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Overnight Diet plan – Melt Weight While Sleeping

Developed by Dr. Caroline Apovian, obesity doctor and nutrition expert, Overnight Diet Plan is new breakthrough in the league of weight loss programs. The diet plan acknowledges rapid weight loss and promises its dieters to shed eleven pounds from their body in a week.

What Overnight Diet Plan is?

Overnight diet program is high protein diet plan. There are myriad nutritious and protein rich food items in the diet program. Protein diet will amplify the number of lean muscles in your body. When there would be increase in the number of lean muscles in your body, you naturally will lose more weight.

Overnight Diet Plan

Most of rapid weight loss programs melt pounds from your body not by burning fat, but by losing muscles. But overnight diet plan will work in healthy way, as it will catalyze both fat burning and muscle building process in your body.

The diet plan accentuates bringing some healthy changes in lifestyle. Should you get adequate sleep at night, there would be overnight weight loss of two pounds. And rest of the weight loss will occur as a result of nutritious diet.

How to Follow the Overnight Diet Program?

The diet program is simple to follow. Let’s have a look at how you will proceed with diet program.

Day One- Fasting Day

Day one is fasting day and you are supposed to take liquid diet only. Your liquid diet will consist of protein smoothie and green smoothie. You can drink as many glasses of smoothie as you wish. Liquid diet will kick start weight loss process in your body, and you will see significant weight loss on day one itself.

Six days

For rest of six days, you will eat protein rich foods and plenty of green veggies and fruits. Without counting the number of calories, you need to eat balanced diet for rest of six days, which will be comprised of healthy fat, proteins, minerals, and other vital nutrients.

Who Can Follow the Diet Program?

The diet program is apt for both men and women of all age groups. If you are sick of pesky weight loss programs having restricted number of calories allowed, overnight diet program will certainly not let you down. Even if you are suffering from serious health issues such as high blood sugar, and cardiac problems, you can freely go ahead with the diet program.

The diet program will bring changes in your lifestyle. There are outstanding strategies and tips made in the diet program which will purge you from diabetes and cardiac disease.

Workouts in Overnight Diet Program

Workouts are vital part of the diet program. More than cardio workouts, the diet program points up strength training. Strength training can easily be done by lifting dumbbells. Study shows weight lifting enhances the number of muscles in your body faster than any other exercise.

If you don’t wish to go along with traditional methods of strength training, you can also opt to practice exercises shown in video created by Dr. Caroline. As strength training comes under high intensity exercises, you are recommended to practice workouts for twenty minutes in a day, and four days in a week.

Relationship Between Sleep and Weight Loss

There is direct relationship between sleep and weight loss. More rest your body will get, more weight it will lose. And the claim made by the diet solution is totally braced with scientific research. Research shows, sleep brings considerable reduction in the release of hormones such as leptin, ghrelin, cortisol and orexin.

These hormones are mainly responsible for causing stress in you, and creating appetite for sugary, fatty and unhealthy foods. Diet, exercises and sleep are the three active components required for melting weight. People seeking to lose weight often show sincerity towards the first two, but don’t take third one seriously and hence stay doomed.

Some Healthy Tips

The whole diet program orbits around sleep, but many of you might be victims of insomnia and might find it hard to sleep properly at night. Let’s have a look at some of the ways through which you can overcome insomnia.

  • Prune your hours of watching TV and sitting in front of computer for entertainment. Rays coming from these electronic equipment disrupt your sleep pattern. You can do small experiment by cutting your hours of sitting in front of them. If it works, you will get permanent solution.
  • Walk slowly for some time after having your meals at night. Walking will assist your body in digesting foods. And instead of walking alone, get some friend to accompany you. You will feel relaxed while chitchatting with him / her because it will take stress off from you, and will help you in getting better sleep.

Benefits of Overnight Diet Plan

The diet program puts emphasis on healthy lifestyle and adequate nutrition, even if you don’t lose weight, you have nothing to lose. Here are some of the benefits of overnight diet program.

  • The diet program will bring balance in the release of hormones in your body, as a result of which you will get rid of hunger pangs.
  • Sleep will keep check on release of cortisol hormone which enhances stress in you. Therefore along-with getting fit body, you will also get calm and relaxed mind.
  • The diet schedule is neither very tough nor restrictive. You can conveniently stick to it without making dramatic changes in your day to day life.
  • Overnight diet program is a healthy diet plan and won’t make you feel deprived. You will relish delicious and nutritious foods while moving along with the diet program.

Drawbacks of Overnight Diet Program

Having bountiful benefits and awesome strategies, the diet solution also has some loopholes, let’s find out what they are.

  • Loss of two pounds overnight seems like an exaggerated statement made by Dr. Caroline. Sleep indeed is helpful in improving your body chemistry, but there is no magic spell hidden in it, results are unlikely to appear overnight.
  • The diet program didn’t tell about the portion size of protein.

Sample Meal Plan

Let’s have a look at one of the sample meal plans of diet program.


You can have scrambled eggs, oatmeal with low fat milk, soy milk etc. in your breakfast.

Morning snack

You can have boiled corns, cottage cheese, avocados etc. in your morning snacks.


You can have broiled chicken breast, pork, tuna, beef, mixed vegetable salad, beans etc. in your lunch.

Evening Snack

You can have kale, pineapple, berries, and tofu, almond milk etc.in your evening snack.


You can have steamed brown rice, sweet potato, pan seared wild salmon etc. in your dinner.

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