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Redover Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Review

Redover Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

If you want to remain healthy, you need to maintain your body weight. You should eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly. By maintaining the right body weight, you will be protecting yourself from various diseases like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other chronic diseases. Having a weight machine can be very handy. You will be able to track your weight constantly and see if there is any warning sign. In the past, weight machines could only show your weight. But, now there are smart machines that can show other readings like muscle mass, fat, etc. as well. These data can be uploaded on your phone as well. So, you will get a more complete picture of your health. Among the various weight machines in the market, we have picked up the Redover Bluetooth Body Fat Scale for review. This smart machine has lots of unique features that make it very popular.


You will love the ultra-modern design of this weight machine. It is available in both black and white colors. It has a 3.3-inch highlight LED display that shows bright and large reading numbers. It is slim and lightweight, making it easy to store and move around. It has 4 body composition analyzing sensors and it uses BIA technology with 4 high precision sensors for recording accurate health metrics. 

Build Quality

It is made with professional tempered glass. It can support up to 400 pounds, so is ideal for heavy users as well. It works based on step-on technology. It will show your weight immediately after you step on it. It has auto-off features and so will turn off when no one steps for few seconds. That way, you will be saving your battery life. It provides auto-calibration which makes things easier. It will remind you of overload and low battery, so you know when to change the battery. It uses BIA technology with four high precision sensors that provide accurate readings. The measurement resolution is 0.2 lb, so you can get precise readings. You will be able to switch between kg and lb easily.  


It has dimensions 12 inches by 12 inches by 1 inch. It is slim and lightweight, weighing only 3.53 pounds. You will be able to move it around easily from one place to another. It has a wide surface and you will be able to step on it easily.

Ease of Use

This weight machine is very easy to use. It comes with 4 AAA batteries. So, you can start using them once it arrives. You only need to open your cell phone application and it will start synchronizing. You will need to download the app by scanning the QR code in the instruction manual. You can connect with Bluetooth and sync with Apple Health, Fitbit, and Google Fit. 


It can measure 13 important health indicators which include weight, body fat, BMI, body water, BMR, visceral fat, bone mass, metabolic age, and more. You can use the ‘Feelfit’ app and add unlimited users on one device. So, you can store the health data of your family members and friends and even share the information with others on social networks as well. You can also set your measurements to be private if you don’t want to share it with anyone. It is compatible with Android 4.8 or higher and IOS 8.0. You can download the app from Google Play or App Store. It synchronizes with Fitbit, Google Fit, and Apple Health. Overall, it provides a reliable body composition analysis.


  • It has a modern and stylish look.
  • It is made from professional tempered glass. 
  • It has a 3.3-inch highlight display that shows large and bright readings. 
  • It is easy to set up.
  • It uses step-on technology that shows weight immediately when you step on it. 
  • It has an auto-off feature that saves your battery life. 
  • It has an auto-calibration feature, so there is no risk of any wrong reading. 
  • It can measure weight from 0.4 lb to 400 lb or 0.2 kg to 181 kg. 
  • It measures 13 essential health metrics which include weight, body water, BMI, body fat, BMR, muscle mass, bone mass, metabolic age, etc. 
  • It uses BIA technology with 4 sensors for giving precise readings. 
  • You can easily connect it to your phone using Bluetooth. 
  • You can sync it with Fitbit, Apple Health, and Google Fit and monitor your fitness progress. 
  • You can add an unlimited number of users in just one device and keep track of the health of your family members and friends. 
  • It reminds you of overload and low battery.
  • You can switch between lbs and kg. 
  • It can show weights in increments of 0.2 lb or 0.1 kg. 
  • It is affordable.
  • You get free batteries with it. 
  • You get a 5-year warranty for it. 
  • It offers 30 days return and exchange policy. 


  • Some clients think that it is not as durable as the other smart weight machines available in the market. 
  • The app sometimes freezes and doesn’t update data.

Final Verdict

Redover is a US brand that is renowned for designing high-quality products and this smart weight machine is no exception. It has an attractive design and is made from high-quality material. You can get 13 different health metrics that will always keep you alert about your fitness and health. With this machine, you will be able to store the health metrics of your family members and friends as well. So, you will be able to motivate each other to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can connect to the app and track your daily fitness changes instantly. The results will be automatically graphed on your phone. You will be able to target your health goal efficiently and analyze your fitness progress over time. You will get a visible history of your fitness which will motivate you to stay in shape. As you can sync it with Fitbit, Google Fit, and Apple Health, you will be able to set personal goals and make personalized fitness plans. It is affordable and is a great machine for your family.

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This smart weight machine can measure 13 health metrics which includes weight, BMI, body water, and more. You will be able to track your fitness progress using the app. Redover Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Review