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Mel B Workout Routine and Diet Plan

People say women mislay their sexiness and captivity past pregnancy. However, illustrious celeb, Mel B seems to bluff all those beliefs because the former Spice Girl has acquired the best shape of her life after becoming mother of three kids. Within a year past the birth of her third child, daughter Madison Brown Belafonte in Sep 2011, Mel was in ultimate shape. Women try to camouflage their cellulite with baggy outfits, but who would not like to flaunt if the figure is as sculpted and bikini-hugging as Mel has. Her statuesque figure propels her to post her sultry images in bikinis on Instagram.

Mel B killer six-pack abs
Mel B killer six-pack abs

Having become the goddess of assassin six pack abs, taut stomach, sleek thighs, and buffed arms, the stunner is in cloud nine. However, her transformation didn’t occur overnight, there is tremendous dedication to workouts and diet veiled behind her eye-catching figure. Here are some “workout and diet secrets” of the brunette which rendered her fab ripped body.

Freshology –30/40/30 Balance

Having suffered from emotional turmoil due to unhappiness, garnered from her first marriage with dancer, Jimmy Gulzar, and then betrayal from her ex-boyfriend, Eddie Murphy in 2006, Mel grew victim of stress eating. Due to her beast like consumption of unhealthy foods, she grew hefty and two and a half stone overweight. However, before long, she realized that she has turned into an overweight woman and Mel proactively embraced a very healthy diet program namely Freshology. She receives five pre-packaged meals on her doorsteps. The diet plan being inclined to render optimum health and well-being serves foods having protein/carb/fat in the ratio of 30/40/30. Mel prefers having protein smoothies in her snacks to energize her body to cope with muscle tearing strength training exercises.

One Cheat day – Without being insensitive to her cravings, Mel allows her one cheat day in a week. She enjoys her beloved foods such as cheese burger, or traditional English Sunday roast, etc. Since cheat day is free for consumption of all kinds of foods, you can eat your favorite foods without feeling guilty.

Diet Opulent in Omega-3 Fatty Acid

Mel was being overly concerned about the unsolicited pounds, she had gained. Her nutrition expert had her bank on salmon three times in a day to strip off fat. Despite not being in love with the food item, the stunner acted upon his suggestion, and the rewarding outcome indeed is in front of all of us. Besides salmon, she also incorporated myriad other foods such as flax seeds, olives, avocados, oatmeal etc. to suffice the need of omega-3 fatty acid in her body. These foods being anti-belly fat doesn’t let fat sustain on your body. Not to mention, Mel torched over ten pounds in a week while swearing by the above mentioned diet regime. The essential oil not only bumps up your metabolism, it also soothes your nervous system and thus provides you calm and sharp mind.

Vigorous Exercises – Core Muscle Group

Mel B running

Workouts immensely supported the former pop star in dropping weight. She hired personal trainer, Joey Kormier, who had her do variety of exercises such as cardio, strength training, interval training, martial arts (bag work, pad work, light sparring), yoga, and swimming etc. six days in a week and ninety minutes in a day. Her personal trainer made sure that she gets full body workout and the exercises build up her core. Since post pregnancy, core muscles grow frail, it’s very critical to do workouts to boost them because if your core is weak you cannot imagine having resilient body.

Maximum Utilization of Time

The mom of three biological children and one step-daughter inevitably has a very busy life. The wise lady has articulated a very nice trick to manage her time. Aside from the time allocated to workouts, she works out while doing idle routine activities. For example, she practices 200 sit-ups or ten reps of squats with weights while watching TV or talking to some friend over phone. These superb time-saving options keep her body in motion all the while.

Dance – Favorite Cardio Workout

Like most other celebs, Mel too looks up to dance as a great cardio workout. She switches to dance when she is not in the frame of mind to execute dogged workouts. The star’s participation in “Dancing With the Stars” certainly testifies her ever growing passion for dance. Mel even suggests her fans to practice dance to elevate the heart beat and shed weight. You can also practice zumba which has become very popular and specifically fitness-oriented dance form.

So what are you waiting for?? Watch couple of Zumba dance videos on YouTube and follow the dance steps. The good news is even if you are not a proficient dancer; you can easily mimic the dance steps. And if your dance steps are still not perfect, chill…you are all alone in the room, so you don’t have to please anyone but yourself.

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