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Penelope Cruz Post Baby Weight Loss Program

Poised style, mesmerizing beauty, Penelope Cruz is a Spanish model and actress. Having appeared in myriad blockbuster movies such as S*x and the City 2, Pirates of Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, The Counselor, and countless other, the bombshell has also been the face of well-known brands such as L’Oreal, Mango, and Ralph Lauren.

Married to Spanish actor, Javier Bardem, the gorgeous actress is the mommy of two kids. After giving birth to her first child, son Leonardo in Jan 2011, the supermodel gave birth to her second child, daughter Luna in July 2013.

Despite being in the line of work where she is supposed to be in slender and svelte shape all the while, Penelope seldom panicked over her post-baby weight and waited for the right time to approach. The hottie retrieved her sexy and bikini-embracing figure with workouts and Mediterranean diet regime. And her salvaged taut stomach and sculpted curves totally deny the fact of her being the mommy of two kids.

The killer beauty reckons, should you align yourself with the laws of nature, without much struggle you can have your desired body. Motherhood being the proudest and adorable gift bestowed to women by God should be cherished, not intimidated with the fear of being overweight. Having fallen completely in love with the nursing period, the phenomenal beauty scorched numerous calories through breastfeeding.

Penelope Cruz post baby figure
Penelope Cruz post-baby figure.

Penelope Cruz Diet Plan

The former bond girl can aptly be called beauty with brains. Mostly, celebs in the occupation of flaunting their bodies get paranoid when they see themselves concealed with unsolicited pounds, which usually happens after pregnancy. Unlike those hasty celebs, Penelope reveres the way our body functions, and that’s the reason she didn’t lose control over her senses to melt weight faster.

Without despising foods and considering them her foes, she judiciously categorized her food items and put them under the category of healthy and unhealthy foods, depending upon their ingredients. The ravishing beauty succumbed to the Mediterranean diet plan, specifically for scorching post-baby weight. Low or say healthy carb food items, in particular, are congenial to your heart and ensure resistance free heart beats for you.

The diet plan being one of the healthiest and highly reliable diet plans incorporates plenty of vegan foods. Green and leafy veggies, nuts, seeds, lean proteins, beans etc. were the parts of her diet regime, and fish and lean chicken were her major sources of protein.

Penelope Cruz Workout Routine

Penelope doesn’t appreciate practicing intense workouts in the gym and that’s the reason she prefers outdoor workouts over conventional exercises performed at the gym. She feels immensely bored with monotonous activities such as continuously running on elliptical or treadmill for several minutes.

To her, fun part has to be there in workouts to placate your mind; else your chances of evading workouts become very high. Among workouts, she mainly relies on ballet dancing, Pilates, strength training with resistance ball, stability ball, kettlebell, weights etc. To bring diversity in her workouts, she also executed workouts targeted on glutes and obliques under the supervision of well-known celebrity trainer, Gunnar Peterson.

She shares; being an enthusiastic dancer has been of great help to her in acquiring svelte figure. Ballet dance not only honed her body parts but also eliminated stress from her mind and made her more poised. Apart from ballet dancing, Pilates is her most trusted workout which enhances her core strength and makes her body lithe.

Healthy Recommendation For Penelope Cruz Fans

Penelope Cruz undeniably has buffed arms, toned stomach, butts, and trimmed waist. Who on earth would not like to have a sizzling hot bod like her! You too can have a figure like her, should you introduce some regularity in your workout regime.

You can bring radical transition in your weight by working for a minimum three days in the week. Just make sure, instead of being biased to sculpt only one or two specific body part of yours, workouts executed by you treat all your body parts with parity.

In addition to that, turn on a cautious attitude towards your foods as well. Mostly foods prominent today being high in trans fats cause severe damage to your body functioning. While bearing in mind their ill effects, refrain from them, and switch to healthy sources of fats.

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