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Randeep Hooda Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Randeep Hooda 2014

Macho man Randeep Hooda barely would have imagined of being touted as the epitome of great physique and style. Owning to his upbringing, he belongs to small city and has very humble background. His outstanding performance in the movie Highway has the actor reserve safer place in the hearts of his fans.

It’s not that Highway was his first movie; he has appeared in myriad movies before. Following his debut movie, Monsoon Wedding, the hunk acted in movies such as Jism 2, Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai, Jannat 2 etc. However, his role in Highway turned out to be the biggest turning point for him.

Credited with assassin look, the actor was voted as one of 50 most desirable men of 2009 by Times of India. His popularity among beautiful girls can aptly be gauged from the fact that the actor has dated the most enviable and magnificent beauty of India, Sushmita Sen for two years. Lean and athletic Randeep has lately been up to bulking his body and gain twenty-two pounds to groom him for his role in the upcoming movie, Kick.

Randeep Hooda Diet Plan

Randeep Hooda diet plan

Randeep seldom compromises with his diet and eats whatever he feels like eating. However, his taste and habits being more inclined to wholesome foods consists of lean protein, low carb, and healthy fats. He doesn’t step back from having big portion size of foods. His self-proclaim that he can eat twelve to fifteen eggs in day does nothing but astound us.

Well, we must say, the stud has really great metabolism, else it’s not possible for everyone to be on such a heavy protein diet. Besides eggs, the actor has great love for dairy products. Milk, yogurt, cheese etc. come under the mainstream food items consumed by him. And his sweet tooth has him relish all his adored sweet foods.

Randeep Hooda Workout Routine

Randeep Hooda workout routine

The handsome actor has been affectionate to workouts from his childhood. Having started workouts from very young age of nine, Randeep is fitness freak. His flab free muscular body is the testimony of his zeal for workouts. However, he is not the one who spends two to three hours in gym.

He rather banks on high impact exercises and keeps his workout duration short. His workouts don’t last for more than thirty minutes. But, for those thirty minutes, he doesn’t waste even one single minute in doing anything else but workouts. The tough guy executes his workouts with all his attention, and he takes break only when he has to drink water. Besides that, among outdoor activities, he adores horse riding.

Simply in love with sweaty and vigorous exercises, the actor doesn’t like doing workouts in air-conditioned gyms. He reckons, sweat pours out toxins from your body, and by executing workouts in air-conditioned rooms; you make your body devoid of the natural detox process. Randeep seems to have cordial relationship with his body because he doesn’t have to strive much to lose or gain fats. With little struggle, he attains his objective.

Healthy Recommendation For Randeep Hooda Fans

Residing in the glam world of name and flam, celebs seems to be untouched by natural processes such as aging, and obesity. Should you wish to extend your youthful age, you too can do that by being attentive towards your exercises and diet.

Utmost thing you should be sentient about is, your weight. Make sure that you do not cross your optimum weight limit. For instance, you being 6 ft tall should not weigh more than 176 pounds (80 kg), which actually is your optimum weight. Rising above the level should be just like a wake-up call for you to make some changes in your diet and workouts.

Obesity being directly connected to wrinkles makes you look prematurely old. So being slender not only makes you worthy of wearing fit and trendy clothes, it also deters aging process.

In addition to that, your diet being imperative should be taken with caution. Healthy fats being vital for the formation and repair of skin collagen should be there in appropriate quantity in your foods. Make sure that you eat ample sources of healthy fats such as fish, avocados, almonds, walnuts, hemp seeds etc. in your meals. Your body nourished with sufficient fats undeniably will stay lean and young for longer.

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