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MS Dhoni Workout Routine Diet Plan

MS Dhoni workout

MS Dhoni is one of the most renowned sports personalities of the world. He is not only known for his tremendous contribution in taking Team India to the new heights but he is also famous for keeping his head cool in situations of intense pressure (that is why, he is also known as Captain Cool). He is not a sportsperson, who would be angry with his team for losing a match; nor would he ever indulge in useless sledging.

But the coolest thing about him is his fitness level. He is also the wicket keeper of Team India and often has to be in squat position (crouched) for a number of hours in a single stretch of time. It is not as easy as it seems. You must be wondering that how he manages it. Don’t worry; continue reading and you will get to know. Here we have revealed some interesting fitness and diet secrets of MS Dhoni. You can adopt all these tips in your life and be as healthy as MS Dhoni himself.

  • Say No to Fat: Dhoni strongly believes in burning all the excessive fat from his body. If you adopt this principle, you would have to say bye-bye to many food items. After deciding to burn off excessive fat from your body, you need to ensure that every item you consume, be it a chicken dish or a simple omelet, has the lowest amount of oils and fats. Switching to fresh vegetable dishes and vegan dishes might be a good option too. If you are consuming some fat, you should be willing to work hard to get rid it of it from your body.
  • Playing games can help: Most people are unaware of the fact that apart from cricket, Dhoni is quite good at playing badminton and football. So much so that he is happy to switch a hard workout session in a gym to play badminton and football. Dhoni is of the opinion that playing badminton helps him to improve his footwork and eyesight. Who would say that his footwork is not good after knowing how good hitter he is or how competent wicket-keeper he is?

MS Dhoni running

After you have brushed up your knowledge on the workout habits of MS Dhoni, now it’s time to have a look at particular eating habits that help him to stay fit and active.

  • Protein Drinks: Dhoni likes to consume a lot of protein drinks. He is often seen drinking them during practice sessions and match intervals. If you want to keep yourself fit, then developing a taste for protein shakes is a good step. You can even create your own protein shake by taking the recipe from various books or internet. Just give it a shot and see the difference it makes.

  • Fresh Juice: When Dhoni is unable to get protein shakes or simply wants a change, he prefers to drink fresh juice. You can also try adding juices to your daily menu. Don’t just go in for packaged juice. Rather buy a juicer and create a glass of juice yourself. The best part about fruit juices is that there are so many options available in the market that you’ll never get bored of trying them all. Just stick to apple juice for a few days then switch to orange juice and then switch to guava. Well, in my personal experience all the choices are really good.
MS Dhoni re-energizing with a drink.
MS Dhoni re-energizing with a drink.
  • Variety is the key: Dhoni also seems to believe that variety is the key, when you are having a meal. He seems to be very fond of traditional Indian dish of Dal Chawal (pulses and rice mixed together) and nicely cooked chicken. Both these choices have high amount of protein that will help anyone to build strong muscles in a short amount of time.
  • Milk Products: Dhoni also seems to be very fond of milk and milk products like curd as they are a source of instant energy. Drinking milk on a daily basis would help you to fulfill all the calcium needs of your body in an ideal manner. Your bones would be much stronger which would save you from problems like body part dislocation or even broken bones.
  • Munching can be good: If you often indulge in munching a snack, when you have some free time or have to think a lot and wish to get rid of this habit then you may not need to do so. Just replace the munching items like fried chips with nuts. These nuts would add much needed protein to your body and would also build your immunity.

Don’t wait, start adopting these simple tips and make yourself fitter and healthier in short amount of time.

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