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Quackity Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Quackity Quick Info
Height 5 ft 4 in
Weight 60 kg
Date of Birth December 28, 2000
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Eye Color Dark Brown

Quackity is a Mexican social media star, songwriter, and instrumentalist. He is best known for his YouTube channel of the same name, which has amassed a fanbase of more than 4 million subscribers. He gained prominence for playing video games such as Toontown, Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto, and Overwatch.

Born Name


Nick Name

Alex, Quackity, QuackityHQ, DjYeroc123, DuckyG, Quackitwo

Quackity in an Instagram selfie as seen in February 2019
Quackity in an Instagram selfie as seen in February 2019 (Quackity / Instagram)

Sun Sign


Born Place






Social Media Star, Instrumentalist, Songwriter


Quackity self-represents his career.


Electronic Keyboard, Guitar




5 ft 4 in or 162.5 cm

In January 2020, Quackity revealed his height to be 5 feet 4 inch on Twitter.


60 kg or 132 lbs

Quackity as seen in February 2020
Quackity as seen in February 2020 (Quackity / Instagram)

Race / Ethnicity


Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Quackity in an Instagram post as seen in May 2019
Quackity in an Instagram post as seen in May 2019 (Quackity / Instagram)

Distinctive Features

Lean Physique

Quackity Favorite Things

SourceInstagram, Instagram

Quackity in an Instagram post in July 2019
Quackity in an Instagram post in July 2019 (Quackity / Instagram)

Quackity Facts

  1. He started his 1st YouTube channel at the age of 7. The 1st video he uploaded was the gameplay of the video game Club Penguin and was edited using a program called Windows Movie Maker.
  2. He created his main YouTube channel on June 3, 2013, and posted his 1st video the same day.
  3. Quackity gained popularity by ‘raiding’ online games such as Club Penguin, Roblox, Minecraft, Toontown, Animal Jam, Habbo Hotel, and others. He would organize a large number of his viewers who would simultaneously log in and gather in one area, often overloading and crashing the server.
  4. He met his best friend, Aksel “Aksually” through the video game Toontown Online. They both came back to play it one last time before it was shut down on September 19, 2013. When it was closed, they continued to play on its fan remake, Toontown Rewritten.
  5. His username stems from the character he played in the multiplayer video game, Toontown Online, a yellow duck named Quackity.
  6. His former username, QuackityHQ, stems from the name of the building in Toontown Online, called Toon Headquarters, and shortened to ‘Toon HQ’ by players.
  7. He wore braces in the past.
  8. His alleged brother is a social media star behind the YouTube channel RoScripts. However, it was never confirmed whether they are truly related due to the nature of their channels, based on comedy and quirkiness.
  9. Quackity has 2 video editors that help him, Wheatskins and Soupz Jack. However, he still edits the majority of videos using a program named Sony Vegas Pro.
  10. He was once banned from Twitch because a fan tricked him into calling a strip club instead of Canadian customer support for Roblox by supplying the wrong phone number.
  11. He used to be a video editor for one of the well-known YouTubers, LeafyIsHere. Leafy typically offered 2 options – credit inside a video or a flat fee of $20, and Quackity often picked the former.
  12. Between September and November 2018, his Twitter account was suspended. While he was waiting for the appeal to be reviewed, he used a Twitter account ‘grandma bertha’.
  13. Quackity doesn’t watch other YouTubers often. When he does, it’s either videos by¬†Philip DeFranco or NakeyJakey.
  14. His main YouTube channel reached a milestone of 1 million subscribers on December 20, 2018, and 2 million subscribers on July 30, 2019.
  15. When asked about his residence, he stated he lived in Afghanistan, California, United States. This was an obvious joke because the city does not exist.
  16. He hosts competitions on his Discord server. One of the most popular is called ‘Discord’s Got Talent’ which has seen YouTubers such as MrBeast and KSI participating.
  17. Quackity often calls members of his fanbase ‘Habibi’ which translates to “my dear/love/darling” or “beloved” in Arabic.
  18. He met his best friend Aksually in real life for the 1st time during VidCon in August 2019.
  19. Quackity’s videos are known for eccentric humor and intense and fast-paced edits.
  20. If he could meet a social media star in person, it would be Raymond Sipe.
  21. He doesn’t like school and has thought of dropping out.
  22. In December 2020, he was banned from the Roblox game. On December 30, he found that out during a live stream. Post his announcement of the ban, #FreeQuackity started trending on Twitter.
  23. On January 17, 2021, Quackity hit the double milestone on a single day. He reached 4 million subscribers on his youTube channel Quackity and even crossed 2 million followers on the Twitch channel QuackityHQ.

Featured Image by Quackity / Instagram

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