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Robert Pattinson Workout Routine Diet Plan

Robert Pattinson, a renowned celebrity is a popular name known worldwide. From his very first movie Robert displayed a very versatile physique, which flatters over all his dynamic roles. His body is evenly balanced not muscular neither wiry. Now a day, many youngsters asked their gym instructor to plan their workout in such a way so that the resultant will be similar to Pattinson. If you want to be in perfect shape and don’t want to make your body a bulky flesh store then workout routine along with the diet plan of Robert will be perfect for you to follow.

Robert Pattinson Workout Diet
Robert Pattinson Fit Body Frame

Following workout routine as well as the diet plan of Pattinson is going to be a great relieve for you if you wish to have a fabulous physique like him.

Robert Pattinson Workout Routine

Robert preferred to have an evenly balanced body with muscular shoulder, perfect waist with well balanced and toned legs and arms. For his ideal body shape, he did not do vigorous work out in gym nor does he prefer to go on a diet full of protein shake and fleshy food. For the sort of attractive physique he possesses, he planned the strategy and then he put on muscles to his back, arms, shoulders and chest. He is very interested in music and likes to go for jogging.

Robert follows the following workout regularly:

  • For the body warm up and other obvious reasons, he starts his exercise with cardio workout, such as jumping, running, walking etc, for a very short duration of 5 minutes.
  • To tone his upper body portion, he works hard and performs known but yet very important exercises such as, back rows and push ups.
  • For the lower body part, he does dumbbell side bands, crunches, which establish the proportionality between his middle body and lower body giving him the perfect and well proportioned shape.

Dietary Plan followed by Robert Pattinson

Robert controls his dietary habits very much; being a foodie he controls his all desires to enjoy the fat stuffed foods. He does not concentrate on the calorie count of his meal rather he maintains the body weight and performs such exercises also. To get body like your favorite celebrity you need to eat smart and supply your body with essential nutrients only when it wants. Born in 13 May, 1986 this Hollywood star prefers to eat his meals at regular interval. For this, he divided his meals in five parts and eats five times a day to burn the fats accumulated in his body in a very easy way.

His eating plan is as follows:

  • Breakfast– Robert starts his day with iron enriched fruits, corn and other eight essential nutrients which give the perfect start for a perfect body.
  • Snacks- In the first snacks he takes a minimum of 10 grams of fiber, which he gets from brown bread, and a beverage that is low in sugar count or just simply fruit juice.
  • Lunch– For building his muscles in the way he wants, he eats low fat protein which he gets from fish or boiled chicken.
  • Snacks– Robert maintains his body weight very strictly and never takes food stuffed with fats such as burger or hot dogs. He avoids spices also, which can make his metabolism upset. He takes a glass of milk along with fruits or brown bread or boiled eggs.
  • Dinner– Pattinson ends his hectic day with boiled eggs, boiled chicken and few slices of bread, which complements his body requirement of protein, carbohydrate and fiber.

Now, you have the workout routine and diet plan of your favorite celebrity, if you also want to make your body like him then you can follow his diet plan and workout plan.

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