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Quantum Eating Diet – Best Anti-Aging Diet Solution

Quantum Eating Diet

Created by Tonya Zavasta, mechanical engineer and theoretical mathematician, Quantum Eating Diet is a revolutionary diet program which will inculcate healthy eating habits in you. Timing of meals and healthy raw foods both have been considered equally important by the diet program.

Inspired by Russian eating culture, the diet solution will unveil secrets such as how you can enhance your youthful age. Portion control is one of the main focuses of diet solution. No matter how healthy foods you eat, if you are not watching your portion size, you are doing no good to your body. Small portion size is paramount principle of diet solution.

What Quantum Eating Diet is?

Quantum eating diet is based on quantum physics and is comprised of whole and healthy foods. Tonya contends, you should be done with two meals of your day in first half of day.

She considers this kind of eating is the best anti-aging treatment anyone can ever have because this eating culture goes in perfect alignment with your body and helps you in attaining maximum health. You have got to rely completely on raw foods while going along with the diet program.

Work Mechanism of Quantum Eating Diet

Quantum eating diet allows its dieters to eat what they want within eight hours i.e. 7 AM to 2 PM, not after that. Your body needs to be given rest for sixteen to seventeen hours in a day to metabolize the foods eaten by you.

Fasting hours will enhance your digestion, and will trigger cleansing and repair process in your body. If you are a night person, you are advised to maintain gap of minimum six hours between your last meal and going to bed.

Tonya asserts dieters at first might resist going ahead with any such diet plan, thinking how they would manage their day to day life. But, the diet program is full of vitality and will fill you up with amazing energy and enthusiasm.

The diet program insists on fasting, but fasting time has been kept limited to few hours only.  Low calorie raw foods will switch on reset button in your body and will pave your way to optimum health and well-being.

What is Dry Fasting?

Tonya has introduced new concept of dry fasting which means after having your meal in afternoon, you need to have your next meal directly in the next morning. Dry fasting will not only improve your sleep, but will also rid your body from several diseases. After 2 AM, you are not supposed to drink any kind of beverage including water.

Who can Follow Quantum Diet Plan?

The quantum diet program is apt for those who have been on raw food diet from quite a long period of time. The diet solution will take you one step closer to health and happiness.

Dry fasting inevitably has astonishingly beneficial impacts on your body. That being said, Tonya has also put a word of caution for those who are suffering from serious health issues. As the concept of dry fasting is kind of extreme on your body and there would be stupendous release of toxins in your bloodstream, you are recommended not to go along with the diet program without consulting your doctor.

Workouts in Quantum Eating Diet Plan

Quantum eating diet plan insists on Bikram yoga which is intense form of workout. In this workout, you have to get enter into a hot room and perform various exercises. These exercises will first obstruct the flow of blood in your body and then will release the flow to various joints and organs. Such an activity will make your healing process swifter. It will also clear all kinds of lymphatic obstructions in your body in a very small span of time.

Benefits of Quantum Eating Diet

Quantum eating diet plan is a practical and realistic diet plan. Tonya herself has been using her self-designed diet program from more than ten years. The diet program will provide you several benefits; let’s have a look at some of them.

  • You will attain slimmer and healthier body while going along with the diet program. And unlike other diet programs, results obtained through quantum eating diet will be permanent and will remain stick to you for your lifetime.
  • The diet program insists on consumption of raw and fresh fruits, so you don’t need to bother about cooking foods. This will save substantial time of yours, which you can utilize in some other creative activity.
  • As detoxification is also one of the steps of diet program, your body will get rid of toxins. A toxic body loses its charm, and looks older. But after detoxification, you will regain all the youthful charm and energy. The diet program will revitalize both your body and mind.
  • Research shows that intake of low calorie foods enhance your longevity. You will get long and blissful life due to the diet program.
  • The diet plan will rid you from all kinds of negative emotions such as anger, frustration, anxiety etc. Nutrient dense foods will nourish your brain cells, as a result of which you will feel jovial.
  • The diet program will boost your digestion and immune system.

Drawbacks of Quantum Eating Diet

Quantum eating diet is a magnificent diet program; however there are some loopholes in it. Let’s find out what they are.

  • The diet program is extreme and seeks it dieters to rely cent percent on raw foods, which is not very feasible thing to do.
  • Pregnant women, children, and people with specific health issues cannot adhere to the diet program. The sphere of diet program has been kept limited to a particular segment of people only.
  • The diet program will alienate you from your social group.
  • The diet plan might be rich in fiber, but no attention has been paid on your body’s requirement of protein. Your body is likely to get deficient in proteins, vitamins, and minerals such as selenium, B12, zinc etc. while going along with the diet schedule

Sample Meal Plan

You need to have just two meals and one snack in a day. Let’s have a look at one of the sample meal plans of the diet program.


You can have two cups of fresh vegetable juice, green smoothie etc. in your breakfast.

Morning Snack

You can have half apple, watermelon, pear etc. in your morning snack.


You can have two cups of green smoothie, raw fruits and vegetables etc. in your lunch.

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