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Megan Fox Pregnancy Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Megan Fox attends an autograph signing at WonderCon on March 25, 2016 at the LA Convention Center in Los Angeles, California
Megan Fox attends an autograph signing at WonderCon on March 25, 2016 at the LA Convention Center in Los Angeles, California

Megan Fox is about to be a momma again and she is glowing with it. She recently opened up about her pregnancy experience, her kids’ reaction to it and her experience as a parent who doesn’t want her kids to be addicted to technology. Her workout secrets and diet plan were also revealed by a source close to her which let us know that the mom to be is very serious about being fit through this pregnancy.

The News

The news of her pregnancy was announced in April. The third baby worked as a wonder for the deteriorating relationship of her with her husband Brian Austin Green. They scrapped their divorce plans and even enjoyed a babymoon in Hawaii.

Megan Fox with her 2 kids and Brian Austin Green
Megan Fox with her 2 kids and Brian Austin Green

Wish for a Healthy Baby

The couple is just hoping that the third baby is healthy. They have revealed the sex of the baby only to close family and friends.

Workout Routine

While talking exclusively to EOnline, a source revealed that the actress is ensuring that her health and fitness is perfectly maintained. Her workout routine consists of cardio, weights, yoga and Pilates every week. She also loves doing outdoor exercises such as hiking with Brian regularly to keep fit. (And spend some quality time with him, we suppose).

Diet Plan

The Whore (2008) actress is also very cautious about her diet. Her diet plan consists of eating only healthy and green diet. She does not follow a specific diet and her diet plan changes constantly. The workout and diet regime of the diva is stricter when she is shooting. She also likes to make her meals by using only fresh produce bought from her local farmers market. She is a big fan of fresh fruits and vegetables and make her kids eat them too.

Megan Fox in her workout gear
Megan Fox in her workout gear

Cheat Days

The stunner likes to have a cheat day every once in a while to satisfy her pregnancy cravings.

Feeling Sick

A few days back, the model was feeling a bit low. She told reporters that she was a little under the weather. It is being assumed that she might be suffering from morning or all day sickness due to the pregnancy. She was seen sipping some soda water at that time.

Love Being Pregnant

Despite the reports of pregnancy taking a toll on her health, the star recently expressed her views on getting pregnant. She said that she loves being pregnant and the process of pregnancy is an amazing thing. Megan admitted that pregnancy involves some painful and really uncomfortable parts too. She added that she feels really productive for creating a human person. She can’t wait to meet her baby, a new member of her family. She already feels a spiritual connection to the baby.

Megan Fox running workout
Megan Fox running workout

Kids’ Reaction

Megan said that her older son Noah is looking forward to the baby’s arrival and he is also very excited. Her second kid, the young Bodhi understands that she is pregnant but he doesn’t care too much about it yet.

No Divorce Plans

The baby has worked wonders for the relationship of his / her parents. The Transformers temptress had filed for divorce in August 2015 but the news of the next child has played a key role in rekindling their romance. They are living together now and are looking forward to the arrival of the baby. They admire each other as parents and want to be a family. They have even let go of the idea of a divorce, they have worked out their issues and are more in love than ever now.

Unexpected Things about Being a Mom

The Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (2004) actress opines that the unexpected thing about being a mom is losing a lot of sleep. You can either have a few moments to yourself or keep your child engaged. The latter is more important but it is exhausting at the same time. When you are raising a kid, you barely have time for adult thoughts and you often feel that your brain is scrambled. She often feels that her brain stops working after a day she spends with her kids. (We hope she means it in a good way!!)

Megan Fox at Jimmy Kimmel Live in Hollywood in February 2016
Megan Fox at Jimmy Kimmel Live in Hollywood in February 2016

Parenting without Technology

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016) actress prefers to keep her children away from technology. She says that she is making them artistic nature-hippies rather than super nerds who remain engrossed in TV, movies, iPhone or an iPad. She knows that they would make the decisions in this regard soon enough.

The Tennessee-born thinks that people use technology as a babysitter so that they can work on home chores, play a game on mobile or simply relax but this behavior can be bad for the brain development of a child. She admits that keeping the children engaged without ethnological tools is hard and she and Brian don’t get a lot of rest time as they are always doing something or another but she knows that it’s better for the kids.

Did you like the parenting thoughts, fitness and diet plan of the American actress? If so, you might want to learn about her previous workout routine and diet plan.

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