Malin Akerman Workout Routine and Diet Plan 2016 Edition

Malin Akerman in her workout gear
Malin Akerman in her workout gear

Malin Akerman is a renowned name in the entertainment industry. She has been a part of numerous films and TV shows till date and has carved a special place in the hearts of her fans. She has also spent 18 years in the entertainment industry which attest to her acting skills and her amiable personality. Currently, she is charming us all with her performance as Lara Axelrod in the show Billions (2016-Present). Do you want to know how she looks so young and fit in the show? If so, then do have a look at the current workout routine and diet plan of Malin Akerman that we have mentioned over here.

Workout Routine

While talking to LA Times recently, the Sweden-born revealed her current workout schedule. The workout routine usually involves doing yoga, using SoulCycle and hitting the gym. She also uses CrossFit as it keeps her body guessing on what it will do next and stops the exercises from being monotonous.

Malin Akerman going for a workout with the cutest workout accessory - her son Sebastian
Malin Akerman going for a workout with the cutest workout accessory – her son Sebastian

No Trainer

The star admits that she doesn’t have a trainer to guide her right now. The reason behind the same is that she works out with a buddy. They push each other to perform better at the gym. They don’t do similar workouts but they compete on the number of sets each one can manage. Their capacities are different too. While Malin can only lift 15 pounds at a time, her buddy easily lifts 25 pounds. Working out with a friend also helps the stunner to stay away from cheating, which she might do if she is exercising alone.

Diet Plan

The diet plan of the former lead vocalist is fixed. She eats three meals and has two snacks in a day. She thinks that if a person does not eat for 5 hours, he or she will end up stuffing their faces. She also tries to eat 70% fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. (Quite simple and easy to follow, we think)

Malin Akerman cooking her meal
Malin Akerman cooking her meal

Diet and Workout

She eats right-sized meals when she is working out as the exercises boost her metabolism. On the days she is not working out, she eats nutrient-rich foods such as grain pastas, fish, leafy green vegetables and broccoli.

Diet Indulgence

The diva likes to eat dark chocolate on a daily basis as she can’t resist it. (We all have our weaknesses, don’t we?)

Keeping the Kids Healthy

The Heartbreak Kid (2007) actress works with an environmentalist friend to plant gardens in elementary and high schools to promote healthy eating among kids. When the plants are ready, the schools hire chefs to cook meals for the kids and their families so that everyone can benefit from the hard work. She likes the fact that the kids love this activity and feel proud of it.

Malin Akerman wearing Reem Acra at 2016 Golden Globe Awards
Malin Akerman wearing Reem Acra at 2016 Golden Globe Awards

Her Views on Looking Good

The model admits that there’s a lot of pressure in Hollywood on looking good and feels that she has been lucky to have born with several good genes and being dedicated toward staying active her whole life. These factors helped her to stay away from the pressure of looking good.

Feeling Jealous

The ex-wife of Roberto Zincone feels envious of her friends who have hourglass figures. But she also admits to being blessed as no one has asked her to lose weight or change her appearance till date. The reason behind this blessing is also her focus on health, we think.

Being Positive

In a chat with People, the versatile actress confessed that she likes to stay positive and got inspired from her dad who can find something positive even in a bad situation. She thinks that everything happens for a reason and you just have to focus on that to find the silver lining. As you can’t control life, you should concentrate on finding opportunities in every situation. (Great thoughts!!!)

Malin Akerman at Billions series premiere in New York on January 7, 2016
Malin Akerman at Billions series premiere in New York on January 7, 2016

Her Views on Aging

The talented actress is 37 right now and she thinks it’s for the best. She is glad to not be in her 20s anymore because she knows herself better than ever now and feels lucky about it too.

Well, after going through the workout and diet plan and Malin’s views on different aspects of happiness, we can only say that the lady’s got the right attitude. She knows how to eat right, how to stay fit and how to be mentally healthy. We all can learn loads from her. Don’t you agree?

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