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Nina Agdal Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Green-eyes, radiating face, Nina Agdal is Victoria’s secret model and one of the three faces of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2014. Long and sexy thriving beauty seems to have appeared on the cover page of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue to assassinate fans with her killer and seducing look.

The Danish young model, credited with fascinating curves is totally ready to soar to the greatest heights of her career. Taut stomach, honed butts, and sleek body of Nina bestow the bombshell nerve to flaunt her body in bikinis. While generally women get conscious when they are to appear in tiny clothes, but the ravishing beauty is always keen to show off her chiseled figure in bikini.

Svelte figure of the supermodel indeed is enviable but it altogether is not that easy to maintain it as it looks. Models being not supposed to gain inch of fat here and there, can have their career at stake, should there occur extensions in their statistics. Well, the hottie is among some of the few supermodels who attribute their curvaceous figure to workouts and healthy diet.

Nina Agdal workout routine and diet plan

Nina Agdal Workout Routine

Being committed and sincere towards her career, Nina takes no chance with her body and doesn’t spare any chance of flattering her body. Her workout regime is composed of strength training coupled with cardio workouts, which she does for one hour in a day and three to four times in a week.

While thirty minutes of her workouts are dedicated to strength training, remaining thirty minutes are for cardio workouts. Being on trips most of the time, the glam beauty is supposed to stay at hotel rooms for several days. To manage her workouts under such circumstances, she relies more on the exercises, which can be executed without the aid of hefty exercise equipment. However, she seldom forgets to carry her resistance band with her.

Usually, Nina carries DVD of workouts along-with her and executes her workouts while watching it. However, at times when she doesn’t feel like doing them, she goes out to jog for sightseeing. The Danish beauty is big fan of basketball and omits no chance of playing the game.

Nina Agdal Diet Plan

The profession of modeling requires models to be out for traveling for several days. And it becomes even more relevant for them to stay vigilant of their diet because they are very likely to consume unwholesome foods. Being aware of this tendency, the phenomenal beauty always keeps healthy snacks handy with her and consumes them to pacify her appetite.

She keeps feeding her body with nutritious snacks such as granola bars, almonds, pistachios, Luna bars, rice cakes, avocados etc. after every three hours. However, the sizzling model doesn’t restrain her from relishing her adored foods such as fat burger with cheddar cheese and bacon at times.

While trusting on low carb foods, she refrains from pasta and white bread. Occasional splurging takes off all her cravings and energizes her to swear by the healthy diet regime with doubled zeal.

Green tea being the most favored beverage of the fab model is consumed by her twice or thrice in a day. The superb antioxidant detoxifies her body and mind and brings vibrant glow on her face. It also strips off fats faster than any other beverage and provides her trimmed waist.

Healthy recommendation For Nina Agdal Fans

Are you one of the fans of Nina Agdal and crave for bikini embracing figure like her?

Well, exercises can promptly get you closer to your desired body. Here are two exercises, which you can do to torch pounds faster from your body.

Medicine Ball Slams – Stand up straight while keeping both your legs feet apart. Hold the medicine ball tightly with both your hands and take it above your head. Now, while exhaling, throw the medicine ball using all the force. Immediately pick up the ball once again and make thirty reps. Exhaustion of exercise will scorch surplus pounds and will shape up your arms, shoulder, chest, stomach, and legs.

Cycling – Lie straight on the floor on your back and keep your hands right next to your thighs. Now, move both your legs the way you move while paddling a bicycle. Without actually steering paddles, such imaginary paddling will melt tremendous calories from your body, and will sculpt your lower bottom parts such as butts, thighs, legs, and stomach.

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