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Michelle Bridges Pregnancy Workout Routine and Diet Secrets

Michelle Bridges wearing her boxing gloves
Michelle Bridges wearing her boxing gloves

She is one of the most popular trainers of Australian reality show The Biggest Loser (2006- Present) and is sticking to her image of fitness expert even after being pregnant. We are talking about none other than Michelle Bridges who has been getting a lot of attention on the social media channels due to her grueling pregnancy fitness routine. She claims to have gained weight and cut down on her workouts but the exercises she is doing these days are very hard especially for a mum-to-be. So how’s she managing her own strict fitness routine? Is she following a special diet? Let’s find out.

Cutting Down on Exercise

The fitness guru recently admitted that she has cut down her exercise routine to 70% by letting go off some more grueling exercises. She did not cut off her exercises in a single day which may have been bad for her body. We think it was a smart choice as her body, in general, is used to a heavy set of exercises and it would have revolted if she cut down her exercise routine at once.

Workout Routine

Michelle Bridges doing Garage Workout
Michelle Bridges doing Garage Workout

The workout routine of the expectant mother is still very tough considering that she is coming closer to the third trimester of her pregnancy. Daily Telegraph recently reported about her Garage Training Session that again seems quite hard-hitting. She started off the workout session by warming up with 3 jogging rounds.

1 Jogging Round = Going to the top of the driveway and then returning back.

The warm up was followed by hitting the rowing machine for 1 km, doing 6 sets of squats (10 reps) with a minute rest between every set, 6 sets of strict press (10 reps) with a minute for resting between every set, 4 sets (5 reps) of deep and clean squats and 4 sets of shoulder presses (10 reps). She continued the workout by 10 cal rowing, 10 plank hold alt knee to elbow and 4 sets (10 reps) of ground over head with a bar. She finished off the workout by doing burpees (5 times).

Daily Mail also reported another workout session shared by the brunette. In that session, she hit the local park and did a five rounds of squats, step-ups and side planks. She also followed it with ten step-ups on each of her legs and then did 10 push-ups and squats each. The last leg of the session included doing 10 more side planks in which she rotated from side to side and repeated the sequence 5 times. The session ended with power walking or jogging back to her home.

Michelle Bridges showing her baby bump
Michelle Bridges showing her baby bump

Workout Tips

The fitness entrepreneur also shared some fitness tips with her fans recently. She advises fitness fanatics to scale their weights and intensity to match with their strength and fitness levels. She also added that a good workout session should leave you huffing and puffing which will reiterate the fact that you have really worked hard and pushed your body. She also recommended stretching exercises to all the fitness enthusiasts.

Michelle Bridges working out with kettlebell
Michelle Bridges working out with kettlebell

Modified Workouts

The 12WBT guru has modified the intensity, weights and range of her movements in order to suit her pregnancy. She even confessed to taking breaks from her workout sessions if she was feeling too tired. She considered it to be cool and never let herself feel guilty for the breaks. But, she takes far less breaks from her exercise sessions as she understands the need for being active by training, moving and stretching regularly.

Michelle Bridges fit body
Michelle Bridges fit body

Gaining Weight

The body and health conscious star has also put on 8 kgs weight since knowing the news of her pregnancy but she labels it as healthy weight.

Diet Secrets

Bridges also revealed about her changed diet plan for the pregnancy. She has increased the amount of vegetables which she consumes on a daily basis along with increasing the intake of several healthy food options like fruits, lean meat, fish and low GI whole grains.

Announcing the Big News

Michelle Bridges with her partner 'The Commando'
Michelle Bridges with her partner ‘The Commando’

Michelle and her current boyfriend Steve ‘Commando’ Willis announced the pregnancy news through social media as well. They wrote (through Michelle’s social media account) that they were really happy to announce their special news. They also added that the well wishes and love they received were overwhelming and beautiful. And they were thankful for it. They also announced that they know the gender of their kid but they want to keep it a secret. Well, that will keep their fans guessing…Don’t you think?

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