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Miss America 2016 Betty Cantrell Workout Routine and Diet Secrets

Betty Cantrell happy with her crown

She is young. She is gorgeous and she now holds the crown of Miss America 2016. We are talking about the one and only, Betty Cantrell. If you have watched her on the ever popular competition and wish to have a body like she has, then you must know about her workout and diet secrets. After all, you have to start somewhere in order to reach the goal of a healthy and great looking body.

Workout Routine

The stunner has confessed to working out to have that amazing body. She does four workout sessions a week with a personal trainer. The trainer helps her to push herself a little harder than she would have pushed herself and it leads to great results. (You’ll agree if you have seen her in a swimsuit)

Betty Cantrell swimsuit figure
Betty Cantrell swimsuit figure

Love Your Body

The young star has a special message for all the women. She suggests all of you to love your body and love who you are. This seems to be a good start for women who want to change their bodies because if you don’t love yourself, there is no point in pushing yourself to change. The strategy should be to love yourself and seek improvement in your fitness and diet habits.

Be Healthy First

For all those young girls and women who wish to look gorgeous and are after size zero, the Mercer University undergraduate has a special message. She believes that you should not run after size zero. Rather, you should aim for being healthy and having the correct BMI. She adds that if you are healthy and you are size twelve, it shouldn’t matter to you because being healthy always comes first.

Miss America 2016 Betty Cantrell with crown
Miss America 2016 Betty Cantrell with crown

Don’t Fret Over Your Looks

The Georgia native also inspires women to be happy with their looks. If you are healthy and feel good from the inside, it shouldn’t matter how you look at the outside. You should always listen to your body.

Overall Health Matters

Betty believes that everyone should focus on being emotionally and physically healthy. She had a bad phase in life last year when her parents got divorced. Due to the stress, she ate a lot of bad foods and put on a few pounds. This made her look bad physically and affected her performance at school and at athletics as well. She learned from the experience and she believes that if bad things happen to you, you should not consider it your fault. You should always aim for being mentally, emotionally and physically healthy so that you don’t make the same mistake like her when something bad happens in your life.

Betty Cantrell with a kid...maybe she is sharing some health advice
Betty Cantrell with a kid…maybe she is sharing some health advice

Learn from Your Mistakes

The daughter of an Army Ranger learned from her mistake and she now supports “Healthy Children, Strong America” as per her official bio on MissAmerica.org. She is also expected to be a “National Goodwill Ambassador” for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. She is quite serious about her platform and had met kids in her hometown to inspire them to start eating right, exercise and have self-esteem while doing her duties as Miss Georgia. The platform, she supports is also quite vast and concentrates on physical, emotional and mental wellness.

Diet Secrets

Cantrell credits her eating habits to her childhood and great parents. Her dad is a nutritionist and both her parents are physical therapists which meant, she always had to eat right to be healthy. She never enjoyed pop-tarts for breakfast but was given hard-boiled eggs. So, her lifestyle from the childhood gave her the foundation of good diet habits.

Betty Cantrell looking stunning

Diet Fluctuations

When the trained singer became Miss Georgia, she revealed that her diet was ever changing, but she still managed to remain healthy by making the choice of going in for the healthiest options. She also stuck to eating in moderation (especially the bad foods) and ate every three hours (in general) to keep her metabolism going. She believes that every person is allowed to eat some unhealthy things from time to time, but they should make sure that they don’t do it all the time.

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