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How to Purge Wrinkles Naturally

remove wrinkles naturally

No matter whether you are a man or a woman, no one feels pleased with wrinkles on their face. Past you cross thirty five, you grow more susceptible to wrinkles. But should you work on your nutrition and lifestyle, you can keep check on them.

Though there are several cosmetic and artificial ways such as plastic surgery, boron treatment etc. to cure wrinkles, but who would like to go for artificial means when natural ways are more rewarding than artificial ones. Irrespective of your age group, you can abide by natural means to prevent wrinkles. Since sooner or later, you have to face the trouble of wrinkles, so why not prepare yourself now, and take preventive measures to steer clear from them.

Causes of Wrinkles

Before figuring out the solutions to treat wrinkles, let’s have a look at the causes responsible for them.

  • Smoking can be one of the major reasons causing wrinkles. Consumption of nicotine kills the cells of your skin. There is a bad news for those who don’t smoke. Despite not smoking on your own, when you come in contact with smoke, your skin is likely to get adversely affected with harmful smoke released into air by smokers, which is called passive smoking. Passive smoking is considered even more harmful than active one.
  • There are genetic factors also which cause premature appearance of wrinkles on your face. However, you can overcome them too by embracing balanced nutrition and healthy lifestyle.
  • Harmful UV rays of sun also cause pigmentation and wrinkles. If you spend a lot of time in direct exposure to sun, you are likely to get wrinkles.
  • Skin of some people is naturally very sensitive due to which they easily become victims of wrinkles. Mostly white colored people with blue eyes have that kind of sensitive skin.

Natural Ways of Removing Wrinkles

You don’t have to stay horrified with the thought of getting wrinkles because there are myriad modes through which you can remove wrinkles and enhance your youthful life.


Vitamin A, C, and E are vital nutrients required for a healthy skin. Consume plenty of foods rich in vitamins. Inculcate citrus fruits such as lemon, oranges, grapefruit etc. in your diet regime. They help in formation of collagen which is critical for the development of new tissues on your skin.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids aid in regeneration of your skin cells, weed out fine lines, and fetch healthy glow on your face. Inculcate cold fishes such as salmon or fish oil in your diet regime. If you are a vegan, you can go for fish oil supplements. They provide essential fatty acids required to get rid of wrinkles.

Fruits and Vegetables

Eat plenty of fruits and veggies in a day. Fruits and vegetables have antioxidant properties; they assist your body in combating against harmful and toxic radicals present in the environment. Besides that, wrinkles occur due to lack of nutrients in your body. Fruits and veggies being loaded with nutrients nourish your body and reduce wrinkles.

Oil Massage

Give yourself good message with healthy oils such as olive oil, coconut oil. While abiding by proper steps of facial massage, give upward movements to your face. Since massage enhances your blood circulation and reaches sufficient oxygen to the cells of your skin, it will eliminate wrinkles and will bring vibrant glow on your face. Massage preferably at night and let the oil do its work on your skin throughout the night.

Facial Exercises

There are several facial exercises which you can practice to purge wrinkles. These facial exercises stretch the muscles of your face, tone them, and help in the formation of new cells. Just like all other parts of your body, your face too requires exercise. So, spare at least ten to fifteen minutes in a day for facial exercises.

Sleep on Your Back

Many of you might be in the habit of sleeping on left or right side of your body. Sleeping on your stomach or on one side promotes wrinkles. Prefer sleeping on your back, not only will it save you from wrinkles, it will also solve numerous back and posture related problems.

Shake off Stress

Stress is the natural foe of a healthy body and skin. Practice meditation for minimum fifteen minutes in a day. Happier you will be from inside; more brightness and glow will be there on your face. Besides that, dearth of sleep is also responsible for bringing wrinkles on your face. So, schedule your day in such a way that you can get adequate sleep at night.

Avoid Soaps

Mostly soaps make your skin grow dry. Dried skin begins breaking which triggers appearance of wrinkles. Prefer not using soap on your face, use face wash instead, having good moisturizing content. Besides that, don’t wash your face several times in day. Washing your face two times in a day is sufficient enough to purge impurities. Excess washing of face soaks your natural moisture and brings dryness on your face.

Increase Water Intake

If you want to keep your skin young, healthy, and glowing for a really long time, enhance your water intake. Water will maintain adequate moisture on your skin and will make your skin look fresh and peppy.

Soya Products

Soya products have several beneficial properties. Consumption of these products enhance the suppleness of your skin and make it resilient to combat against the harmful sun rays. In addition to having soy products, apply sunscreen lotion before going out on a sunny day. Your skin shall be shielded with sunscreen lotion to stay protective.

Refined and Manufactured Foods

Shun the consumption of manufactured, fried, junk, and unhealthy foods as much as possible. Since these foods cause inflammation in your gut lining, results might appear in the form of shabby wrinkles on your face. In addition to that, avoid use of refined sugars because they rob natural charm of your skin.

Apply Fruits on Face

There are varied fruit masks which you can apply on your face. These fruit masks will rejuvenate your skin and will bring vibrant glow on your face. You can apply honey with lemon, cucumber juice, tomato juice mixed with honey, mashed banana, pineapple flash etc. on your face. All of them work in amazingly influential way on wrinkles.

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  1. Really nice article. Almost every skincare problem have a home remedy that comprise of our kitchen ingredients.but wrinkles cannot be stopped but there are ways to delay and reduce wrinkles naturally, by using certain natural Remedies for Anti-Aging.


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