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Nicole Murphy Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Nicole Murphy in bikini in 2014 Maui in Hawaii

Reality TV star Nicole Murphy doesn’t fail to look hot and ravishing even after crossing forty-six. The busy mom of five attributes low carb diet and strenuous workouts for her svelte figure. Let’s have a look at the diet and workout secrets of Nicole Murphy which maintain her in top shape.

Five Day Workouts

Blue eyed stunner works out five days in a week. No matter what, she doesn’t miss her workouts. Among exercises, she executes three kinds of ab workouts, free weights, Tae Bo, sprint intervals etc. to render variety to her body and thus save it from boredom. The former model contends, since there are no quick fixes to slender body, you shall practice regular workouts and eat clean diet. Her pert butts and lean legs testify her love for lunges.

While being accompanied by her personal trainer, Natalie Yco, she scorches bountiful calories with workouts such as circuit training, kickboxing etc. She reserves one day in a week for yoga. The pixie haired celeb not only has graceful figure, she also has immense inner strength which is the outcome of core exercises, she performs on regular basis.

Nicole Murphy in workout gear
Nicole Murphy in workout gear

Low Carb Diet

The fitness fanatic abides by low carb and clean diet to nourish her body. She always stays mindful about the proportion of lean proteins, vitamins, minerals, complex carbs, antioxidants etc. and inculcates nutrient packed foods such as chicken, oatmeal, salad etc. in her diet. Calorie deficit being critical for stable weight is thoroughly maintained by her. It precisely is the influence of low calorie diet that she still possesses that youthful glow and charm, which most women lose in their late thirties.

Cheat Days

Aside from eating nutrient packed diet most of the time, she relishes cheat days to relinquish her cravings. She always keeps one cookie jar stocked with sandwich cookies from Whole Foods handy with her and relishes them to beat her cravings for sweet foods. However, when it comes to her craving for high carb foods such as burger, pizza etc. she blends the sin foods with green and leafy veggies to make them dense in nutrients.

Healthy Tips for Fans

Acquiring healthy and toned body indeed is everyone’s dream. Most people try weight loss programs to shed weight, some of them are also able to drop weight, but before long, they resume all the lost weight. The reason is – in the initial months, weight loss occurs both due to muscle and fat loss. However, when you gain unsolicited pounds, it’s just the outcome of packed up fats not muscles. Here are some healthy tips for fans which shall help them drop and maintain weight for really longer duration.

Weight Training

More the muscles your body possesses, better and curvy body you are likely to have. And you can multiply the number of muscles by embracing exclusive weight training. Since muscles are metabolically active than fats, they promote fat burning process in your body. You can attain desired results in shortest span of time if you swear by negative training.

Technique of Negative Training

In the technique, lowering down or eccentric phase has been given main importance. The technique being pointing up quality more than quantity, accentuates making slow yet influential reps with heavier weights. All you have to do is hold dumbbell in both your hands and stand straight, having dumbbells held against thighs. Make bicep curl and take the weights up to your shoulders. And then comes the negative phase – very slowly, take the dumbbells down to the starting position. You are supposed to spend double time on negative phase than you do on the lift. The simple move shall keep your muscles at work for numerous days.

You can start with ten seconds and gradually enhance the time limit to thirty seconds. Workout of mere twenty to thirty minutes shall render you the feeling of worked out body. As compared to traditional methods of strength training, negative-accentuated style is forty to fifty percent more effective in putting stress on your muscles and thus amplifying their quantity. It also revs up hormonal activities and fat scorching process in your body.

Drink Cold Water and Eat Balanced Diet

Apart from following unique lifting strategy, you can also stick to drinking cold water to speed up weight loss process in your body. When you keep yourself full with cold water, thermogenesis process is kindled in your body which further torch fat swifter than you normally do. In addition to that, bring your diet in sync with the workouts and incorporate 50 percent carbs, 25 percent fat, and 25 percent protein in your diet. Aside from that, walking after meals creates heat and aids your body to drop fat faster. There are myriad people who have shed several pounds by using these stress-free methods. You too can acquire trimmed waist, flat belly, and taut butts with the exercise supported with diet.

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