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Millie Mackintosh Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Millie Mackintosh photo shoot for Women's Health Cover
Millie Mackintosh photo shoot for Women’s Health Cover

Have you ever placed a photo of a fit and sexy looking girl to your cupboard to inspire you when you workout? If so, then we can bet that she had a body like Millie Mackintosh. She would be skinny, have perfect abs and all those toned muscles. Right?

You may also have wished at some point that you knew the exact workout routine of the bombshell, you are taking inspiration from. The former Made in Chelsea (2011-Present) actress has granted your wish and spilled beans on how she keeps fit. Have a look at the complete workout routine and diet plan of Millie Mackintosh over here.

Being Unfit

The TV diva was not always too focused on being fit. Hello magazine reported that she was not fit during her young years. Her schoolmates named her “Sparrow Legs” and she too considered herself to be an “ugly duckling.” She was very skinny, had glasses, lot of acne spots on her forehead, wore braces and had a bad dye job on her hair when she was at school. The schoolmates ridiculed her to the extent that she skipped school just to stay away from the taunts.

The Motivator

The sexy lady confessed to Instyle that after she became popular and had to do a lot of photo shoots and red carpet appearances, she realized she has to look good. She also wanted to look good with Stephen (Professor Green) too. In order to do that, she hired a personal trainer Richard Tidmarsh who changed her attitude on being fit. He cleared her misconception that weight training is only for men and helped her learn to eat healthy as well as nutritious foods.

Millie Mackintosh fit figure
Millie Mackintosh fit figure

Workout Routine

The better half of the famous rapper Professor Green starts off her workouts as soon as she gets up (around 7 am mostly). The workout routine varies with her busy schedule and usually includes one of these; spinning classes at Psycle, Pilates, tabata classes, ballet barre, weight training or boxing.

She loves Pilates the best and opts for a one-on-one class on a reformer. Pilates help the stunner to build her strength and breathing power. Pilates also help her relax because she needs to increase her focus for it.

She prefers ballet barre because it helps her keep the body toned.

Millie Mackintosh in workout gear
Millie Mackintosh in workout gear

The tabata classes are preferred because they are high intensity interval training that keeps her blood moving.

Spinning is done by the pretty woman as the preferred cardio exercise. She tries to workout on stationary bicycle as much as she can to keep fit. Consistency is the key for the gorgeous actress and we totally agree.

Workout While Traveling

As the celebrity has to travel a lot, she has already planned her travel workouts too. When she is at a hotel, she hits the hotel gym, goes for a long walk or works out in her room for 20 minutes. No matter which of the options she prefers, the goal is always the same, which is to speed up the heart rate and target the correct muscle groups.

Working Out with Others

Millie likes to workout with her friends on the weekends and they all go for lunch afterwards. Her friend Zara Martin often accompanies her in doing Skinny Bitch Collective. Millie does not workout with Professor Green except on a holiday despite the fact that they share their boxing trainer.

Professor Green and Millie Mackintosh
Professor Green and Millie Mackintosh

Workout and Makeup

It seems unfair not to know what makeup does the “makeup expert” wears when she works out. When asked about it, the versatile actress stated that she doesn’t wear any makeup while working out. She also doesn’t mind being a big sweaty mess after a workout session. For all the women out there who would like to add some makeup while working out, she suggests you go for a bit of moisturizer, some waterproof mascara and the occasional lip balm. Overdoing beyond that will make you look weird in a gym.

Millie Mackintosh workout
Millie Mackintosh workout

Recovering from Workouts

If you have outdone yourself in the gym and wish to revive your body, then the beauty suggests that you should use Epsom salt baths and a nice massage. A massage will help you loosen up your muscles and hence reduce the risk of injuries. You should also take rest days and try yoga stretching (she does it very Saturday) to keep your body agile.

Millie Mackintosh shoulder workout
Millie Mackintosh shoulder workout

Diet Plan

Mackintosh has also shared her exact diet plan with her fans. Here it is:


The brunette likes to have a little variation in her breakfast routine. Sometimes she eats avocado and eggs with rye bread. Other times, she makes a special meal in the oven. She cooks a dish by using tomatoes, mixed with eggs, garlic, and chili and bakes them in the oven to make the special meal. Sometimes, she likes eating COYO coconut yogurt that is complemented with some berries, muesli or porridge with buckwheat flakes. She also likes buying freshly prepared green cold pressed juices for herself as she can’t take out the time to make them herself.


Her lunch usually consists of a sushi box or a chicken salad or some salmon. She enjoys eating foods such as lentils and grains with meals as they have a lot of protein.


As the sensational actress has not divulged details of her dinner meals, we assume she keeps it light and has some fish, chicken or salad for dinner.

Millie Mackintosh doing pull-ups workout
Millie Mackintosh doing pull-ups workout

Diet Rules

Millie is very strict about avoiding breads and pasta based salads. She also replaces oats with buckwheat flakes.

Cheating Time

Like most people, the businesswoman has some cheat days too. The extent of the cheat days depend on the workout she has been putting in. Sometimes, she cheats every day. But that is rare. Mostly, she likes to cheat on weekends. While enjoying the cheat days, Millie likes going to all the junk food places with chef and TV personality, Gizzi Erskine and sharing meals to avoid overeating the bad stuff. She has a special liking for chicken rolls and pastas which serve as her indulgence quite often.

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