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Pixie Lott Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Charming look, brown eyes, 5 ft. 8 in, Pixie Lott is a British singer, songwriter and dancer. Her incredible curves indeed make her one of the young as well as hot celebs of Hollywood. Her very first album “Turn it Up” released in 2009 had it receive the certification of 2x Platinum in Britain. The captivating beauty having massive fan following has been dating British model, Oliver Cheshire since August 2010. Pixie is naturally blessed with lean and svelte figure, however, she doesn’t step back from honing it with fun based workouts and diet. To her, more than slender physique, workouts are the means to enhancing her strength, stamina, and endurance.

Pixie Lott workout

Pixie Lott Workout Routine

The euphonious singer practices her workouts under the supervision of famous celeb trainer, Hayley Newton. Her personal trainer has her do numerous cardio workouts such as kickboxing, swimming, running, aerobics etc. These workouts don’t let cellulite stay on her body, for they effectively strip off extra calories from her body by enhancing her heart rate. You can go along with any fun activity such as dancing, skiing, horse riding, ballroom dancing, skating etc. All these exercises tone your abs and sculpt them.

Lean and sexy long legs being the most remarkable feature of her body is the outcome of lower body workouts, she performs to hone them. She mainly executes workouts such as attitude butt pulse, attitude leg lift, and inner thigh-lift to tone her legs. Her personal trainer makes sure that her workouts are adequate mix of exercises and fun, and to help her clients more in the same area, she leaves the choice regarding selection of workouts to them only. In addition to that, her personal trainer being aware of the boredom, clients often feel while practicing workouts assists them just like a pal. She executes workouts along-with Pixie and makes them look more appealing to her.

Since enormous amount of water is lost by your body in the form of sweat, Pixie makes sure that she frequently hydrates her body with water. She stays away from meeting the hydration needs of her body with energy drinks, for they have high content of sugar. The young beauty practices her workouts five days in a week and rests entirely for two days. She also gives proper rest to her body by sleeping for eight hours at night, for rest is as vital as are exercises.

Pixie Lott Diet Plan

The brunette is not naturally inclined to junk and processed foods. She eats clean and nutrient packed foods. Her diet regime is comprised of ample wholesome foods such as fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, lean protein, fish, sushi etc. Instead of consuming three big meals in a day, Pixie consumes five small meals in a day which rev up her metabolism. Besides that, the idea of crash diet plans seldom entices her. She strictly abides by healthy diet regime for five to six days in a week and then allows her to cherish her favorite foods on the seventh day. Mostly people tend to consume unwholesome foods in their snacks. The kick ass beauty is in love with fruits and loves eating fruits and mixed salad in her snacks. Pineapple which is possessed with immense healing properties is her favorite fruit to which she seldom says no.

Healthy Recommendation For Pixie Lott Fans

You being one of the fans of Pixie might be dying to have bikini perfect figure like Pixie. Here are two exercises which will tone your legs, thighs, butts, and abs.

First Workout – Lie flat on your back. Raise your legs from knees while your feet still touching the ground. Now raise your back body while stretching your body from hips. Make thirty rep of the exercise. You will experience pressure on your inner thighs, outer thighs, and hips which will help in sculpting them.

Second workout – Lie flat on your back. Widen your feet and try to hold a light weight football with your feet. Now raise both your legs while holding the football and then take the football away using both your hands. The moment you will raise your upper body to take away the football will make an arc like position of your body, which will put pressure on your abs and will make them grow flat.

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