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The Personality Type Diet – Identify the Diet Matching with Your Personality

Personality Type Diet

Devised by Robert F Kushner, MD, nutritionist, The Personality Type Diet is the most realistic and practical weight loss plan. Healthy diet program allows you to consume low to moderate kinds of healthy fats.

You often might have heard dietitians and nutrition experts saying that you all have different bodies and there can be no single weight loss plan which can benefit everyone. And you might wonder how possibly you can figure out the best weight loss program. Well, you no more have to do that now because the personality type diet program will tailor your specific plan depending upon your personality and behavior.

What is The Personality Type Diet?

The personality type diet basically is a vegan diet program which includes array of healthy and nutritious plant based foods. You will find ample fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, whole grains, beans, legumes, soy products etc. in the diet schedule. Among animal foods, you can have fish and poultry only.

Besides that, you are permitted to consume red meat once in a week, not more than that. The diet schedule being practical and not very strict bestow you liberty to consume all kinds of foods. Your diet regime under the personality type diet would involve two snacks and three meals in a day.

Logic Behind The Personality Type Diet

Dr. Kushner believes that we all differ from each other in the way we think and behave. There are numerous people who despite abiding by weight balanced diet and exercise just fail to melt single pound from their body. While on the other hand, some other people always remain slim irrespective of their lifestyle and the foods they eat.

Dr. Kushner answers all the curiosities of his dieters through his amazing diet program. Dr. Kushner contends your personality determines what you should eat to flatter your body and bring it in slender shape. There are set of questionnaires prepared by Dr. Kushner which will brief you about your personality and accordingly will provide you customized plan.

How The Personality type Diet Will Help You?

The personality type diet will shed pounds from your body in a very short span of time. In addition to that, the program will fire up your energy and will help you in getting rid of unhealthy addictions. Magnificent program will direct your steps and will sweep away all the stumbling blocks blocking your way to sculpted and toned body.

Along-with dietary support, you will also get emotional support because the program will help you in knowing how you can get relief from problems with the help of exercises and healthy eating habits etc.

Online social groups of the plan will assist you in socializing with people, know their perspective, and come out from the shells of self-defined restrictions. Nowhere in the program will you feel burdened because the program doesn’t poke you to eliminate your beloved foods from the diet regime. It rather asks you to eat everything in moderation.

Major Personality Types

Dr. Kushner has divided people into various categories on the basis of their personalities. You might be having varied attitude towards exercises and diet. While some of you might have very enthusiastic attitude towards everything, some others might have pessimistic approach towards life. Let’s have a look at some very prominent personality types.


Being very sociable, extrovert people love to be surrounded with people. They feel elated in the company of people and in the wake of happy emotions; they tend to consume large portions of foods. Research also braces the fact that your tendency to consume foods elevates when you eat in a group.


Contrary to extroverts, introvert people are less likely to become victims of over-eating because they know it very well, how to exclude themselves from the group.


If you are a senor, you are more inclined to look at reality. It’s difficult for you to visualize things and wait to see them turn into reality. If you are asked to put a slim pic of yours on the wall of your room and use visualization to bring you in slender shape in three months, you won’t be able to do that because you believe more on your present reality than your future perspectives.


Contrary to sensors, intuitive people can go along with visualizations amazingly well. They are very good in fantasizing things and feel flattered to see their dreams turn into reality.


Thinkers look at the logic and scientific proofs supporting the diet programs prior to sticking to them. They don’t go with fad diets and weight loss gimmicks.


Feelers are not much bothered about the logic of anything; they go with their heart rather than brain in taking important decisions of life. Being submissive, they follow what other people say is good and effective for them.


If you are a judger; you would like to abide by the program in a well-planned and systematic manner. Judgers like to write down everything in a diary so they can memorize what to eat, when to eat, and other important details like that. They have tremendous self-control.


If you are a perceiver, you are not ready to follow some diet regime which is very rigid. You appreciate flexibility.

Sample Meal Plan

The plan wants its dieters to consume balanced diet and thus their selection of foods also include nutrient dense foods. You are recommended to consume tons of water along-with your meals. Let’s have a look at one of the sample meal plans of the personality type diet.


You can have turkey bacon, whole grain waffles, one fruit etc. in your breakfast.


You can have diet soda, grilled chicken sandwich, and one fruit in your lunch.


You can have roasted vegetables, salmon etc. in your dinner.


You can have healthy snacks such as sliced strawberries, cinnamon graham crackers, baby carrots, celery stalk, sliced bell pepper, hummus, rye crackers etc. in your snacks.

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