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Morgan King: The Weightlifter Fitness and Diet Secrets, who can lift double her weight

Morgan King
Weightlifter Morgan King

Morgan King, the internationally acclaimed weightlifter, who holds the credit of lifting over 182 pounds of weight has finally spilled her fitness secrets. Her opinion on fitness is quite amazing, and she believes in eating a clean and protein packed diet. What else does she do to be so fit and active while looking petite in her five feet frame? Here’s a list:

Linking Training with Diet

As reported by the Daily Mail, the star sportsperson has confessed that whatever she eats plays a role in keeping her fit for the grueling training sessions. By her own admission, her lifting sessions lasts for two and a half hours, and she trains 9 times in a week. So, if she doesn’t eat right, she might start feeling crappy. So, her fitness rule, here, could be that one should eat in accordance with the strain, they are putting on their bodies on a daily basis.

Morgan King weightlifter
Weightlifter Morgan King

Changing the Diet Regularly

The sexy weightlifter has acknowledged the fact that her diet plan varies depending on the situation.

When she has to compete in the competitions, she changes her diet pattern. Once, when she had to compete in the 48 kilogram weight category, she opted for a 1200 calorie diet that lasted for two and a half weeks.

But, during off days, she eats normally, which includes eating something after every two or three hours to match the demanding life, she is living.

Morgan King weightlifting champion
Weightlifter Morgan King

Eating the Right Breakfast

King seems to be stressing on the importance of eating the right breakfast. She has her breakfast routine quite set out. She eats a big bowl of chicken, which is often accompanied by jalapeño sausage, sweet potatoes, capsicum, baby kale, spinach, eggs and salsa.

The attractive weightlifter seems to enjoy her breakfast menu a lot. She said that breakfast is a big deal for her. She not only likes to eat it, but likes to cook it as well. The sports celebrity also confessed that she would probably eat her breakfast menu at every meal, if given the freedom to do so.

Training Booster

When Morgan is training, she prefers to keep a fat and protein enriched protein shake handy as it helps her to keep the energy levels up. Sometimes, she also munches a protein bar during the training session to keep herself going. The protein shake, she favors also has some extras in the form of BCAAs that plays a key role in helping her recover from the strenuous training sessions.

Pre and Post Workout Enhancers

The striking sports personality also believes in starting and ending her training sessions with just the right foods. Her preferred pre-workout supplement is Progenex Force that is enriched with creatine and whey protein, which assist in preventing the muscles from being overworked and fatigued during the training. She also likes to eat right after the training sessions to keep the energy levels up and repair the muscle tissues as well as nourish the body.

Morgan King with champion belt
Morgan King with her champion belt

Regular Meals

When asked about the diet plan for the rest of the days, King admitted to eating meat and vegetables. She also stressed on the importance of eating some type of complex carbohydrate as it helps in improving digestion, increasing metabolism, and enhanced functioning of brain and nervous system.

Advice for Aspiring Weightlifters

Morgan has a bit of advice for aspiring weightlifters. She says that if you eat clean, you will be successful at weightlifting. To know what is clean eating, and how you can benefit from it, do check out Fitnessmagazine.com.

The great-looking sports idol also stresses on the importance of nutrition. She says if you don’t eat a nourished diet, it will harm your performance. Your body is what you eat and if you eat the wrong foods, you will get the worst results. She also adds that if you don’t take care of your body, it will ultimately break down and you will not like the consequences of the same.

We think what she means is that today is the best day to take care of your body, the more you avoid it, the worst would be the consequences. So buckle up and devise a great fitness routine and diet plan for yourself today.

To know more about her fitness routine, you may want to follow her on Instagram. Here’s a final tip, she shares her recipes on Instagram too. So, don’t miss it people.

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