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Michelle Bridges says Spot Reduction is Not Possible

Michelle Bridges preparing food in the kitchen
Michelle Bridges preparing food in the kitchen

Michelle Bridges is a fitness inspiration for scores of people. So when she shares useful fitness tips garnered by her personal experience, we can’t help but jot down the points. Recently, the celebrity trainer shared bikini workout routine and some valuable diet tips that we have mentioned here for your benefit. We also get to know her thoughts on an affordable workout & diet and why spot reducing is not a workable approach.

Short on Time

While talking to Daily Mail, the skilled personal trainer shared that she doesn’t always have the luxury to hit the gym whenever the mood strikes. So, when she has some time to workout, she makes the most of it by selecting worthwhile exercises.

Michelle Bridges
Michelle Bridges

Bikini Workout Routine

The mother of one has shared a bikini workout routine that can be completed in as little as 15 minutes. It is designed around the popular Tabata training methodology which requires you to do 20 seconds of intense exercises. These are immediately followed by 10 seconds of rest time. The best part about this method according to Bridges is that you can psychologically deal with the idea of working out for 20 seconds even despite the fact that you haven’t exercised for several years.

In this workout, you have got to complete 3 rounds that consist of 2 exercises. You can begin by doing jump squats that will target the core and legs. You can follow it up with push-ups that will help in toning your arms and chest. After you have spent 4 minutes in altering between the two exercises, you can begin round 2.

In round 2, you can start by doing burpees and superman plank. This approach will give you a full body workout. In the third round, you can do reverse lunges and tricep dips. They will make you feel the burn on legs and arms.

Michelle Bridges sitting on the ball
Michelle Bridges sitting on the ball

Diet Tips

After you are through with a workout routine like the one mentioned above, you should realize that your efforts to have a bikini body are just halfway through. The second part of the effort is to ensure that you have a proper diet. It will help you to see the results you want.

Some tips shared by the Fitness Guru include having something green in every meal and watching out the portion sizes. You should also try to fill the fridge with healthy food options only. Ensuring that you have some healthy recipes always ready to go is also a smart idea. You can also choose to kick off the mornings with a green smoothie like she does.

Michelle Bridges doing Jump Squats
Michelle Bridges doing Jump Squats

Affordable Workouts

The Biggest Loser (2004-Present) trainer thinks that your finances have nothing to do with your health as your most powerful tool is knowledge. It is a myth that having expensive equipment is the key to fitness. You don’t actually need a gym membership to get fit. Even going to the nearby park or working out at home can be the keys to fitness.

Affordable Diet

When you are shopping for groceries, you shouldn’t think about buying expensive foods. Focus on buying foods that are good for your waistline. Prepare a list of things you need before you go to the local market as it will prevent you from impulse buying the wrong foods. Buying in bulk and purchasing items that are in season are also good options. When you buy in bulk, you can cook and freeze the foods for the future in advance.

Michelle Bridges with baby Axel
Michelle Bridges with baby Axel

No Spot Reducing

The diva clearly told Daily Telegraph that spot reduction is not possible. If you wish your tummy to be flatter, you would need to work on your entire body. Genetics play a key role too. If you have fatty tissue in certain places due to your genetics, you should try to make choices that will change the way your body looks and runs. It all comes down to what you feed your body and how much you can move. Changing genetic disposition is not possible but you can learn to move more and eat healthier.

Make Your Body the Best It Can Be

If you are wondering whether you will have to look fat just because your genetics are like that, then Michelle’s answer is NO. You may not be able to spot reduce the fat, but you can definitely reduce the overall body fat percentage. It can be done by adding activity to your daily routine, avoiding junk foods and meditating.

Every person has a choice to make. You can either sit on the couch and have unhealthy foods like ice cream and blame your genetics for it or you can move around and eat the right foods to get rid of the extra fat from your body. You have the power to decide which one is best for you. One should also remember that if the body fat is accumulated around the midsection, it can lead to serious issues like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hypertension and heart disease.

Michelle Bridges and Steve Commando Willis
Michelle Bridges and Steve Commando Willis

Worth It Exercises

If you wish to get your heart rate up, you should rely on compound movements such as lunges with shoulder presses or thrusters. They also help you to strip fat. They are a worthy option as they allow you to get a bang for your buck. These exercises also help you to go in and go hard so that you can go home while feeling satisfied & strong.

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