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Nargis Fakhri Workout Routine Diet Plan

Nargis Fakhri workout

Nargis Fakhri, the model turned actress had mesmerized the masses with her innocent looks and sizzling onscreen chemistry with Ranbir Kapoor in her debut movie Rockstar. She later went on to play prominent roles in movies like Madras Cafe and Main Tera Hero. Apart from demonstrating her acting abilities, the gorgeous actress also danced in special numbers like the song Dhating Naach from Phata Poster Nikla Hero and Yaar Na Mile, from the movie Kick. In both the songs, she managed to look her best with prominent Bollywood actors, Shahid Kapoor and Salman Khan respectively.

More than her acting abilities, it is her looks that are largely appreciated by the people. This is because she manages to look amazing even without putting the makeup on. Also, she has this natural glow on her face that most people dream of. Other than her beauty, this Bollywood diva also has a perfect body that attracts the eyes and makes her stand out in the crowd. So, what exactly is the secret behind all this? Read on to know more:

  • Zumba: Zumba is one of the most preferred exercises by this sizzling beauty. Fakhri dedicates at least half an hour to Zumba every day. It’s a form of exercise that keeps her energy levels up all day long. If you too are fond of dancing, then adding Zumba to your workout routine is a must. This dance form would surely help you to tone up different muscles of your body, shed off extra calories and reduce your weight largely. The best part about this form of exercise is that anybody can do it, be it your kid or your grandmother, people from all age groups can enjoy it. People also swear that this form of exercise helps them to relieve their stress and relax. So, go put on your shoes, see this simple Zumba video and get started now.

Nargis Fakhri zumba

  • Yoga: Yoga is another form of exercise that is favored by this stunning actress. It helps her to relax her mind as well as her body. Since ages, yoga has been known for helping people unwind all their worries also, it helps shed off those extra calories. It is also known to help people sleep better, builds immunity to prevent diseases and also assists in fighting food cravings. If you have heard a lot about yoga, but haven’t actually tried it as yet, then you can start of with the video embedded here. Just give it a shot and let this age old exercise work wonders on your body.


  • Stretching: Stretching exercises are another must for this Bollywood actress who thinks that keeping her body flexible is the key to fitness in the long-run. The best time to do this stretching exercise is just before and after a workout as it is said to provide the maximum benefits then. This is so because stretching before the workout would assist a person to be more productive through his or her workout and stretching just after a workout would help in soothing the overtaxed muscles. The other benefits of these exercises include: better blood circulation, removal of lower back pain, increased range of motion and reduced stress levels. Have a look at the basic stretching exercises that can help you get started over here:


  • Meditation: Meditation (a part of Yoga) is a simple yet effective way to get rid of the day to day tensions that one comes across in today’s busy life. As an actress and a model, Fakhri has to deal with a lot of tensions in her day to day demanding schedule. So, meditation is her key to get rid of all this stress and keep her mind calm. Meditation is a great source of energy and helps one to get rid of tension related headaches. It will also help a person to lower his or her blood pressure and stay away from anxiety attacks. You must be wondering that if it has so many benefits then, why you haven’t adopted it till now. Well, stop wondering and get started with the help of this video.


  • Treadmill: Most of us have a treadmill at our homes or gym, but do we actually use it regularly? The answer is, most probably, no. It is said that spending a few minutes on a treadmill can give a good start to the day, so this pretty actress uses a treadmill to help her keep fit and active especially on the days when she doesn’t have a personal trainer. Check out this video to get to know about the most basic exercise, i.e. running. It would help you to get acquainted with the treadmill before you go in for some major exercises.

Nargis Fakhri curvy bodyNargis Fakhri Diet

This dazzling actress incorporates the below-mentioned diet habits, which actually are quite simple and can be adopted by anyone and everyone.

  • Add a lot of healthy and fresh vegetables to the meals.
  • Eat bananas and eggs for instant energy.
  • Keep away from sugar, aerated drinks, and processed foods.
  • If you have a weakness for sweets, then opt only for dark chocolates.
  • Don’t forget to add grains and pulses to your diet.
  • Always prepare your own food or eat home cooked meals that are created by love and can be customized as per your taste.
  • Never hesitate to try out new and healthy dishes as it would keep you from getting bored of your existing diet.
  • Munch on almonds, walnuts, and cranberries, when hungry in between meals.
  • Include vegetable soup and some salad to compliment meals.

Additional Advice

  • Map your calories intake. For this, Fakhri uses a special app that calculates it for her.
  • Be patient and work towards your goal to stay happy and fit in the long run.
  • There is no real substitute to working out. No matter where you are and how busy your life is, you can’t just miss it.
  • Keep moving and stay active throughout the day to get rid of all the extra calories that you consume, like using stairs rather than elevators every time, you have a choice.
  • Work towards mental peace by writing down your feelings or try changing your atmosphere like taking a hot bath or lighting scented candles in your room.

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