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Naomi Campbell Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Peach radiant skin, elegant look, Naomi Campbell is one of the most popular supermodels having perfectly slender body with incredible curves. The fab model commenced into modeling in her teen and it didn’t take her long to earn name, fame, and glory as a model.

Naomi always has been part of media gossips partially due to her figure, and remaining for her affairs with some of the high-profile and influential men. The stunner has already crossed the age group of forty, but still aging signs seem to influence the magnificent beauty to the least. Her restrictive, discreet diet and workouts have immensely been responsible for the amazing figure, the stunner inherits.

Naomi Campbell beach workout
Naomi Campbell beach workout

Naomi Campbell Diet Plan

It’s not feasible to have a perfectly sculpted figure unless you bow your head to a balanced diet and calorie burning workouts. The bombshell, being very vigilant about her diet eats nutrient loaded foods. Comprehending the hostile impacts of gluten-containing foods, she stays far from them. Bread, pasta, and other high carb foods are out from the list of food items consumed by her. The sensational beauty inculcates protein-rich foods such as eggs, meat, cheese, fish in her meals and consumes them with ample green and leafy veggies such as lettuce, cucumber, etc.

Unlike other skinny celebs who are resistant to revealing their fitness secrets, Naomi candidly spills out the secret formula of her enviable figure. She admits of being on maple syrup three times in a year to cleanse her body and catalyze fat burning process in her body. Since the detox process ensures the elimination of toxic substances from your body, not only does your skin sustain the youthful glow, but your metabolism also gets revved up.

While following maple syrup diet, she heavily counts on lemon juice with cayenne pepper and maple syrup added into it. Besides that, she steers clear from sugary and salty foods items. The usage of both the food items being adversary to optimum well-being of your body should be minimal in your diet. Just like all the health conscious people, the supermodel refrains from alcoholic beverages and smoking. Apart from that, she detoxifies her body by being on juice or fasting diet at least once in a week.

The kick-ass beauty swears by all the fundamentals leading to radiant skin with sleek body. Prepared to pay any toll for maintaining her limber figure, the hottie is more inclined to vegan diet and adheres to it every now and then. However, it has her go through hard time because vegan diet makes it difficult for her to plan her meals. Apart from having wholesome food items, she also reveres the timing of her meals and makes sure that her dinner is over by eight at night.

Naomi Campbell Workout Routine

The sizzling hot beauty genuinely abides by workouts. She seldom illustrates slothful attitude towards them. And the cordial relationship with workouts certainly pays off the supermodel with super toned hot body. The sultry supermodel loves Pilates, yoga, workouts on gyrotonic while being trained and monitored by fitness expert, Vladislav Doronin. Yoga and Pilates being catering to holistic approach bestow her incredible contentment and relief.

Among cardio workouts, rope jumping is her most trusted workout, which she executes as she gets some spare time. Her session of workouts being grueling has her practice workouts for ninety minutes in a day. Naomi is not confined to indoor workouts only, being agile and full of vitality, she engages herself in diverse sports activities, which not only scorch pounds from her lean body, but also revitalize her. The phenomenal supermodel counts on discrepancies in workouts. She seldom stays aligned to same kind of workouts for extended period of time. Weight training, kickboxing, jogging, swimming etc. keep rolling back and forth in her workout schedule.

Healthy Recommendation For Naomi Campbell Fans

Should you aspire to have a slim and toned body like Naomi, by incorporating workouts in your daily activities, you can attain figure like her. To escape the chaos, go for early morning workouts. Here comes an easy workout technique, which you can execute to attain flattering results swifter.

Commence your workouts with five minutes of cardio workouts. You can warm up your body through stair climbing, rope jumping, running etc. Since warm-up cuts the chances of your muscles being injured or suffering from pain, skip the idea of avoiding them.

Following warm-up, make a circuit entailing thirty dumbbell flies, thirty lower body crunches, and thirty lunges. Past circuit training, relax for two to five minutes and switch to cardio workouts such as cycling, jogging once again. Devote five to twenty-five minutes on them. And end your workouts with cool down exercises such as stretching. Cool down exercises are as vital as warm-up exercises are because they resume your body temperature to normal and keep the adrenaline rush flowing in your body throughout the day.

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  1. I am a fan of Naomi’s but she has a slim build with hardly any hips and small breasts, I would hardly call her having an hourglass or a sculpted figure. An hourglass figure is one that is shapely like Marilyn Monroe or Kate Upton. She doesn’t weight train so she doesn’t have a true sculpted figure which has a bit more muscle tone like Demi Moore or Cameron Diaz when they did Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.

  2. Maybe you didn’t look at her body carefully. She is a stone ! Her leds are only muscles and back and chest too. She is definitely a who am with high level of testosterone. If she would do heavy weight lifting she would bulk soon.


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