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Marilu Henner Diet – Total Health Transformation Plan

Marilu Henner Diet Plan is a total health transformation plan designed by multi-tasking Marilu, who is bestseller author, health expert, award winning actress, and an amazing mom and wife. She has reached above sixty years of age but still she is as beautiful, charming and healthy as she was in her youthful days.

Marilu actually has figured out the secret to attain beautiful skin and body. Marilu Henner diet plan is comprised of all the powerful strategies capable of getting you in most enviable body shape. Marilu contends should you change your eating habits; you can cross difficult phases of life very easily.

For instance, menopause is one of the most difficult phases in women’s life, Marilu passed through menopause also without any pain because she had been nourishing her body with healthy and nutritious foods. Weight loss is one of the beneficial side effects of diet program. Marilu lost and maintained fifty pounds by using her own diet program.

Fundamental Principles of Marilu Henner Diet 

Marilu Henner diet program is based on some basic principles; let’s have a look at these principles.

Avoid Dairy Products  

Dairy products such as milk, cheese, butter etc. contain lactose which is difficult for your body to assimilate. There are myriad dairy products having high content of fat and salt, which cause bloating and laziness in you. Refraining from dairy products will make you feel energized. To compensate nutrient requirement of calcium, you can include low calorie and high fiber veggies such as broccoli, spinach etc. in your diet.

Forbid Soda  

If you really want to attain healthy body, forbid soda drinks. Soda drinks are high in calories and sugar. Consumption of soda drinks drains out your energy, as a result of which you feel exhausted all the time.

Forbid Red Meat

Refrain from eating red meat in your meals because red meat generally contains harmful chemicals. Animals from which red meat is obtained are very often exposed to drugs and injections, having high content of chemicals. These chemicals tend to disrupt hormonal balance in your body and make your body victim of various diseases.

Physically Active Lifestyle 

To attain a healthy and disease-free body, it’s vital for you to follow physically active life schedule. Mostly people today have become victims of sedentary lifestyle which is root cause of all the problems. Should you have a very busy schedule at work, you need to take time and spend on physical activities. Thirty minutes of workouts in a day are sufficient to maintain proper health of your body.

Right Combination of Foods  

Right combination of foods is as important as is right selection of foods. Consumption of foods which are inappropriately mingled can cause bloating and other digestion related problems in you. Foods have mainly been divided into three categories namely proteins, carbs and fruits by diet solution. Make sure that you don’t combine any of these two categories together. Doing so might put undue pressure on your digestive tract and might even lead to sleepless nights.

Importance of Water 

Throughout the diet plan, Merilu has given great importance to water. You should prefer drinking one glass of water before having your meals. Doing so will reduce your intake of foods in meals. However, you are not supposed to drink water immediately after your meals. Wait for minimum one hour after meals for drinking water. In addition to that, drink ample water in a day because water is inexpensive, yet most effective detoxifying agent available to you.

Mindful Eating 

Don’t underestimate your eating schedule. Take time and sit comfortably on table to have your meals. Concentrate on foods you are going to eat. You eat less when you eat foods while making a proper sitting arrangement. Apart from that, don’t be in a hurry of eating foods. Chew your food several times before finally galloping it. Doing so will take off pressure from your small intestine and will provide you benefits of healthy foods.

Prune Fat Intake  

You need to cut intake of fats from your diet. Mostly foods prevalent today have high content of saturated fats which enhance your cholesterol problem. Besides that, they are also responsible for giving birth to myriad cardio problems in your body. While having your meals, prefer consuming small portion size of foods.

Sample Meal Plan

Marilu Henner diet plan is simple but logical. Let’s have a look at one of the sample meal plans of diet plan.


You can have one glass of unsweetened fruit juice, oatmeal with a piece of fresh fruit in your breakfast.


You can have tuna salad, white meat, fish, tofu and other soy products in your lunch.


You can have fresh veggies such as cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, fresh fruits, nuts and seeds, whole grain pasta etc. in your snacks.


You can have non-dairy cheese, Caesar salad with light dressing, blackstrap molasses, brown rice syrup etc. in your dinner.

Benefits of Marilu Henner Diet Plan 

Marilu Henner diet plan is one of the healthy diet plans prevalent in today’s time. The diet plan has several benefits, let’s have a look at some of them.

  • You will get rid of candida and several other inflammatory diseases.
  • The diet program will speed up your metabolism which further will trigger fat burning process in your body.
  • You will get flawless skin and hair due to adequate nutrition provided by nutrient dense foods.
  • You will feel relaxed while going along with the diet program which will promote release of good hormones in your body.
  • The diet program will change your relationship with foods and will develop healthy relationship between your body and foods.
  • You will learn how to make right combination of foods because healthy foods not combined adequately can turn out to be harmful for your body.
  • The diet plan will work both at physical as well as emotional levels, as your confidence will rise high while moving along-with the diet program.
  • Consumption of nicotine and caffeine has greatly been dissuaded by the diet program. These foods are real sinister foods and do havoc after reaching inside your body. The diet plan will inculcate healthy eating habits in you by saving your body from ill effects of unhealthy foods.

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