcoholic when she was a part of Wonder Woman, and she had her first drink when she was in her mid-20s. She didn’t even drink during her pregnancies. But when she started drinking, she wasn’t able to control herself. When she was drunk, she often made a fool of herself or neglected her kids. The entire ordeal was quite horrible for her.

Lynda Carter with husband Robert Altman during Miami Heat game in 2016
Lynda Carter with husband Robert Altman during Miami Heat game in 2016 (Lynda Carter / Instagram)

The Reason for Change

One day her husband (second husband, Ron Samuels) asked her to stop drinking for the sake of him and the kids. His requests worked wonders as she entered rehab, sobered up again and reclaimed her life. She also says that though her family suffered due to her addiction, they supported her through the rehab process.

The Result

Now, the diva tries to help others who have the same addiction and is working towards taking the stigma out of alcoholism. She has been sober for 18+ years and knows that she will never have a drink again.

Health is Important than Perfection

The lovely lady has also shifted her perception of being healthy. Now, her focus is on being healthy rather than being a perfect person. Her key motivator is the fact that she doesn’t want to be a weak, sick 90-year-old woman.

Lynda Carter with Jenny McCarthy (Right) at SiriusXM in April 2016
Lynda Carter with Jenny McCarthy (Right) at SiriusXM in April 2016 (Jenny McCarthy / Instagram)

She also admits that she has taken help from Botox and Restylane to look great, but she has drawn a line there (because she probably knows that excess of anything is bad). She doesn’t want to have a frozen face as it doesn’t look so good when a woman has a face where the jaw can go up and down, but nothing else moves.

We think that she has got the right idea about fitness and health these days and she has proven that she has a fit mind by letting go of her addiction, don’t you agree?

Featured Image by Lynda Carter / Instagram

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