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Pippa Middleton Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Pippa Middleton 2018 Pregnancy Workout Secrets

Pregnant Pippa Middleton during a babymoon
Pregnant Pippa Middleton during a babymoon (Pippa Middleton-Matthews / Instagram)

Pippa Middleton is perhaps a few days away from giving birth to a little bundle of joy (in October 2018), and she is as committed to fitness as she ever was. The beauty recently opened up about the workouts that are helping her stay in shape, and once you have a look at them, you’ll agree that she is simply phenomenal when it comes to making fitness choices. Just scroll down for all the deets.

Fitness During Pregnancy

The mum-to-be says that though she doesn’t have a body like a ballerina, she is committed to avoiding a bad posture and “a penguin-style waddle.” To ensure that she remains fit during pregnancy, she is doing barre-inspired workouts that involve doing small and isolated movements which help a person to develop a nice muscle tone.

She is also committed to swimming regularly because it helps her enjoy a great feeling of weightlessness. Getting in the water has helped her to get rid of pregnancy-related swelling as well. She says that exercises such as swimming feel like a reward because she can do it every day and feel relaxed.

Pippa Middleton cycling in London
Pippa Middleton cycling in London (Pippa Middleton-Matthews / Instagram)

Playing tennis is also a part of her fitness routine. She was playing the sport for the first two trimesters of the pregnancy. Her preference is double games because it lets her move less as compared to singles. She believes that playing tennis would help her to get decreased back pain and improve placental growth.

Experts have advised her to keep the feet on the ground while hitting strokes and avoid quick movements and sharp turns, especially in the last few weeks of the pregnancy.

Exercise for Strength

The sister of Kate Middleton admits that her body has changed a lot during pregnancy and exercising has helped her to feel strengthened. She also feels lucky not to have suffered from an acute version of morning sickness, hyperemesis gravidarum that often runs in families and which Kate suffered from during her three pregnancies.

Giving Birth Like an Athlete

In April 2018, various news outlets reported that the mother-to-be was seen leaving the KX Gym in Kensington in London. It is a place where experts encourage a woman to prepare like an athlete in order to give birth. It is believed that the gym offers a Bespoke Package—Pregnancy Support Programme that offers physical therapy, nutrition, exercise for 9 months along with offering post-natal care.

We hope you have a healthy baby soon Pippa. Good Luck!

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