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How Michelle Bridges’ Fitness Routine Changed as a Mother

Michelle Bridges has had all the luck in the world in the last few years. From being a fitness trainer to being a celebrity trainer with a net worth of USD 53 million, her journey has been quite inspiring.

She is currently managing a successful weight loss program, authoring useful books, and offering a variety of food & clothes to her fans at great prices. If you also count yourself as one of her fans, then you would like to know how motherhood has changed her approach to fitness. You will also be delighted to know some handy fitness tips she shared recently. Scroll down to read it all.

Working Out as a Mother

The mother of one says that there was a time when she used to work out every day. But now, such a feat is not possible. She says that she is too busy being a mom to make time for workouts daily and admits that when given a choice between working out or spending time with Alex, she prefers the latter.

Sometimes, she succeeds in working out 6 times a week and sometimes, it’s just not possible. She doesn’t regret not being able to work out as much as she wants to because she is getting an opportunity to provide the best care to her kid.

Following in Mother’s Footsteps

The fitness guru also admits that her son is already following his parents’ footsteps because he enjoys learning exercises like burpees so that he can imitate them when they hit the gym. She also says that she never taught him to exercise, but he is doing it on his own.

Exercise Secrets

If you want a body like this beauty, then you might want to follow some of her exercise secrets mentioned below:

  • She uses three main apps, a MindSpace app, a sleep app and an interval training app. They help her to remain consistent.
  • One of the exercises she loves is traditional Tabata wherein she exercises for 20 seconds and rests for 10 seconds. She does 8 rounds of this exercise. She says the best way to cardio burn are thrusters. You can do this exercise for 10 or 20 minutes like her, and you are free to use it with cardio or weights.
  • The celeb trainer also uses AMRAP or ‘As Many Reps as Possible’ exercise method. In this method, she does no equipment exercises like pushups, frog jumps, step ups, etc. for 10 minutes as many times as possible.
  • Another technique she prefers is every minute on the minute in which she does 10 squats, 5 crunches, and 5 pushups. If she does these within 30 seconds, she takes 30 seconds rest as a reward.
  • One more exercise method she uses is to work for 2 minutes and take rest for 1 minute. She uses this method while doing heavier weight training. In two minutes, she sets tough goals like 10 front squats, 10 deadlifts, etc.

Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is a vital part of her life, and you can easily guess why. Bridges recently shared an image of her fridge on Instagram, and her fans were shocked. As expected, there was no junk food lying around. Instead, her fridge was filled with healthy vegetables like zucchinis, spinach, broccoli, and carrots.

She keeps the food uncovered because they eat everything within a few days, so there is no need to cover or wrap them. She also added that seeing the food motivates her to eat it.

Helping is the Goal

The wife of Steve ‘Commando’ Willis says that she never criticizes her clients’ physique but wants them to improve it by taking her help. Criticizing someone can be destructive for their self-confidence, so it’s a good strategy.

Fitness Tips for Michelle Bridges Fans

The Biggest Loser (2006-Present) star says that if you want to start your fitness journey, you should remove or add one new thing after every couple of weeks into your routine. It can be anything like eliminating soft drinks from your diet or running a mile daily. You should not overwhelm yourself with unrealistic goals like running 10 km or eating like a Tibetan monk. Set goals, you can stick to, and it will increase your self-worth and self-confidence.

Another tip shared by the lovely lady is that you can avoid putting weight you lost after so much effort back on by being vigilant. You need to discipline yourself and not slip into bad habits that led to weight gain or obesity in the first place. To stay disciplined, you should think of discipline as something nurturing, not boring!

Featured Image by Eva Rinaldi / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

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