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OMG Diet – Shed Twenty Pounds in Six Weeks

OMG Diet by Venice A Fulton

Created by Venice A Fulton, London based personal trainer, OMG Diet Program is a rapid weight loss plan which will shed twenty pounds from your body in mere six weeks. You might often feel envy when you see your skinny friends. Now you too can become skinny by using the diet program.

OMG diet program comes under category of fad diets but there are numerous people out there who have brought themselves in skinny body frame by using the diet solution. Among the list of users, renowned celebrities are also there.

Basic Rules of OMG Diet Plan

OMG diet plan can turn out to be an amazing weight loss program for you. The diet plan is based on some basic principles. Should you abide by them, you can dazzle your friends with spectacular results. Let’s have a look at basic rules of OMG diet plan.

Refrain from Fruits 

Prefer refraining from fruits and fruit juices. Fruits contain high number of calories and they trigger your appetite, as a result of which you feel tempted to consume more foods. In addition to that, fruits have high content of fructose, which is responsible for increasing your blood sugar level.

You can get rid from numerous diseases such as high blood pressure, high sugar level, and heart diseases just by keeping check on your intake of fruits. So, to kick start weight loss process in your body, you should endeavor to stay away from them.

Drink Black Tea or Coffee

You can make a healthy beginning of your day by starting your day with consumption of black tea or coffee. Black tea is null in calories and it will rev up your metabolism. In addition to that, antioxidant properties of black coffee will provide you myriad health benefits.

Bathe in Chilled Water 

Bathe for fifteen minutes in a day in chilled water having temperature raging from fifteen to eighteen degree Celsius. Take bath preferably with empty stomach, when your body is absolutely lacking in calories.

Your body’s natural defense system finds chilling water highly uncomfortable, so it starts shedding calories to bring your body temperature back at 98 F which is your normal body temperature. Should you continue doing it for six months, you are bound to melt away many pounds from your body.

Carbs are Carbs 

Fulton considers all carbs same, No matter whether you eat a small piece of chocolate or a big apple, you are going to add same number of calories into your body. All carbs are composed of calories. So, you should refrain from consuming carbs, even if they are highly nutritious carbs. Vegetables such as parsnips, sweet corn, carrots etc. have been cut from the diet regime.

Eat Protein 

You should inculcate rich sources of proteins in your diet. The diet program considers it perfectly alright even if your day is comprised of fifty percent protein consumption. You can opt for lean meat, fish, chicken, eggs etc. as sources of protein. Proteins are great filling foods and are capable of keeping your appetite in control for longer duration. You can comfortably perform your day to day activities after consuming protein rich foods.

Skip Your Breakfast 

Breakfast which is the first meal of the day needs to be skipped while moving along with the diet program. Fulton contends, breakfast hinders your way to losing fat from your body. In addition to suggesting his dieters to skip breakfast, he also advices them to practice workouts with empty stomach.

You can practice brisk walking for thirty minutes with empty stomach. Within couple of days, you will see changes taking place in your body. Though Fulton accentuates exercises; but at the same time he has suggested his dieters to refrain from over exercise.

No Small Meals

Fulton is not in favor of five to six small meals in a day. He rather insists on consumption of three normal meals in a day. He believes human body is capable to survive perfectly well with three meals. Fundamental of many small meals has been introduced by companies to enhance their sale of food items.

Proper Sleep 

Give adequate rest to your body. Sleep properly for eight to nine hours at night. Proper sleep provides relaxation to your thyroid gland, which further assists your body in shedding weight and in speeding up your metabolism. Proper sleep also keeps check on release of stress hormones and keeps you in good mood.

Blow up Balloons 

There are some unique strategies advocated by the diet program which you will find nowhere else. And the best part is, these strategies are really effective. Blowing up balloons is one of the strategies suggested by Fulton. Your stomach abs get tightened and toned in the process of blowing balloons. So, you can provide great toning to your stomach muscles by blowing fifteen balloons in a day.

Benefits of OMG Diet Plan 

OMG diet plan will bring you in slim body shape in very small span of time. Apart from losing weight, you will get several other benefits from the diet program; let’s have a look at them.

  • You will get brighter and healthier skin while abiding by the diet plan. Impact of diet plan will also be apparent on your hair, as your hair will get shiner and healthier than before.
  • You will lose flab from targeted areas such as legs, thighs, and hips. Mostly these areas remain unaffected even after losing weight.
  • You will get toned body with trim waist and flat stomach.
  • Though the strategies and principles recommended by Fulton might sound daunting to you at first, but should you really dare to inculcate them in your day to day life, you can get amazing results.

Drawbacks of OMG Diet Plan

OMG diet program also has some drawbacks, let’s find out what they are.

  • The diet program might sound appealing to teenage or young girls. Men are likely to find the diet program inappropriate for them.
  • Considering all carbs as calories is a grim mistake done by Fulton. Though nutritious carbs contain calories, but they are high fiber foods and unlike metabolism of unhealthy foods such as coke, or chocolate, their metabolism is amicable to your body.
  • You need to have very strong will to abide by the diet program. Highly restrictive rules imposed by the diet program might push you to switch to your normal diet regime.

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